Buying Alexandrite Jewellery can be a daunting task. Simply because, authentic stones are very rare and highly priced. There are plenty of imitations of this eye-catching stone and spotting a genuine gem requires skill and knowledge about Alexandrites. ...– Mark


Alexandrite pendent»

A post by Shewata Dhanuka

When buying alexandrite pendent focus most on the stone. Start with the colour of the stone. Amazing colour changing characteristic of alexandrite gemstone separates it from all the other precious and semi precious gems. The true gem would be green in colour in sunlight or natural light while it would change to red in incandescent or artificial light that is in night. ....


Alexandrite rings buying guide»

A post by Shweta Dhanuka

In natural sunlight or fluorescent light alexandrite appears green. Green colour is attractive and natural, even no trace of brown and gray should exist. On the other hand in indoor bulb light or incandescent light it changes from green to red automatically and naturally. ....