Black Diamond Jewelry

by Madhubanti Rudra

From the geological point of view, a black diamond, or carbonado originated on earth 3.5 billion years ago. Infernal heat and pressure, under the earth's surface transformed the carbon atoms into crystals. Through the repeated volcanic eruptions they were able to reach the earth's surface around one million years ago.

Modern women and Black Diamonds; The Statement of the Exceptional

Over the last few centuries, the role and status of women in the society have transformed dramatically, not only in the western countries, but in the developing nations as well. In this newly acquired position, the women today are much more confident and they know themselves better than ever before. This confidence and self assurance, in a large way are the attributes of modern women's fashion consciousness. Beauty indeed is a gift of God. But looking beautiful lies with none other than yourself and the tricks behind it is as simple as the cultivation of the recent fashion trends. Truly fashionable ladies always keep themselves updated about what is hot and happening in the international fashion circuit. However, looking fashionable does not at all mean investing your fortune on the designer clothes or expensive jewelleries. Even junk Jewellery have the immense capacity of creating ultimate fashion statement, if accessorized properly and intelligently. In this jet-set age, when women have an incessant exposure to the outer world replete with innumerable social interaction, the motto has become the exploration of the possibilities of innovative mix and matching. Keeping with this trend, the importance of colored gemstones is getting hugely recognized all over the world and their popularity graph illustrates an ever increasing rise.

Under this backdrop of increasing popularity of unconventional gemstones, the demand for black and white colored stones is highest. The reasons are obvious; black and white being the basic colors, have a universal appeal to the human tastes which defies the barriers of age or ethnic identities. Secondly, with black and white, the scope of combination -making are immense. If viewed in this context, the craze for black diamonds seems to be quite justified. When the grandeur of diamond is added to the dignity of black, the effect it produces is unparallel, and the beauty it radiates is quite irresistible.

Facts about Black Diamonds

But do not get swayed over by this black beauty. Before investing on one of its kind, first get acquainted with the overview of a black diamond.

The origin

black diamondThroughout the human history Diamond always remained a symbol of power and economic prosperity of its owner. The hardest of all gemstones, diamond's values are determined depending on four factors, namely, the cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

Most commonly, diamond are Colorless and white, usually lightly tinged with yellow, orange or brown. Red, blue and green diamonds are rare to be found and availability of deep red, blue, green, or purple diamonds are even rarer. But it is the black diamonds that are the rarest among the entire carbon family.

From the geological point of view, a black diamond, or carbonado originated on earth 3.5 billion years ago. Infernal heat and pressure, under the earth's surface transformed the carbon atoms into crystals. Through the repeated volcanic eruptions they were able to reach the earth's surface around one million years ago.

Characteristic Features

These black Diamonds are opaque having a specific gravity of 3.1 - 3.3. They are virtually without cleavages. Just like color less diamonds, they are of great hardness that amounts to 10 in the Mohs's scale of hardness. They are full of criss-crossing scratch marks containing black deposits of Sulfides which are responsible for their opaque texture.

The major source of this black variety of diamond is Brazil. Naturally they occur in irregular and rounded carbonado fragments. In their crudest form, their physical properties vary from compact to porous. Among them, some crystals are denser having the lesser intensity of flaws. These crystals are rare and produce higher quality black diamonds after a good amount of polishing.

Sometimes a few black diamonds are found with comparatively less inclusions so that they look translucent or semitransparent. These varieties are very rare and naturally they command a very high price.

However, as a general rule, black diamonds come with a heavily flawed surface and a uniform presence of black is not something very common. Most part of the black diamond is actually covered by grey and dark grey elements.

So far as the black diamonds are concerned, cut is of utmost importance, because the final look of the stone depends on the fashion of the cut of this stone. Black diamonds are often pitted and pose great difficulties in cutting. But once given a reasonable cutting, they become quite unparallel in beauty and elegance.

Black diamond jewelry Value

Diamonds that naturally occur with shades of color are referred to as "Fancy". Fancy colored diamonds are valued by the intensity of their color concentration. All colored diamonds belong to the carbon family. The difference of the color is the result of the different molecular structures of the crystals. A diamond being black means it is in a transitional stage between graphite and pure diamond.
However, sometimes, the black diamonds are confused with white diamonds with Black inclusions. These inclusions are the natural substances, included during the crystal formation. These diamonds are much less valuable than the black diamonds.

Perhaps Black Diamonds are the most appropriate example of the 'corporatization' of fashion. Much of the hype surrounding this stone is the result of aggressive marketing strategies of some of the leading jewellery companies. The high price of this stone can also be attributed to the fact, that the supply of this stone has been controlled by these companies in a large way.

Mystic Value

Since antiquity, myth and mysteries surround this stone. In ancient Indian mythology, this stone that appear like the eyes of serpent was believed to be dedicated to Yama, the God of death. On the contrary, in ancient Italy, a black diamond was regarded as the stone of reconciliation. It was believed that touch of black diamond has the power of patching up all misunderstandings between the warring couples.

Famous Black Diamonds

There are several world famous black diamonds that never ceased to enthrall the connoisseurs of the gemstones around the world. There is the Pear Shaped Amsterdam Diamond that weighs
55.85 carats and was so named in the occasion of Amsterdam's 700 anniversary.

The Black Diamond of Bahia which was discovered in Brazil is equally famous. This 350 carats stone is famous for its unpolished rugged look. It was so hard it could not be polished.

Probably the most famous Black Diamond is Black Star of Africa. It is also regarded to be the largest colored-diamond in the world. It weighed 202 carat and was valued at 1.2 million US dollars.

Design Options

But leaving apart all the myths and folklores, the modern craze for this stone can be traced back to its unusual beauty which can complement the dazzles of gold and platinum with equal 'elan'. They also accentuate the beauty of jewelleries manifold while teamed with the other colored gemstones or the white diamond itself.
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