Diamonds are a woman's best friend. A diamond has the lustrous shine that attracts everyone towards it. The shine and glow of this gemstone can be retained forever with appropriate precautions and care. It is the hardest stone, with a hardness of 10 on the Moh's scale. Even then it is possible for a diamond to get chipped, scratched or damaged in a piece of jewelry. This could be due to improper setting techniques during manufacturing or careless use by the wearer. Therefore, it is very crucial to take safety measures to avoid spoiling the stone. This article would give the reader the general know-how about all the aspects that would help in preventing the gemstone from the any kind of damage....– Mark


Diamond Reset»

A post by Shweta

It is usually seen that diamond rings are passed from one generation to other. In this case, it is totally one's emotions whether to reset the diamond from the old ring into a new ring or a pendent or any other jewelry piece. People by and large do not go in for the reset of family heirloom diamond unless there are some apparent reasons. ....


Eyebrow Piercing Care»

A post by Pooja Chakrabarty

Being hip is everything nowadays, and one of the ways to be with the in-crowd is by having a strategically placed stud on your eyebrow. Yes, eyebrow piercing is the way to go these days as the good old ear and nose piercings become passé and boring. You cannot afford to be dull anymore. Hence, the art of body piercing is slowly shifting from the realm of the earlobe to the arch of the eyebrow. ....


Lip Labrets»


The Dogon and Nuba tribes of Mali and Ethiopia come to one's mind while talking about piercing of the lips for the insertion of rings but the same art craft, though with different objects, is practiced all over the world. Other forms of lip piercing involve labrets including the types like ivory, metal or quartz crystals etc. There's no restriction on the size of the labrets and the same is extended to large proportions. Since ancient times, even high-caste males have adorned their bodies with exotic labrets in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and metal or material type. ....


Gemstones for IT Professionals»

A post by Nandita Ray

Young IT professionals need to be absolutely in top shape. Armed with a prestigious degree is no guarantee to success. You need lady luck with you! You need determination, grit and perseverance in order to remain on top of your career because hurdles such as low energy, stress, unhealthy work environment, eye strain and the monotonous work ethics can be a big factor in poor review. Sometimes help is needed to keep the energy flowing and the power intact. This is where gemstones play their part. It is believed that certain gemstones carry the gift of influencing the wearer, in various ways. ....


How to care for Amethyst jewelry»

A post by Ardamun Ramdeva

Amethyst in rings will collect soap film, oil and dirt at the back and between the prongs of the mounting and the gemstone. Film from lotions, powders, and skin oils dulls Amethyst and reduces its brilliance.....


How to care for Aquamarine jewelry»

A post by Ritika Changrani

Aquamarines are beautiful gems encasing the myriad colors of the sea. Safeguarding them against harmful chemicals and sharp blows is of primary importance. Timely cleaning will ensure the longevity of the gems and help maintain their unique luster.....


jewelry and skin allergy»

A post by Shewata Dhanuka

The allergy that occurs by wearing original or artificial jewelry is referred as Nickel dermatitis or Contact dermatitis or Nickel allergy. It is basically a contact allergy. It can happen anytime at any age. Every single human body reacts to different degree with nickel depending upon the tolerance and susceptibility level. ....


Coral jewelry care»

A post by Binashaji

The gem is fragile and more brittle than other gems. It measures only 3.5 on the Mohs scale and the splendor of the coral will diminish if not taken care of. Like Pearls, Turquoise, some corals can be porous –these gems will get damaged if immersed in water for too long. ....


Immortalize Your Gems»

A post by Basundhara Mitra

Aquamarine, which is a member of the important beryl family that includes emerald, is less brittle and more durable than emerald. It has a Mohs rating of 7.5 Stones that have a Mohs hardness of less than 8 are highly subject to scratching. However, stones that are harder are not invincible, they are also subject to chipping & fracture.....


Gem Stone Care»

A post by Shweta Dhanuka

People wear gemstones for personal growth, healing the diseases and even for looking good. In order to experience the positive effects and power, it is necessary to give special attention to these gems. Colored gemstones require a little extra care to keep them valuable and in good condition.....