Who wore what this week in June. We take a look at what the stars are wearing with their designer labels. For the summer, the stars pretty well kept to the tried and tested, hoop earrings, drop earring, layered chains and chunky bracelets. ...– Mark


Kate Middleton Wedding Jewelry»

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The talk of the town this year till date has been the Royal Wedding on the 29th April. Apart from just Kate Middleton's beauty what fascinated the most was her jewelry. ....


Imperial State Crown»

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Imperial State Crown. .


Bling Jewellery»

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Bling jewellery is primarily a form of jewellery which are worn by singers, rockers, rappers and stars but with its gaining popularity it also means large statement making pieces with gemstones worn by society ladies and celebrities. Over the years this line of Bling jewellery now is no more restricted with rappers and singers. Many personalities from different walks of life love this ice effect on them. Soccer stars, Tennis stars, celebrated names from the film industry use Bling accessories and ornaments to adorn themselves. ....