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by Ms Nandita Ray

A dog tag is fashioned on the original bar code ‘slave’ to show possession, it now carries name and related information regarding your dog. Worn by soldiers as a mark of identification, in 1944, dog tags are dog’s ID card. Preferably they should be flat and rectangular so that they can carry all relevant information.

Dog Tags History

Pet lovers and owners look at their pets as a part and parcel of their house hold. Some people depend on their dogs for daily help and movement of their physical self. Dogs were domesticated 1000 years ago and have since then become man's best friend. The wild gray wolf has come a long way and evolved into a highly social animal and some of them have achieved stardom like Lassie or Rin Tin Tin or Sophie, Oprah's pet spaniel or Paris Hilton's Tinkerbelle. Protecting pets and keeping them safe is a matter of concern for all and one of the easiest and safest ways to recover a lost pet is by attaching a Dog Tag. Wandering pets, lost pets, deaf or blind pets who have gone missing or have been stolen can be found easily if it is wearing a Dog Tag with all the relevant details about the owner and address and contact numbers.

Dog Tags Facts

In order to keep your pet dog safe and sound it is essential to attach a dog tag on his collar. A dog tag is fashioned on the original bar code 'slave' to show possession, it now carries name and related information regarding your dog. Worn by soldiers as a mark of identification, in 1944, dog tags are dog's ID card. Preferably they should be flat and rectangular so that they can carry all relevant information. However today, stars, hearts, bone, fire hydrants, baseball and many shapes and sizes adorn a pet's collar. They can be made from brass, aluminum, sterling silver, stainless steel, 14 K gold, plastic, nylon and leather. Modernizing can take it to any level, so don't be surprised. Research is the key word and you could easily locate unique tags, like hand painted lacquer tags or get personalized tags ordered to specifications, or get a diamond encrusted tag worth 7500$ or get reflective tags to keep your wandering pet safe at night. Dog tags can be fashioned out of any feasible material that you choose and depend on the amount you want to pay for your pet's protection.

Pet Tags: Buying online

dog tagsPet Tag is the least expensive and the most effective method of pet identification. The online stores offer various types of dog tags. They can be simple or jeweled up! The shapes can be surrounded by stones of different colors and hues. A solitaire birth stone can sit pretty in the center or sprinkled along the shaped edge. A bone shaped tag can be covered with rhinestones and the relevant information can be engraved at the back. Some stores sell Australian opal mosaic'd tags in beautiful bluish green, black and white designs. Pearls can also be attached to the tag for the chic party look or have a spiked tag for the macho look or bling bling hip hop look. You can choose from patriotic themes, stars and stripes, photograph tags, notched tags, holiday theme tags, favorite slogan tag, or owner photograph tag or Zodiac sign tags. The shapes available are huge, depending on the sex of your pet and their size. For the feminine touch butterfly, dragon fly, hearts, double hearts, bows, stars, princess crown, lady bug, daisy, tulip shapes are some of the available ones. While for the masculine touch go in for the baseball, water hydrant, bone, sport symbols, racing cars, whistle, black paw or your pet's breed shape. Colors sold are numerous and they depend on the stone and material used so vibrant colors of stones or the glitter of crystals or the seven colors of the rhinestones are yours to order. 'Bella Tocca' specializes in making hand crafted ID tags. Hand crafted oxidized black look can be got in stones like carnelian, corals of different colors, green, pink, orange or any other stone. Shell cameo hand engraved dangling ID tags can also be got in shell pink or mother of pearl, dangling from a cute silver chain. The tags can reflect you chosen creative thoughts. Different shaped tags with your pet's name embossed in crystals or hand embroidered tags for the pup in soft 100% cotton of kid leather so that it sits softly around its neck without irritating it. ID tag which is the most important item for a dog should be chosen keeping the pet's personality, breed, physical attributes, environment and time in mind. It is exclusively for your pet and not for you! can custom make 18 K solid gold and diamond, 18K gold and opal or Swarovski crystal ID tags, pink sapphire and matching chantilly bell tags, Lavo Spectrum tags, Kaleidoscope crystal tags and jeweled Calliope bell tags in short Luxury Designer Pet ID tags with matching collars. This site is a must visit for people with discerning choice. This Designer boutique is famous for its custom pet jewelry as seen on Bruiser in Legally Blonde 2, which is a pink sapphire bronze star shaped crystal animal star ID tag. This special tag is now on sale for your pet too! One can order fully jeweled tags in multiple color crystals or in a brilliant mix or in double tone. The color jet is not used. They also sell hand painted Art Tags or Opal Mosaic art Tags. Deluxe Opal Mosaic Art Tags has the finest Australian Black Opal and is set mosaic style on a Scarab Beetle. The engraved art work is hand painted and protected by a polymer coating for durability.( It is advisable to go in for a special coating of polymer either thin or thick layer since it acts as a protection against scratches when your dog rolls or plays rough.)

The Scarab is the symbol of the Egyptian Sun God Ra. This symbol very popular with the ancient Egyptians was worn in amulets to protect the wearer and bring luck and fortune. The winged scarab used by this store is used to symbolize a safe journey to the After World of the gods. is the designer and manufacturer of Animal Stars Swarovski crystal ID tags.

Artist Tanya Moreau Smith from this store creates hand set opal mosaic in either black or brown background in her studio in California. These opals come from Lighting Ridge and Cooper Pedy of Australian Outback which is the home of the rarest black and white opals.

Fas Tags are a fun to assemble. Write down your dog's details on the big paw with a permanent marker on a large plastic tag. Then bake this tag in an oven and watch it shrink down to regular dog size. Also included are the S hook and O ring with the kit. This product is on sale at

ID Tube 25mm is also a cool way to ID your dog. It is a screw turns metal ID which is strong enough to withstand chewing or rough running/jumping by your pet. The screw seal keeps the weather out. Seal it with nail paint to insure against accidental loosening.

Plastic ID Tube is also pretty cool. It is unobtrusive tube made of plastic, keeps the weather at bay and is compact enough not to annoy your favorite canine.

Poetry Dog Tags from is made from plastic and is a tube also. This is a box containing metal tags stamped with words to speak your mind or reveal the poetic side of you and two chains to hang your thoughts. Mix and match the words to match your thoughts and slip the tags on the chains and let the world view your feelings for your best friend.

While offers Sport Number Dog Tags in sterling silver or Sport Number Dog Tags which are uniquely different with its solid black/onyx all in acrylic and sports a 3 D look. You can choose your favorite sport or custom number for your dog tag.

The most innovative, slick and smart dog tags in the market is the Dog-E-Tag. This allows for moving Dog E Tag from pet to pet, which comes handy when you move or need another pet. It is a programmable digital dog tag that can store 40 lines of information. It is 36 mm around and weighs 21 Gms. Worn like an ordinary dog tag, it can hold information like telephone numbers, e mail address, country license, rabies vaccination details, vets telephone number, neighbor's contact number, and other important information like "I can't hear" or "I can't see". All the information can be viewed when either of the two buttons is pushed. By scrolling the buttons information can be viewed, stopping at any time. If you move your area code can be changed easily by using the buttons. You can quickly up date relevant data and make the required changes if you are going out of town and have the safety of your pet in your mind. The buttons are used in simple sequence to enter the necessary facts while the graphic symbols help you through the process. This can be used around the world since English, Spanish, German, Italian, French characters are included in the text. Select the language you want and feed in all the information you want. It uses power technology to provide shock resistant case which is water proof to 165 feet. It works in a wide range of temperature. The lens is scratch proof and it can be viewed without having to be removed from the collar.

Unlike traditional Dog Tags where a couple of tags are needed to provide all the details, Dog E Tags provides a silent solution to the constant clutter and bunching of metal tags. The colors purple, pink, green, yellow, red and blue are available in this programmable digital dog tag from

Dog Tags from offers laser engraved red anodized aluminum dog tags in assorted colors. They are .031 thick stainless steel plates that can be engraved on both sides. Embossed military tags which look tough and strong for large dogs are quite a pick from

Proper identification is very important for finding your lost pet and making a smooth recovery and many pet owners are resorting to a tattoo or microchip insertion in their pets. This ID tag consists of a series of numbers and characters which are regulated by a well preserved database. These chips have a life span of 25 years. Tattoos are often placed in the ear or flank.

Pet Identification Tags and internet is going to be the next 'in tag'. This plan is going to we implemented by website "Recovery Pets" which plans to register pets to its services, with a unique tracking number and a web page on their site. This web page will contain details about the pet along with a photograph and up to 10 contact numbers and email ids which will come handy in time of emergency, accident or when your pets gets lost.

Dog Tags buying Tips

While ordering dog tags keep your pet in mind.

Note his habits and demeanor.

Note his coat. If it has long and furry coat make sure that the tag remains visible.
Keep his skin condition in mind. Make sure that the metal used does not make him itchy or irritable.

It should be light and easy to maintain.

Make sure the writing is legible and easy to read.

Buy a silencer, which is a rubber edging around the tag and this will keep the tag from clanging and squeaking.

Make your pet wear 2 tags at all time, one with your personal information the other carrying the License from the city where you reside.

Some dogs carry 3 tags the third one being relevant information about rabies vaccination given by the vet.

If you have a microchip inserted the number and telephone number of the company should be present.

Dog Tags can also be used as fund raisers. Order in bulk and resell them to your group.

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