Gemstones are timeless treasures of nature that not only represent objects of beauty and intrigue, but also are some of the more valuable commodities on earth. The extraordinary and satiated colors of many gems enhance their aesthetic beauty, while others yield extraordinary fire, birefringence or other unique light displays. When mankind first picked a stone from the ground for its innate beauty rather than as a tool or weapon, this symbolized an important event in evolution. Mankind visualized beauty. When this stone was given to another as a gesture of friendship or love - a unique quality of the human soul was manifested in the sharing. ...– Mark


The Precious Stone Age»

A post by Mathew Abraham

The interest in gems of all kinds has dramatically increased over the recent years. And you will be amazed by the fascinating range of precious and semi-precious stones as well as their enchanting array of colors. Today most people are more attracted to precious stones than to precious metals. While gold, silver and platinum are certainly very much in demand, as ornaments they are going into the background to function as settings for the glamorous gems. The wide variety of gems and semi-precious stones are very much in demand. Their sparkle and dazzling color is attracting more and more customers. And the enticing choice of colors and shapes makes people add more and more stones to their collection. This is the age of the precious stone. ....


Belly Button Piercing»

A post by Binasaji

The Egyptians, the Indians and many other cultures pierced this humble button to show the significance of the person sporting a pierced navel – Royalty, Warriors, exceptional Beauty. ....