There are certain areas in the body that respond positively to differing levels of vibrations. Crystals have varying rates of vibrations and different crystals can be used to stimulate specific areas and organs of the body. The information included here will give you an idea of how some crystals can help you, but it will be foolish to try and heal yourself without consulting an experienced therapist in crystal healing. Since controversy still surrounds the matter and even experts on the subject come out with contradictory reports, you should keep in contact with your regular physician also....– Mark


Emerald Cut Aquamarine»

A post by Madhubanti Rudra

The shape of the stone refers to the physical outline when looking at it from the top. The most popular shapes are round, marcuise, peer, heart, oval and cushion. The work of faceting is of utmost importance so far as emerald cut is concerned. The term faceting is related to the cutting style of transparent stones. Simply faceting gives a mirror-reflecting-light effect. That is, how the light entering the stone is reflected from inside the gem, back to the viewer.....


How to choose Gemstones»

A post by Anitha Kini

Cosmic rays of all planets produce negative vibrations. These negative vibrations create bad effects on human beings. Though all the planets' vibrations affect human beings, the birth planet's rays always surround him invisibily. Theirs are also negative vibrations. Gems have the power of transforming these negative vibrations into positive ones.....