High Value Diamonds 2010

by Mark

Million dollar worth diamond jewelry sold by Sotheby auction house during the period Jan 2010, to Dec 2010.

Pink Diamond Ring

Brilliant cut, 6.43 carats vivid pink diamond in center, and pear shaped diamonds on each side weighing 1.6 carats in total. Mounted on platinum and 18 karat white gold ring. Auctioned and sold for 7.7 million USD on 6th october.

Diamond Riviere Necklace

Diamond Riviere Necklace: All the diamonds are D colour, Flawless clarity, with Excellent Cut, the 6.55 carat diamond has been determined to be a Type IIa diamond. Type IIa diamonds are chemically pure and with exceptional optical transparency. Sold for 6.7 million USD, on 7th April 2010.

De Beers Millennium Blue Diamond

De Beers Millennium blue diamond and ring, sold for 6.4 Million USD on April 7th 2010. The 5.16 carat diamond is natural, blue in color, internally flawless clarity and inscribed with "De Beers Millennium Jewel 11".

pink diamond

Intense pink in color, round cornered rectangular step cut diamond weighing 24.78 carats, set between shield shaped diamond shoulders, in platinum. Sold for 47 Million USD, on 16th Nov 2010.

Yellow diamond Earring

Yellow diamond earrings, each diamond weighing 21.17 and 20.77 carats respectively, surmounted by an oval diamond each weighing 2.02 carats, with brilliant cut diamond frame set, mounted in platinum. Sold for 4.9 Million USD on 6th Oct, 2010.

Brilliant cut diamonds

Two brilliant cut diamonds each weighing 10.88 carats, sold for 4.8 Million USD, on Oct 06, 2010.

Diamond Pendant

D color, flawless, 33.31 carat, Type IIa Diamond Pendant. Sold for 4.5 Million USD, on 7th April 2010..

Purplish pink diamond ring

Centering on an emerald cut purplish pink diamond weighing 4.10 carats, to a pavé set brilliant cut diamond shank, mounted in 18 karat white gold. Sold for 2.6 Million USD, on 6th Oct 2010. .

Diamond pendent earrings

Diamond Pendent Earrings, with 10.4, and 10.28 carat, D color flawless diamonds, sold for 2.4 Million USD on 7th April 2010..

Diamond Pendant Necklace

Emerald green colour jadeite, surrounded by princess and brilliant cut diamonds, surmounted by a pendant loop set with baguette diamonds, accompanied by a necklace of Art-Deco design set with princess and brilliant cut diamonds. Sold for 1.1 Million USD on 6th Oct 2010..

Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Ruby and diamond pendent earrings, each set with emerald green jadeite cabochon, surmounted by a pear shaped diamond and ruby, mounted in 18 karat white gold. Sold for 1.02 Million USD, on Oct 6th 2010..