Mens Earrings

by Ritika Changrani

Earrings for men are a huge fashion statement today. It makes a man stand out boldly in a crowd. A wide choice in earrings is now available ranging from the most expensive diamonds to funky costume jewelry.

Men and Jewelry ...the terms don't go together as per most people, right? But today, men argue that if a woman can wear pants why can't men wear jewelry?!

earring storeMen have adorned jewelry from time immemorial but it is not accepted by many even today. Early man wore brass earrings and anklets. In the medieval world jewelry for men was limited to cufflinks and tiepins. However, today men have forayed into the terrain of earrings with boldness.

It began with piercing one ear, but earrings in both ears is not uncommon today. It has become a fashion statement that makes a person stand out in a crowd. Philip Michael Thomas, the famous actor, named the earring as a "symbol of kings and royalty".

Several men today have pierced their ears but are hesitant to show it off. There are some who wear earrings only at close parties and never at work. But times are changing and men have begun to realize this. More and more men are coming out into the open with their preferences. Traditional notions are being ignored as the definition of a stylish man undergoes changes. As aptly put by a photo editor, "It's not the physical pain of getting your ear pierced. It's the act of breaking out and wearing one."

Contrary to popular belief, there exists a wide range of earrings for men. They can choose from an assortment of studs or hoops and can even have their own custom - made earring to make a fashion statement. Simple diamond studs look spectacular, whether worn in a single ear or both ears. Gold hoops of varying sizes can also be worn for that unique look. If diamonds and gold are not up your alley, go for alternative costume jewelry. Such earrings are extremely popular especially with the teenage generation. One can easily have a large collection to suit all types of occasions and to complement any outfit, be it a business suit or beachwear.

An office code however, should be kept in mind while selecting earrings. If you choose to wear funky hip earrings at a board meeting, it is bound to be looked down upon. Be very selective in your earrings as it is extension of you, it says a lot about your personality.

One of the chief things to be considered is the fact that whether you should wear earrings in one ear or both ears. If in one ear, which one, the left or the right? There are no set rules that you have to follow for this. Just go with your instincts. If you think, earrings on both ears is a little too much, get one ear pierced for starters. Then if you enjoy it and more importantly, are comfortable with it, you can go ahead with the second one. You may also choose to wear multiple earrings in one ear only. As mentioned earlier, the only rule is...there are no rules. Go ahead and do exactly what you want to.

Men With EarringsIf you are a little confused about getting your ear pierced, about how it will suit you etc. you can wear some of the magnetic or clip on earrings available in the market. Magnetic studs are all the rage, as you need not have your ear pierced to look hip. Spring hoops as well as clip on earrings are also interesting options that you can look into. You can sport that look just for one party, if that is what you want.

If you have permanently pierced your ears, you can have your own collection of earrings...who said men can't have any such collection? You will be spoiled for choice when you see the varieties available in men's earrings. If budget is not a problem, diamonds and other precious stones like emeralds and sapphires are must - haves. Simple gold or even platinum hoops must feature in your box. And of course, a couple of funky earrings won't go amiss either. When you are looking for shock value or even a pleasant change, these can come in handy.

If creativity is your thing, then go ahead and design your own earring and have it made as per your requirements. You can rest assured then that nobody else will be sporting anything like it, ever. You can even be a trendsetter because when people appreciate a style, they have a tendency to imitate.

Here are some examples to convince you that earrings are not only for women, but also definitely for men :

- CBS news Anchor Ed Bradley sports an earring off - camera as well as at parties.
- Gregory Hines, the famous actor, singer, dancer and choreographer wears a wide variety of earrings ranging from stud to hoops to many others
- Howard Hewett and Tony Terry, both singers wear distinctive earrings
- Indian actor, Salman Khan wears a range of funky earrings

In spite of such in - your - face examples, men's earrings do cause a stir. Now it is up to the man to take it positively or not. The most important thing is whether you are comfortable with it or not. If wearing an earring is definitely your thing, then don't let anybody's misgivings alter your decision.

Early Egyptian and Indian Kings wore lots of jewelry that included earrings. And the earrings were not small but in the form of long and heavy danglers. This past fashion has made a comeback as a haute couture style and is now definitely here to stay.

And if you are still thinking that your boss may frown on your earring or your elders may object to it...Well, they'll get used to it!

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