Mens Wedding Band Types

by Ms Nandita Ray

This wearing of a wedding band is not new. It has drifted down from yesteryears when the ancient Egyptians exchanged a never ending band of love. A circle of love with no end to the perfection and unity between the two. The exchange of the rings in a ceremony came down from the Romans, where it symbolized a public acceptance of the marriage contract between the man and the woman.

Men's wedding ring Facts

In most cultures when people marry they not only have a ceremony to seal the event but also don an article to display their newly acquired status. Different cultures have different ways to exhibit marriage. Some African tribes wear a Labret; the Hindus wear vermilion on their forehead or a Mangalsutra around their neck while most Christians prefer a wedding ring. This is true for the bride.

Mens wedding bandThis wearing of a wedding band is not new. It has drifted down from yesteryears when the ancient Egyptians exchanged a never ending band of love. A circle of love with no end to the perfection and unity between the two. The exchange of the rings in a ceremony came down from the Romans, where it symbolized a public acceptance of the marriage contract between the man and the woman. This was adopted by the Christians society and today exchange of rings is a very important part of the wedding ceremony. In fact like the Romans, people wear this wedding band on the fourth finger believing that the vein running along this finger goes directly to the heart (not true) and is affectionately called the 'love vein'.

At first it was only the brides who wore a wedding ring. They started wearing a band only when the World Wars started. With long periods of separations perhaps even death, men preferred to wear a band as it kept his love close to him. It also established his marital status. Today it is purely a personal or professional choice to wear the ring. Some men wear it for special events only and some do not. Couples spend days to finalize their wedding band. No longer is it made of Egyptian reed but is made of the choicest metals and gemstones in attractive designs. Shopping at the malls is not feasible since the stores generally do not have more than a hundred designs at one go. Careful and diligent research based on individual taste and consultation with the partner and armed with all the knowledge possible is one confident to choose a band that one will wear through out his life time....hopefully! Before you head off to buy a wedding ring there are a few do's and don'ts that you should keep in mind since its overwhelming with the millions of choices.

Wedding Band Buying Tips

Most men's rings are a reflection of his taste and style. No religious custom is involved in choosing the ring.

wedding bandsChoose a ring appropriate to your lifestyle, taste, personality and physical build.
Would you like to match it with your partner's? Then set bands are what you are looking for, his and hers band.

Do you work with your hand or can you wear it to work daily? Some may not prefer to wear it daily while for some it might be risky to wear the ring due to the rough conditions they work in, like Steve Irwin the famous animal environmentalist. He said, "Its dangerous working with wild life, there is always the chance of getting any sort of jewelry hooked up. Not only could I put my life at risk but also the animals we work to save." Some are prohibited to wear any jewelry for safety reasons not even a wedding band.

Some like to wear the ring on their neck and therefore delicate and weave designs are not feasible.

Most men prefer simple flat bands which are practical and masculine looking. It makes them feel 'macho' and which man doesn't want to feel virile and potent!

Traditional gold band is the classic choice.

Gold and silver bands are popular but Titanium is in vogue and in demand. The choice of the metal depends on personal choice and the pockets.

The choice of the metal depends on your skin too. If you have an overtly sensitive skin it is better to go with the Titanium bands or stainless steel ones.

Titanium is lightweight and is good for men who are wearing jewelry for the first time.
White gold is more subtle than rose or yellow gold.

It is better to buy a comfort fit so as to get used to the presence of the ring easily. It also sits easy on the finger. The width of the band is measured in millimeters. Large men wear 6-10mm while 3-6mm for average height and weight.

The finger should be measured carefully. Help should be taken from the jeweler to get the finger measured correctly. Measuring rings called 'sizers' are used to find the right fit. Pay attention to details such as design, quality, details, weight, metal, durability and practicality. It should be something that you can use with ease and feel comfortable.

There might be other points that you would like to take into account also.

Men's Wedding band Types

Variety is the spice of life' so think the craftsmen and designers of jewelry who leave no stone unturned to model rings of various shades and pattern. The choice is humungous! Visit a number of online boutiques the maximum number of styles are available.

Gold Wedding Bands

This is still a popular choice, especially men with a traditional bent of mind. The classic gold band is, 'numero uno'. A simple no frills attached gold band, lies flat and if a 'comfort fit' sits nicely and carries gravity and a subdued elegance. The width depends on choice. A medium width is one to go with if you want the quiet dignified look. Gold can be yellow, rose color or white gold. White gold is soft to the eye. Gold is durable and doesn't require much care. A little body wash and a gentle rub with your fingers and its shine is back. Gold sits easy with most skin. There are a number of designs engraved and gem fitted gold bands also available in 9K, 14K and 18K.Gold with silver is quite trendy. The Classic Tricolor wedding bands also called Cartier or rolling style band/ring is made from 3 interlocking bands of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. This is a good choice if you don't have an engagement ring. Classic Milligram wedding band also called beaded or granulated style is stylish. A shiny metal band is held by two beaded edges in yellow, white gold and platinum. Gold bands in double or two tones looks a class apart.

Combination of the colors depends on the eye of the beholder. Rose color sets off a striking contrast with white gold or yellow gold with white has a subdued effect. The designs are varied, braided, interlocking, wired look or Celtic knots or Claddagh designs a host of choices. The Classic Diamond Eternity band in gold is a traditional gift for celebrating an important wedding anniversary. It's a ring studded with diamonds all over and has a personality of its own. Get a solitaire diamond set on your gold band or your birthstone. For this you have to find a jeweler who offers this service. Gold Bands that resemble signet rings or sporting an antique look or buying an antique ring are the other options. There are simple bands with engravings, etchings and colored enamels and also Gold bands with patterns and studded with gems, the choice is open.

Silver Wedding Bands

Simple and smart, popular, affordable, durable, maintenance free/easy and very workable in any situation. Either you can go for the classic band with tarnish free rhodium coated band or select broad bands with etchings, like a row of elephants or lions in sterling silver. Slightly rounded with high polish silver bands with filigreed rims are classy or band with yin and yang symbol all over in a subdued tone is catchy too! Double tone it with addition of gold in a delicate design or the Claddagh ring all made in silver, the hands and the heart or have the heart in green enamel and establish your Irish heritage.

Get your band personalized or have diamonds or colored gemstones hammered into it. The dome rings with onyx and red stone with opposing scrolled dome setting or the round Amethyst with open scroll Dome are in vogue. The tapered stardust Dome ring or the extra large etched Dome ring complete with high polish and puffed finish is quite a booty. Two toned shrimp ring in two tone or the Spinner rings spell intrigue and excitement in your wedded life as it expresses your all rounded personality. The ring features an outer band that spins freely over the lower broader band.

The antique look is also dignified and very modish. Enameled silver rings or just hearts floating around the band or entwined braids all highly polished are some neat ideas. Hand woven rings frame cuff ring with blackened weave in between the two bands is beautiful. Silver is neutral to most skin types and a soft cloth and some hand washing soap will bring the shine back to the band.

Stainless Steel

This meant for men who believe in tradition of super strength, loyalty and grit, all the characteristics exhibited by steel. Get it in polished or matte finish bands, simple and smart made in the classic style. A comfort fit band with just neat etchings around the rim makes a stylish band which will weather all storms or the satin finish band circular and slightly flat with oblong indentations or the wave pattern enhanced by a gold plated finish. Get a band which like to converging lines and an empty space holding a cubic zircon aloft, glittering and shining. The Claddagh motif engraved on a simple band with satin finish. A ripple look or the hammered in grunge look, if this your style comes in a comfort fit ring or the chiseled band with the spear head design or the two tone puzzle ring with high polish or brushed finish makes a statement of its own.

Also available is the Lion Head Celtic Knot for the one with the Irish temperament. If you want a softer fit go for the band with rubber insert and Roman numerals. If your heart is set on the Claddagh design that is available with the entire etching smartly engraved. The illusion band with diamond accent with four zircons looks elegant. Go for simplicity with power.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum Bands are quite expensive and a time honored metal with an unmatched status. It has a long life span if its purity is 950 percent platinum. There is no end to craftsmanship available in form and fabrication of wedding bands. Ranging from simple circular bands to comfort fit or elaborate patterns with diamonds or gemstone of your choice everything is possible to get. Famous Celtic knots and braids, Claddagh hands holding the heart with a crown on top, the love ring is hand crafted and available. Mix and match with gold or knotted wire look or go for the Eternity design. Platinum brushed diamond band is flatter and the diamonds are set a distance from each other giving it a restraint splendor. The wave pattern, the shrimp look or the puzzle bands are available.

Titanium Bands

Titanium Bands are the latest trend is the use of Titanium. Bought into prominence by Lockheed when it built an aero plane with this lightweight metal, this is made up of 90% Titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. Neutral to human body it is also used in the medical field. It is heat resistant, very durable, light weight yet super strong and makes excellent wedding bands. Apart from the classic style, the dome, semi dome or Channel style there are various other designs and in colors too. The color is produced by careful oxidation. Colors available on wedding bands are blue, teal and magenta. The black rainbow includes shades of blue and black and grey with a hint of green titanium ring. Diamond treated titanium rings are a good buy since they are coated with a diamond film. This technology has been developed by "Original Titanium Workshop" and the process involves a cloud of carbon atoms to be altered into diamonds and permanently deposited on the ring.

The Claddagh design is very popular. Inlays in gold and silver make a smart impression. Engraved or sculpted Celtic designs or oriental motifs, the yin yang designs are made from aircraft grade Titanium which is very durable and light weight.

Gemstone wedding bands

Getting a solitaire diamond wedding band is cool as is getting your birthstone gem along with your partner's stone hammered into a simple band. Broad comfort fit bands in gold and silver make the color of sapphire, emerald, ruby or turquoise even deeper while the intricate designs, carved into the band with smattering of gemstones of your choice is a sure hit. Some jewelers offer to put in stones on selected rings. Diamond wedding bands are expensive and need care and careful handling since the diamonds can get scratched or damaged. If fitted into a slot or depression the diamond might be protected. A tantalizing variety is available.

Claddagh Wedding bands:

Coming from Ireland and taking its name from the ancient fishing village called Claddagh this ring with its symbols and designs is hugely popular in America. It symbolizes undying love between couples. The design is simple, two hands encircling symbolizing love, care and protection for each other. Crafted in 1600's this ring is handcrafted in Dublin and for 400 years has adorned the fingers of many happily married couples. Usually the thickness makes it a little heavy like the pure gold Claddagh ring which is 15mm tall and 4mm thick. The hands hold the heart with a crown perched cheekily on top. Some rings have a hollow beneath the heart so that a stone can be put in. The placement of the heart and the finger on which it is worn sends out particular signals. There are Claddagh rings which have 3 Celtic symbols engraved on it. Each entwined on the other like a flowing rope chain of knots is smart. Available in gold, platinum, silver, steel and Titanium the Claddagh ring is like buying refinement at its best.

Celtic Wedding Bands

Designs gifted from Ireland once again. Hugely popular especially with those who are fond of history. The Celtic woven wedding band is handcrafted in Dublin. Its intricate filigree design is taken from the Ardagh Chalice discovered in1868. The delicate wire design is exquisite. The finish is clean and poetic. This can be got in white gold and yellow gold. The Celtic cross comfort ring is based on the early Christianity of the Celtic clan. In 14K or 18K this design is the circle. The Gaelic for love in Ogham alphabet is engraved on this ring or go for the words 'mo anam cara' which is 'my soul friend'.

This is ancient Celtic alphabet and dates back to 500 AD. The Celtic shield wedding ring has Celtic knot work both sides surrounded by beads and ha an antique look. This pattern has been taken from the Celtic shield with the same knot work. The Trinity Knot comfort ring symbolizes the Holy Trinity. The new Grange Tri spiral represents man, woman and the child surrounded by the wonders of nature as they weave their way through life. Irish Celtic bands are based on the Celtic belief of Divinity that surrounds every mortal and that love surpasses all. Therefore these deigns make dream wedding bands which are hauteur and spectacular.

Designer wedding bands

If you can afford it then go for a one of a kind designer rings, like the ones created by artisan Lee Hensard in some innovative mix of classic and modern styles. Each ring is hand crafted and usually made from Titanium and no two rings are alike. His red and white polished titanium boxer ring is made in red which is baked Epoxy. Inside of the ring is colored with red and carries a simple red oblong dent like design in the center. The Bumper ring is fashioned in black with two rubber 'Bumpers' to give the ring a comfortable fit. The Delay is green baked Epoxy and has rounded cuts on its side to give it a softer look.

The 'Mokume Gane' wedding rings are a class apart. It is a Japanese technique that involves overlapping of precious metals and patterning them. It is based on the ancient Japanese technique of creating Damascus steel which was used for sword blades. 'Mokume Gane' means wood grain. The Platinum ring which has layers of platinum, subtle in color and white Mokume has alternate layers of platinum (light grey) 14K palladium white gold and sterling white layers. The Tri gold ring is solid gold and made up of 14K rose gold, 14K white gold and 18K yellow gold. Color difference is very subtle and the matte finish gives it distinction. The Champagne ring is 14K white gold, 14K rose gold and platinum making a strong contrast. While the wine ring is made with 14K rose and white gold with heavy etching in the layers is very interesting design.

Puzzle Bands

Can be used as wedding bands too. It can be made with gold, silver or any other metal. It can be set with diamonds and gemstones. Many couples prefer this band since it symbolizes the trials and triumphs of wedded life and the thought and effort required to keep the flames of love and friendship on.

This is just a short account of the styles and designs available. But it does not encompass all.
Ergo, diligent research is the buzz word as you prepare for the longest sentence (pun intended) of your life time when you say "I do".

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