The milky, bluish/white sheen named as adularescence in moonstone appears to float along the transparent body. Thus the phenomenon adularescence seems to be move around the body of the stone when it is turned. ...– Mark


Healing through Moonstones»

A post by Madhubanti Rudra

Rainbow moonstone is yet another magic of nature. The multiple hues do not only make it look great, its colorful rainbow effects have the power of cleansing your soul and flooding your inside with plenty of positive energy. ....


Moonstone Buying Guide»

A post by Seema Susheel

Moonstone is rare gem and is basically found in Sri Lanka, India, Burma and America. Moonstone is usually colorless but also is found with a silvery sheen and many colors like white, sky blue, pink and orange. This gemstone has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 mm which makes it convenient to be shaped in to many different kinds of ornaments and assures that it’s strong and durable. ....