by Binasaji

The Navarathna is considered to be the most important astrological jewelry. Nine gemstones of different colors are mounted together in gold to promote harmony in body and mind and to balance the planetary influences that effect individuals.


It has been believed for many centuries by people across the world that gemstones possess healing properties and have the power to cure ailments by either wearing a particular gemstone or sometimes even drinking the gem after powdering and dissolving it in a solvent. Many countries in South East Asia like Sri Lanka, India strongly believe that gems and astrology complement each other. Gemstones have the power to transform an individual's fortunes and health - many people in these countries wear stones to protect them from the harming influences of unfriendly planet placement in their astrological charts.

Just as crystals are used in receivers to decode invisible waves into sound, gemstones are said to be magnets for concentrating the astral energy waves or cosmic vibrations which exist in nature and transform them for use by the human energy system. Some ancient healing methods like Reiki, Pranic Healing too work on the principle that no energy is lost in the universe, it just gets converted and can be harnessed with the power of the mind and crystals to heal minds and bodies.

The word Navarathna is an Indian Sanskrit word meaning nine gems. Even today, there is a great respect for ancient tradition and spiritual knowledge in South-Asian countries and the values of these countries have stood the test of time. The knowledge of the power of gems has been discovered centuries ago by the ancients and is believed even today. In the olden days, the Navarathna gems were generally uncut and were large specimens to maximize the benefits of the vibrations conducted through the gem and helping to change the fate, improve health and bring wealth and peace of mind to their wearer. Of course the results varied from each person depending on the placement of their planets in their astrological chart.
Nine is a magical number, which has fascinated mathematicians and scientists across the globe. In India and other countries with a Hindu dominated population, Nine is a revered number and many religious and social events are associated with the number nine.

Indian Dances have nine rasas or moods, Music has nine ragas or melodies, the Bhagavad Gita (an Indian spiritual text) has eighteen chapters (which again add to nine); the mala (or necklace) used for prayer and meditation has one hundred and eight (again adds to nine) beads; Navaratri is the festival of nine nights which celebrates the Godess Durga in all her forms. All these are examples of the importance of the number nine. There are nine wonders of the world and one can find plenty of phrases which use the number nine in the English language - for eg- "dressed to the nines" or "nine-day wonder" etc. If applied in a logical manner - any number multiplied by nine results in a nine number - the sum of whose digits is always equal to nine. The famous Mughal Emperor Akbar had nine talented ministers who were called the "Navarathnas" or the nine gems. Thus nine has a special place in the universe and is considered magical by people of all races. And not to forget there are nine planets, which form our Solar System! Likewise the Hindu Astrological chart too has nine grahas or houses over which each planet rules. This is the reason that the Navarathna has nine gems - the number nine is magical and mysterious and has captured the imagination of the seers and scientists alike.

The positive and healing effects of gemstones have been recognized throughout history and by people across the globe - the Romans wore Corals as a charm against nature's furies and as a protection against the evil eye cast by envious people. Romans regarded ruby as an antidote for poison and as a defense against plague because of its blood-purifying properties. Amber, the Turks believed prevented infections and the Emeralds had the power to refresh eyes. Many examples exist in history about the use of Gemstones as talismans - the Egyptians even the Babylonians and of course the Indians believed in the power of the gemstones. Kings and Queens in the olden days wore robes covered with gemstones and the crown was embedded with precious stones. Such ornamentation was not only to signify that they were superior to the rest of the citizens but more importantly to help them improve their mental capabilities to make the correct decisions. Royalty too believed that gemstones had special powers to heal and influence their lives.

The Navarathna is considered to be the most important astrological jewelry. Nine gemstones of different colors are mounted together in gold to promote harmony in body and mind and to balance the planetary influences that effect individuals. Depending on the astrological charts, astrologers may suggest placing a particular gem in the center to strengthen a weak planet in the person's horoscope. Navarathna jewellery can be tailored to suit a person's unique needs based on their astrological charts. A unique feature of the Navarathna is that the jeweler only makes the pieces but the placement of the gems and its design (mostly a square with 3 x 3 boxes) are decided by an Astrologer after reading a person's chart. Although almost anyone can wear the Navarathna, it is advisable to have an astrologer read your chart for a most favorable setting.

The Navarathna is a powerful talisman - especially if you are a believer in the healing power of gemstones. So, if you wish to improve your fortune and find favor with the planets, buy yourself a Navarathna today and watch your destiny change for the better.