Surat Diamond Industry

by Madhubanti Rudra

Are you a globe trotter at the heart? Does the dazzle of diamonds drive you crazy? Then you must add the name of Surat to your global diamond itinerary. The Surat diamonds will help you explore the rich heritage of traditional Indian gems and jewelries and rediscover the magic of unknown India beyond its Ayurvedic spas, elephant safaris or mysticism!

Here is a secret for making the most fabulous deal on Indian diamonds; give a miss to the lanes and by-lanes of famous Mumbai 'Javeri Bazar'---instead take a tour through the Surat diamond shops to grab some really exquisite pieces. In case you are not sure about the whereabouts of the place, let's inform you: Surat, one of the major industrial city in the state of Gujarat, is tucked in the far west of the subcontinent and is a great place to indulge in the opulence of diamonds! The art of diamond cutting and polishing in Surat is regarded one of the best in the world.

An introduction to the flourishing diamond industry in Surat

South Africa is precisely the country that majority people would associate with the diamond industry. But business centers in the other parts of the world are catching up fast and steady. Surat is one of them---this little known Indian industrial hub is fast emerging as a big player in the world diamond arena.

Indian diamond companies of course took the advantage of the cheap labor; but it was not all. The other factor that contributed to this enormous success is the traditional expertise. Like the orthodox Jewish communities that helped earn Antwerp its name in the world diamond circuit, it is the close knit religious community called the Palanpuri Jains, who remain the main author of Surat's success story in the trade of diamond jewelries.

But how did it all begin? Let's take a glimpse on its past, discuss the present business trends and analyze what are on the cards for this emerging diamond hub?

Surat diamond industry: The past

surat diamond cuttingYou can find the mention of the city of Surat even in the Indian epics and ancient scriptures. The British and Portuguese influence turned the city of Surat into an important port city and a vital business hub. In the turn of 20th century, the city started its journey to become the nerve center of the diamond industry in the country. According to the local lore the initial set up was based on the expertise of the East African diamond cutters who were brought to the Indian shores in the early years of the past century.

However, the real twist in the success story of Surat actually came in the 1970's when the Indian diamond dealers started importing low-quality gemstones, and exporting them to the U.S. after turning them into dazzling pieces with their unmatched cutting and polishing skills.

The past few years saw a steep decline in the diamond processing industry in Mumbai---the traditional diamond hub in India and this acted as the additional boon for the Surat diamond industry. Surge in the economic and infrastructural degradation over the past few years forced several Mumbai based small as well as big diamond Houses to shift their bases in the neighboring Surat. And all these have eventually contributed to the making of present Surat---the world's largest diamond processing centre.

Surat diamond industry: The present

surat diamondsSurat has left its mark of excellence in all the three departments of the business--- manufacturing, importing and the export of processed diamonds. So how big is it actually? Let's try to find the answer from the following statistics.

Surat diamond industry: What it holds for the future?

Traditionally Surat diamond industry dealt only with lower-quality diamonds. But with the growth and expansion in the market, the character of the Surat diamond industry has changed dramatically:

What you can get in Surat?

The Surat diamond industry is mainly based on imported rough uncut diamonds, which earn their distinguished sheen and shine in the hands of expert cutters. These brilliant diamonds are used along with gold and other precious and semi precious gemstones to craft out exquisite jewelries that can be the reason of envy for any gemstone collector. Be it an engagement ring or the bangle, a necklace or earrings, the jewelry wardrobe of any fashionable lady in the whole world is never complete without the Surat diamond jewelries. And as said earlier, because of the low production costs, you can get them really cheaper than those you will get in the countries like Israel or Belgium.

Shop till you drop

If you are truly passionate about diamonds, you can not do without a Surat diamond piece--- a rare blend of tradition and contemporary. So head to Surat to grab some really interesting piece for a surprisingly low price and add more value to your timeless collection.

There are a number of shopping centers in Surat to shop exquisite diamond jewelries. You can check these government maintained shopping emporiums:

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