Tanzanite Pictures

by Mark

Tanzanite Pictures.

The stone Tanzanite, named after its country of origin Tanzania, popular for its intense deep violet to blue color. Tanzanite is actually the commercial name given to the mineral Zoisite. This beautiful gem is increasingly being used in fine jewelry across the globe instead of the much-used and hugely popular blue sapphire. Its chemical composition is hydrous calcium Aluminium silicate. Zoisite occurs in many colors such as pink, brown, yellow, green, blue and a peculiar color described as ‘khaki’. Only the deep violet to blue colored variety is referred to and marketed as Tanzanite. image courtesy: http://www.tanzaniteone.com

Raw tanzanite stone  

Deep blue, untreated, uncut, raw tanzanite stone.

Loose Tanzanites  

Cut, polished, loose Tanzanite stones.

Uncut Tanzanites  

Uncut, untreated Tanzanite stone.

Cleaning Rough Tanzanites  

Cleaning rough Tanzanite stones.

Largest Tanzanite  

Just mined largest Tanzanite stone on the hands of a worker.

Tanzanite under loupe  

Tanzanite stone being cut, polished and sorted.

Tanzanite Rings  

Tanzanite Rings.

Tanzanite Necklace  

Tanzanite Necklace.

Tanzanite Mine  

Tanzanite Mine in Tanzania.

Tanzanite Processing Plant  

Tanzanite processing plant in Tanzania.

Tanzanite Ring  

Actress Terri Hatcher wearing a Tanzanite Ring.

Largest Tanzanite Ring  

Mine workers showing largest Tanzanite Stone found in one of the Tanzania's Mine.

Tanzanite Ring  

'Roc-A-Fella Records' co-founder Damon Dash wearing a Tanzanite Ring.

Largest Tanzanite stone  

A mine worker, showing largest Tanzanite stone.

Tanzanite Platinum Ring  

Platinum ring with a Deep blue Tanzanite stone.

Big Tanzanite Stones  

Tanzanite Stones, cut and polished.