Tourmaline earrings are available in styles like pierced and clip-on. Keeping these two basic styles, the tourmaline earrings further branch out in a vast variety of shapes and designs. The pierced earring has the most popular style that includes simple studs, posts with hanging earrings at the front. ...– Mark


Tourmaline Facts and Buying Guide»

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It is the hard stone having the hardness of 7-7.5 Mohs and could be used for wearing daily in earrings, rings or pendants. However, in order to endure years of wear keep it away from steam cleaning, home ultrasonic cleaner and heating. It should also be protected from scratches and sharp blows. ....


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This stunning stone in colors ranging from all shades of green,blue,yellow, black, pink, red and clear is a feast to one's eyes. Word tourmaline itself comes from Ceylon or as it is now known as Sri Lankan word "Turumali", it means "gemstone" or sometimes referred as "mixed parcel" as it contains variety of minerals. ....


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The recent trend in the jewelry line is to label each tourmaline by its color as opposed to its original name.....


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Tourmaline is easy to maintain and stable under normal temperature conditions. Warm soapy water is the best to clean the stone. You can polish these stones with oil which also is supposed to hide scratches. One should protect the stone from too much heat and acids. One should also protect tourmaline from sharp blows and scratches.....