14k Gold Earrings

14k Gold Earrings

by Ritika Changrani

14k gold earrings are the most practical choice when it comes to selecting daily – wear earrings. A pale gold sheen lends it a chic look. 14k gold is easy on your pocket too. It is also ideal for setting precious and semi- precious stones as the gold is quite durable.

Only the very rich and affluent can afford gold jewelry – This is one big myth. 14k Gold jewelry is now within the reach of anybody who wants it enough. A woman’s jewelry collection is incomplete without the right earrings. Earrings are probably the most popular type of jewelry worn, both by women and men.

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If you are looking for gold earrings but do not have a big budget, there is absolutely no need to worry. You can certainly buy the gold earrings you’ve always wanted. 14k gold earrings are the perfect alternative to the traditional 22k gold ones.

14k gold jewelry – Is it Real?

So, now you might ask, that 14k gold won’t be real gold, right? Wrong. Let’s get into what 14k gold actually is, to understand it better. A little information on the constituents certainly won’t go amiss.

100% pure gold is extremely soft, so soft that it cannot hold any stone setting. Also, because of its softness, it tends to get twisted easily, thus ruining the original shape and design of the piece of jewelry. Exquisite craftsmanship can be lost if done on pure gold. This is why, for jewelry, gold is alloyed with other metals. This is done to increase its hardness and durability. When gold is mixed with other metals or materials, it is done so in a definite proportion, which is then measured in karats.

14k gold implies that the ratio of pure gold to other materials in the alloy is 14 : 10 i.e. 14 parts gold to every 10 parts of other materials. 18k gold means that 18 parts of gold is alloyed with 6 parts of other materials. A higher karat rating implies a greater ratio of gold in the alloy used for the piece of jewelry. The total of the ratio must always equal 24 as 24k gold implies pure gold. 14k gold is used when the costs need to be controlled to a minimum.

14k gold is almost always marked, so you know the exact quality that you are buying. A trademark is also usually present. Always look for these markings when buying 14k gold earrings or other 14k gold jewelry to ensure that you are buying something with assured content of precious metal. The markings are not mandatory by law but are put there by jewelers as a courtesy gesture so that the customers are guaranteed a specific quality of metal.

14k gold is a popular choice for earrings for many reasons :

– 14k gold is less expensive than higher karat gold but it is gold nonetheless. If you want to buy gold earrings and are on a tight budget, squeeze in a pair of 14k gold earrings and let your conscience rest in peace. You can now feel good about yourself and look good at the same time.

– Precious stones can easily be set in 14k gold. 22k and 24k gold is usually not recommended for stone settings as there is a high risk of loosening, attributed to the inherent softness of the gold. There is a big safety factor for your precious stones. So, if you want to safeguard your stones and wear them with a free mind at the same time, having them set in 14k gold may be an excellent option.

– As precious stones can easily and firmly be set in 14k gold, the variety in earrings is very huge. You can choose to have diamonds, emeralds, rubies or any other stones set in 14k gold for a unique pair of earrings. 22k or 24k gold earrings do tend to have limitations with regard to designs. The options are limitless with 14k gold and you can have stones set 14k gold earrings to match variously colored outfits.

– 22k and 24k gold have a typical yellow color that may not appeal to some people. 14k gold earrings are usually polished to a pale gold sheen that lends it a royal and chic look. The polish is not too bright nor too yellow. This gives you an understated look which speaks volumes about you and your personality.

14k gold earrings can complement any skin tone. One of the drawbacks of 22k or 24k gold is that it is usually polished to a bright yellow color. This is one color that may not suit everybody. Especially in case of earrings, one should be extra careful, as it is one of the first pieces of jewelry to be noticed. The right design can highlight your face and complement your hair – style.

14k gold earrings are very sturdy. It is because of this hardness and durability that 14k gold earrings can be worn on a daily basis. If you are a person who would not like to be bothered to change your earrings everyday, 14k gold is the way to go.

Being a gold alloy, it does not react with most skin types. Costume jewelry can result in itches and eruptions if worn continuously for days. 14k gold earrings are a hassle – free option as you do not have to worry about it hurting you. Also, being durable, these earrings, if small, can be worn even while sleeping or taking a shower. Some people like to wear a pair of earrings permanently, only changing them for special occasions – if you are one of them, 14k gold earrings are just the thing for you.

Gold in all its glory is desirable by everybody. Gold earrings can fashioned using intricate designs or can have a simple suave look. If you are creative, you can have your own custom designed 14k gold earrings that you can wear daily to make your statement. And the best part about it is, it is not as expensive as you thought. It is the cheaper and more practical alternative.