Ametrine buying guide

Ametrine buying guide

by Sheweta Dhanuka

Ametrine is a transparent gemstone consisting very few flaws. Naturally occurring gemstone may possess little stress flaws around the colour change zone but rest would have clarity. Further with the increase in size the clarity increases as flaws almost become negligible.

Nature has offered gemstone lovers a fascinating gem called as Ametrine. It is bi-colored quartz found naturally. It is an amazing combination of two semi precious stones viz. citrine and amethyst. It possesses properties of both these stones therefore it becomes a unique gem.

These days jewelry designers use Ametrine creatively to make fashionable jewelry items keeping in mind the incredible blend of two colours. This gives gemstone wearers an opportunity to enjoy wearing two different types of gems in one stone. However, the buyers need to be little careful while making the purchase of Ametrine gem or jewelry made up of this gemstone. This article provides the necessary information that would help in buying the true stone.

First, it is crucial to learn as how Ametrine comes into existence naturally. When quartz containing high iron impurities is exposed to different temperatures it results in oxidation. The 50% of the quartz bears high temperature on its surface while rest 50% slightly cool temperature. In this way quartz balances the two extreme temperature intensity at the time of crystallization. Thus, two different colours are produced and Ametrine is formed. This process occurs rarely and so is genuine Ametrine.

A mine known as Rio Grande do Sul at Brazil is said to produce this beautiful gemstone first. Now, natural Ametrine is procured from only one mine in the world that is Anahi Mine at Bolivia. In any case Ametrine from Bolivia is more valuable than the one obtained from Brazil. However, there are many in genuine gemstones sold as Ametrine in the market. These are synthetic Ametrine that are produced in Russia. Basically it is simulated amethyst. Half of amethyst gemstone, purple in colour is heated with yellow heat/light to produce yellow colour of citrine. These synthetic gems look quite identical to the natural Ametrine. The buyers can identify the true stone on the basis of colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.

Genuine Ametrine would emit lovely purple colour of amethyst and yellow of citrine. Both the colours complement each other very well. There can be slight variation in the shades but the basic colour has to be purple and yellow only. While selecting Ametrine gemstone always look for fine colour split and bright intensity of the two colours. Naturally occurred Ametrine would consist random colour zones that exhibit the effect of the mixing colours. More clear the colour zone, better is the quality of the gem.

Ametrine is a transparent gemstone consisting very few flaws. Naturally occurring gemstone may possess little stress flaws around the colour change zone but rest would have clarity. Further with the increase in size the clarity increases as flaws almost become negligible. It consists of vitreous luster that enhances its beauty.

Clarity of Ametrine is enhanced through cutting. This gemstone occurs in large sizes referred as rough. Rough when processed attains clarity though efficient cutting. Gemstone cutters cut the rough in such a way that the flaws or the fractures are removed and the colour zone is highlighted. It is cut into many different shapes viz. oval, marquise, pear, emerald and rectangle etc. Cutters give more innovative shapes to Ametrine that creates some internal reflection offering the perfect blend to attractive shades. However, rectangular shape is the best shape as it exhibits exact 50-50 pairing of purple and yellow colour. The perfect blend of two colours is clearly visible in this shape that enables to identify the original gemstone.

Many females prefer long earrings and pendent having Ametrine gemstone. Thus, long shapes are more suitable for such jewelry items. Moreover, jewelry designs are specially created to incorporate the different shapes in order to highlight the twin colours.

Higher the carat weight and size of the stone, better is the visibility of two distinctive colours. Usually, seven and more than seven is the ideal carat weight to view the colour contrast. Ametrine of five carat is also fine but less than five would not give the desired effect and look. Although, people have to pay higher price with the increase in carat weight but still Ametrine turns out to be inexpensive as it is wearing two stones at price of one.

Natural Ametrine from Bolivia with high carat weight, perfect clarity and bright colours would fetch maximum price. As it occurs rarely, it is priced little more. With the only source of Ametrine that is mines at Bolivia totally worked out someday, the prices would rise further. This would increase the probability of synthetic Ametrine getting sold at the price of natural gemstone hence, buyers needs to be more cautious while making the purchase.

Apart from the versatile properties, it is one of the most durable gemstone as well. It is considered as excellent gemstone for the jewelry items. Females treasure rings, earring and pendent with large size Ametrine a lot. Bracelets too are becoming quite popular. The metal used for making ornaments are mostly 18K yellow gold and sterling silver. It is also paired with other stones to give more captivating look to the wearer.

Ametrine is quite wearable on the daily basis. It is 7 Mohs on the hardness scale and is insensitive to household chemicals and cosmetics. As such no special precautions need to be taken for this gemstone and jewelry made of the same. However, too much of rough handling might spoil the natural luster of the gem.

It is a belief that Ametrine balances the metaphysical properties of Amethyst and Citrine. It is believed to develop creativity, self-confidence, self-esteem and emotional stability. It is associated with sixth chakra that relates to inner consciousness thus aids to meditation and increases personal power and spiritual awareness.

Wearing two beautiful natural colours and luminescence at the price of one is a wonder. This wonder comes true with Ametrine. This unusual gemstone brings the wearer close to natural beauty and divine power. Try wearing it !!