Anklets buying guide

Anklets buying guide


Worn around the ankle, found in many designs and styles, material and types, shapes and sizes, the anklet is an ornament sure to catch anyone’s eye! An anklet is also known as an ankle chain or ankle bracelet that is worn around the ankle. They display a radiant sheen, and look elegant, trendy and ethnic at the same time. They add grace to the wearer and complement traditional clothes and outfits very well. The anklet is a versatile piece of jewelry worn around the ankle. Historically, anklets have been worn for centuries by women in India. In the United States both casual and more formal styles of anklets became a fashion statement only around the late twentieth century

Western popular culture sees both men and women wearing casual leather anklets, and the more formal anklets in silver and gold, beads or chains are fairly exclusive to women’s fashion.

ankletsAnklets come in myriad designs, thousands of patterns, many different types, all sizes and are a creative person’s delight, for the variations you can do with this ornament are plenty. You can get anklets made in silver, gold, and many other less precious metals. If you like a slightly different look, then try leather, plastic or nylon. Of courses the material you can use ranges from paper to iron so the sky is the limit. The styles range from the classical Indian designs to the very modern contemporary designs that have a message to give.

Plastic is one material which is cheap and you can get anklets made of plastic almost anywhere. They are good for college or casual outings and you can buy a few to match most outfits. They make a nice style statement and you can get them in many colours, with beads, without beads, and any design you desire. They can be made up at home also. The creative can get creative with making anklets for friends and family and themselves also. You can use thread to weave a colorful anklet and put in some beads to give it that exclusive look. Strands of jute are yet another option for you to get creative with.

When crafting silver anklets, the designers experiment with many different looks and textures, different settings and designs where geometric shapes are incorporated along with different kinds of metal and they finish it with diamonds and precious stones. The unmatched beauty of the anklets and the extrinsic craftsmanship that goes in to their making also makes anklets an ideal gift.

Silver is used in many different types like pure silver, sterling silver and German silver. The designs are available in an antique finish, a rustic finish, a hammered finish and various other styles where the finish gives it that really ethic look. The designs can be complemented using a large variety of semi precious stones, precious stones and gems like the amethyst, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines and sapphires. You have such a range of patterns and styles that you will be lost for choice.

Anklets are differentiated from ordinary jewelry by the silvery hue and an exotic design that is its signature look. If made of expensive material then it also becomes a prized possession. Generally because of its brilliant white metallic sheen and luster, silver is ideally suited to make anklets that stand out as a distinct fashion jewelry item. Accomplished craftsmen around the world have been in the business of creating beautiful silver anklets that have found acceptance all over and by practically all age groups worldwide.

Metal anklets come in two types; flexible and inflexible. The flexible ones are made by tying links in a chain, they are also known as pajeb or jhanjhar in India. You can attach little bells that make a sweet tinkling sound when attached to the chain. Chains are the base for all the designs that one wants to incorporate in to the anklet. Inflexible are flat and stiff to wear. Some people prefer this type although the use is totally dependant on you and your personal style statement.

How to Buy

Log on to the net and you will find that there are sites for every type of anklets and at various price ranges too. There are silver anklets, anklet jewelry, Indian anklets, anklets made of unconventional material to name a few. Then you will get names of anklets manufacturers and their retail outlets or their online shopping sites. You also have silver anklets exporters who specialize in silver anklets manufacturer and export.

If you want to buy anklets then first do your research on the net. There are a lot of things to be kept in mind when buying jewelry or anklets. You must know if you are allergic to any material. If you are allergic to silver, for example, then using an item made of sliver may give you itching or a rash. So go in for anklets made of other materials. Then there are people who are allergic to leather or plastic, even nylon. Take a look at the design that you have liked. Ideally it should not have any sharp points that may snag on your clothes or even cut you skin. Ensure that the design you select is comfortable and safe.

Look for colours and designs which you feel will suit most of your clothes and your dress sense. Look for formal and casual styles if you are in the habit of wearing anklets all the time. Remember the ones with bells make tinkling sounds when walking so ensure that you have silent anklet for places where quiet is required. You can go in for anklets which are loaded with bells for marriages and other functions.

So if you are thinking anklets then think different and let your creative imagination loose – You will come up with a fashion statement of your own. Scout around the market or look up the internet, peek in to the jewelers or copy a design in the magazine, the sky’s the limit. Go for it… today!