Aquamarine-a gemstone with good qualities

Aquamarine-a gemstone with good qualities

by Preeti Sharma

The iron impurities are located in the beryl crystal structure. The color of Aquamarine is mainly because of hint amounts of iron impurities in beryl structure. The different colors of Aquamarine depend on the concentration of iron in the stone.

Any thing and everything of this world have an end, but the beauty, luster and qualities of Aquamarine seem to be endless. Not only they are incessant, they are paramount too. Aquamarine is a multi faceted and multi quality gemstone. Aquamarine may be hard to describe, but the real fun lies in owning it and savoring its great beauty and qualities.

Aquamarine – A quality stone

Aquamarine Be3Al3 (SiO3) 6 is a gemstone of transparent variety of beryl. It has a soft blue or blue green color. It is suggestive of the tint of sea water, as blue as the Caribbean. It is related closely to gem emerald. Beryl is a mineral made of beryllium aluminum silicate, a marketable source of beryllium. Aquamarine is the most familiar variety of gem beryl. it appears in pegmatite, an igneous rock. There, it becomes really large and clear crystals than the emerald. Aquamarine has a hexagonal crystal structure and chemical formula of Be3Al2Si6O18, a beryllium Aluminium silicate mineral.
Aquamarine Stone
Aquamarine gemstone has long been of great interest because it has many varieties that are valued in a gemstone. Though Aquamarine belongs to the same family as the emerald, but emeralds are much brittle in comparison. Along with bloodstone, Aquamarine is a birthstone of Pisces birth sign (Fish) (Feb. 19 – March 20).

Aquamarine Etymology

Aquamarine has had its name in an interesting way. its name comes from Latin language, aqua marina, meaning, “water of the sea”. It is called as heliodor; rose pink beryl, Morganite, white beryl and goshenite.

Historical Qualities and lore

Since the ancient time, Aquamarine is credited with a stone that offers courage, treatment for laziness and reviving the intellect. It was called the treasure of mermaids having a great power to keep sailors at sea safe. It is said to have a peculiarly strong charm when it is kept immersed in water the power that sailors need the most.

The ancient people used to believe that Aquamarine is said to have a great pacifying influence on land, on the married couples particularly. Such was its power that helped husbands and wives to work out their differences. It ensures that the couple has a long and happy marriage. Thus, it is a best anniversary gift for the love birds!

Aquamarine allegedly protects the wearer against the wiles of devil. A dream of aquamarine had the significance that you will meet new friends. People believed Aquamarine can reawaken love not only in long married couples but also in the new friends.

Others reportedly say that Aquamarine is the right stone for meditation. In middle ages, Aquamarine was believed to impart the wearer with great insight, foresight and freedom from insomnia. From any years, it was credited with great reputation of offering its wearers with happiness and eternal youth.

Aquamarine Color

The colors of Aquamarine are great and charming. You can find them in a wide range of blue shades. They range from the palest pastel to greenish blue to deep blue. The deep blue gems are, in fact, rare. Aquamarine is pastel gemstone whose color can be greatly intense in large gemstones. A small Aquamarine stone can often be less vivid. The choice of color depends more on your taste and preference. Mostly natural Aquamarine is cool greenish blue.

The iron impurities are located in the beryl crystal structure. The color of Aquamarine is mainly because of hint amounts of iron impurities in beryl structure. The different colors of Aquamarine depend on the concentration of iron in the stone.

The jewelry industry has devised many advanced methods to improvise the color of Aquamarine gemstone. The modern methods get Aquamarine heat treated to drive the color out of the stone. It then leaves a much pleasing dark blue color. The process can be reversed through irradiation. The yellow and green colors can be thus restored. Generally, it calls for a stone of a definite size to have a dark shade.

The treatment methods of Aquamarine stones are mostly a permanent treatment. Though a dark and pure blue aquamarine stone has become desirable these days, but if you prefer a little natural green gems, you can find that they are not heat treated and mostly less expensive. The Aquamarine having dark blue color is often the most valuable, but the color generally ranges from light turquoise blue to bluish green. The Aquamarine stone with green color is less valuable and thus cheaper than other stones.

Remedial qualities

Aquamarine is best against all sorts of nerve pain, gland diseases, toothache and troubles in the jaw, neck and throat. It gives strength to liver and kidneys. Aquamarine reduces problems of eyes, ears and stomach. It also relieves cough. Aquamarine defends the wearer from perils of the sea, as well as seasickness. It can help to ease depression and pain.

Aquamarine Sizes and price

Aquamarine is found in many sizes and qualities. Gems are cut that weigh about many hundred carats. They are too large to be worn by anyone. Thus, the price of aquamarine gemstone doesn’t differ in sizes more than a carat. Aquamarine is generally worth the same price for each carat as a one carat gem of good quality. Its price depends on its clarity and the profoundness of color.

Shopping Tips-How to find Aquamarine with good qualities

Aquamarine is a remarkable and affordable gemstone of great quality. aquamarine is a transparent and hard gemstone that makes it a great choice for beautiful jewelry such as rings, earrings or pendants. With its delicate color and perfect clarity, Aquamarine is best exhibited in a better prominent mold.

For many years, aquamarine is the favorite gemstone of many consumers. When you go out in the market to choose high quality aquamarine for yourself, it may become a bit difficult for you. you may get very confused as to how to decide about the qualities of Aquamarine. Here are some worthy tips-

1. Buy Aquamarine only with a reputable and reliable jeweler. The jeweler must be well familiar with aquamarine in particular and also gemstones in general. They are the only people who may sell Aquamarine of real good quality.

2. To make out the best quality of Aquamarine, you must ask if the stone is treated in any way. the common treatments can be heat treatment, irradiation, coating and dyeing. Though not all the treatments may devaluate the stone, you must always ask the seller about the qualities of Aquamarine what you are buying.

3. Check the color, clarity and cut of the stone. Look at the stone from all different angles. Aquamarine displays a light pastel color. You can check that the light reflects evenly from the surface of gem. There must not be any scratches on the gemstone. Only, after a close look at all the features of the stone you must conclude about the quality of the stone.

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