Aventurine Facts and Buying Guide

Aventurine Facts and Buying Guide

by Sheweta Dhanuka

This is a green coloured gem. This colour occurs due to the presence of chromium impurity in the chemical composition. Peach, brown, gray, blue, greenish-brown, bluish-white, bluish green and orange are few other colour shades of this stone but the primary colour remains green.

image courtesy : mineralminers.com

Aventurine gemstone was found long back in 18th century. Its name is derived from the Italian word “avventura” that means by chance. This gemstone was discovered by chance thus, named accordingly. Due to it’s unique healing properties it is also called as comfort stone. Some people associate this gem with ‘Patron Saint Andrew’ thus refer aventurine as Andrew or Andre. It is coupled as anniversary gemstone for the 8th year of the marriage.

This attractive stone had always been in demand among the gemstone lovers because of its easy availability and fashionable look. With the growing popularity, more and more people want to buy it. For making successful purchase of any gemstone the buyer need to have little familiarity with the stone. Thus, this content fulfills the need of the necessary knowledge. It presents facts and information about this marvelous stone that would also act as buying guide. The content covers all the characteristics of the stone to the best possible extent.

Aventurine Colour

This is a green colored gem. This colour occurs due to the presence of chromium impurity in the chemical composition. Peach, brown, gray, blue, greenish-brown, bluish-white, bluish green and orange are few other colour shades of this stone but the primary colour remains green.

Aventurine Cut

Being a tough stone it can be easily given any cut. Jewelry designers thus try new innovative styles and shapes of this stone. Some common shapes are oval, round, pear, cabochons etc. Some usual shape is high dome shape used for rings. It is more popular as beads rather than gems. Beads in varied shapes are available in market. The most preferred bead shapes are round, oval and baroque.

Aventurine Clarity

It is semi translucent to opaque in nature and contains dull vitreous luster. It would mostly carry few inclusions of shiny mineral viz. mica or hematite due to which it attains the sparkling effect. This effect is termed as ‘aventurescence’, it occurs when light falls on the stone and the inclusions reflects it back creating the sparkle of different colours. Presence of mica in the composition offer silver sparkle and hematite results in reddish or grayish sparkle. These inclusions increase the value of the stone. Absolutely clean stone without any flaws largely resembles the precious stone Emerald but occurs seldom in natural form.

Carat weight

This stone occurs in large sizes as rough. After the initial gemstone cutting and polishing many different gemstones are created in different carat weights. When used as ornamental stone, the preferred weight of the stone is between 10-12 ctw. For the jewelry items the carat weight used is between 3-6ctw. The beads are processed in all sizes, from 2mm to 10mm.


It is an inexpensive semi precious gemstone as found in abundant quantity in many parts of the world. The price is determined on the basis of colour, carat weight, clarity and origin. Bright green colour and high carat weight increases the price of the stone. In the same way a clear stone is priced more although in this gemstone it is rare to find the stone without any inclusions. Lastly, intense green colored gem from India are of superior quality thus, priced more than the stones obtained from other countries. The common man can easily afford it. The finest quality of Aventurine can be identified as brilliant green colored stone of high carat weight of Indian origin and without any inclusions. In case the inclusions are present and glittering effect is produced in the stone then price of the stone would increase.


It is a quartzite that is a form of a rock and not the mineral. This rock is formed when sandstone or sedimentary deposits undergoes high grade metamorphism under high pressure and temperature. Metamorphism is the process in which original material of the deposits alters into compressed rock. It is composed of more than one colour producing mineral and several interlocking macro crystalline quartz grains. It consists of mica and hematite in very less quantity that results in sparking of the stone.

Aventurine Source

India is the premium source of this green colored stone. Finest quality of green aventurine is procured from a small town Bellary in Mysore region in south central India. Brazil and Madagascar also produce green colored gemstones. White, orange and gray colored stones are found in Chile, Russia and Spain. Few other countries to produce it are Austria, United States of America, Japan and Tanzania.

Enhancement and Imitations

It is never enhanced till date. There are few imitations of the stone sold in the market. Man made glass known as goldstone is often sold as Aventurine imitation. The genuine stone can be identified through its glittering effect. When the true stone is moved slowly, it produces beautiful array of colours giving the sparkling effect while the man made glass containing copper would not produce the sparkle. This stone is sold under many trade names like Indian Jade, Indian Malachite etc. Buyers should never get carried away by such names as these are fake names that carry no value in the gemstone trade market.

Aventurine Uses

One of the unusual and primary use of this rock is that it is used as the lapidary material. This stone is also extensively used as ornamental stone carved efficiently into decorative items such as vases, bowls and figurines. Carvings done on a single stone is priced most. It is commonly carved into cameo that is valued in many parts of the world. Jewelry items holding gemstones are made of sterling silver, white gold and 14K or 18K yellow gold. This stone is very well paired with the moonstone and pearls. Bright green gems makes fascinating stud earrings. Drop earrings, chandelier earrings, cluster earrings and post earrings are also gaining recognized day by day. Pendants in cabochons shape are ideal for casual wear.

It is widely used for the ornaments made from Aventurine beads. Necklace consisting of beads in baroque shape strung in 16-18 inches length with a sterling silver clasp is treasured most by females in the western countries. Similarly, round beads drilled in elastic chord is widely used as bracelets. While making the purchase of any beads buyer should always ensure all the beads should be of same size and should not hold any kind of breaks.


It rates 7 Mohs on the hardness scale and is relatively a hard stone. As such no specific precautions are required. However, the general gemstone care is vital to be practiced for the longer retention of the stone. One important thing from the precaution point of view is that the translucent variety of this gem requires little extra care. It should never be exposed directly in the sunlight else the colour would fade in due course of time. And also excessive heat or large temperature changes can ruin the colour of the gem.


This beautiful gemstone is associated with sleep. It is very well named as comfort stone as it is believed to offer full relaxation and rest while sleeping to its wearer. In ancient time, it was said that the solutions to some of the acute problems could be found in the dreams during the sleep. Today, astrologers suggest to wear this stone in any jewelry item to those people who suffer from sleep related problems like insomnia, nightmares, sleep disorders, scary dreaming, walking in sleep etc. Hence by wearing this gemstone in form of ring or pendant can cure all the tribulations with respect to sleep and provides sound sleep.
Apart from the sleeping comforts it also helps in the spiritual growth. It is widely used for aura cleansing, cosmic awareness and mental healing. Crystal healers refer this gem as ‘ The Stone of Great Spirituality’ because it aids to clam the troubled soul and offers inner peace. Few people use it for therapies in order relieve anxiety, stress and depression. It helps in curing diseases like migraines, hypertensions, blood pressure, problems related to eyes, lungs and heart.

Aventurine is an incredible stone as it heals the soul through physical and mental healing. It also heals the heart by offering real happiness and making the wearer look gorgeous & charming. Also it enables the person to become emotionally independent and better decision maker. Thus, in few parts of the world some pioneers in the gem industry refer it is as “Healer of the Heart and the Soul.” Pioneers have well identified the power of this remarkable stone, now it is our turn!!