Belly Button Piercing

Belly Button Piercing

by Binasaji

The Egyptians, the Indians and many other cultures pierced this humble button to show the significance of the person sporting a pierced navel – Royalty, Warriors, exceptional Beauty.

The best accessory for your smart new low waist pants is – Belly Jewellery. The look is hot and everyone wants it. Models, Actors, Singers and even the fashion-conscious teen down the road. And don’t think for a moment, Belly piercing is only for women. Men too are getting their belly buttons pierced for the nice look. Toned bodies are perfect for belly studs and even the not-so-toned bodies look better with sensual belly Jewellery.

The most commonly pierced part of the body is the earlobe. Multiple earlobe piercing became very common and the fashion makers needed something new – a new and attractive part of the body to wear Jewellery on. Soon Lips, tongues, navels, eyebrows were sporting Jewellery.

The humble belly button

belly piercedThis the part of our body that connects us to our mothers via the umbilical cord – is just a tiny piece of the umbilical cord left on our bodies as a reminder of where we really come from. The navel has always enchanted mankind. The Egyptians, the Indians and many other cultures pierced this humble button to show the significance of the person sporting a pierced navel – Royalty, Warriors, exceptional Beauty. The Indian saree is considered attractive because it is worn below the waist and shows off the navel.

There are a million options available in Belly Jewellery. Different metals, stones and designs. The two most common designs are the Belly rings and second are the bars. Piercing are done with either the rings or the curved bars. The curved bars have two balls at each end, to close the bars. Normally, these balls have inscriptions or pictures on them. The healing period differs from person to person, if can take from 4-16 weeks for healing to be complete. After the healing period, one can change their Jewellery as per their mood and clothes. Normally, Curved barbells are worn initially after the piercing as they allow for the safest and fastest healing. While selecting navel Jewellery, two measurements should be kept in mind – the width of a ring and the diameter of the bar, which refers to the length of the bar. Jewellery comes in varying sizes and thickness or the gauge of the piece. Thin Jewellery will have larger gauge numbers and
vice- versa. The typical size for a belly button ring is 14g 7/16″ but now belly rings in any gauge and in any length from a quarter to one inch are freely available.

Have you met anyone, who has got a piercing done with a material that does not suit them? The wrong material inserted into the piercing can create major problems – infections, allergies etc. There are several safe materials meant for piercing. Decide which one will suit your body to avoid problems later.

Belly Button Piercing Metals

The most basic and often used material is Steel. Plain or Surgical steel with acrylic or steel balls is used for piercing. The more fancy steel/acrylic balls have pictures or monograms on them. The other choice in metal is gold – 14carat or 18karat. Titanium, Silver is also used in making Navel Jewellery. Many women switch to a more pliable material during pregnancy, since it is flexible. So, if you would like more flexibility in your navel Jewellery, Teflon or Tygon is a good choice. While choosing piercing Jewellery, opting for metals, which are artificial or gold-plated, is not a good idea. After the wound is healed, you can use almost any material, if you are not allergic to it. Just remember, nickel is a common irritant. Do not use material with has nickel mixed in it.

The options in Navel Jewellery are endless. The Internet is great to order Navel Jewellery from the comfort of your home. Try the simple ones with just pictures of your favorite star or symbol for a start. The more expensive ones include authentic Gemstones in gold, silver or titanium. Swarovski , the world famous Crystal experts too have navel Jewellery options. The adventurous type can try dangling their favorite charms from their belly button piercing. If you are the perpetual party-goers, a company has introduced Belly Jewellery which is treated with UV radiation and it glows under fluorescent light. This is available in several colors, making it difficult to settle for just one. Another site offers navel Jewellery that can be changed like you change your earrings. All you have to do is surf the web for exciting offers and new ranges of navel Jewellery. And above all, if you do not want to your piercing to show, just hide it with any of the navel retainers. No one will know!

Belly button piercing is the second most pierced body part after the ears, with both men and women of all ages getting it done. The ring or bar which is inserted at the time of piercing is normally a little loose, just like comfort fit jeans. This is to mainly allow room for a little swelling. Later, you can get a more fitted ring if you prefer.

This year instead of gifting a regular bracelet or earrings, buy your partner a Belly Ring with her/his Birthstone on it and watch the expression on their face. Belly Jewellery is very sensuous – both to wear and watch.

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