Beryls Facts

Beryls Facts


Beryl Properties

Chemical Composition It is beryllium aluminum silicate and the chemical formula is


Colours Colourless, green, sea blue, violet, pink, red, blue, yellow, golden, gray, purple, brown and white.
Streak White
Variety Emerald, Aquamarine, Morganite, Heliodor, Goshenite, Bixbite
Specific Gravity 2.36-2.91
Refractive Index Varies between 1.57-1.59.
Luster Viterous.
Solid State Transparent to translucent.
Fractures Conchoidal.
Bi-refringence Low – 0.005-0.009
Crystal System Hexagonal crystal system.
Cleavage Imperfect.
Pleochroism Weak.
Dispersion Low – 0.014
Hardness 7.5-8 Mohs
Heat Sensitive Very high.
Tenacity Brittle
Precautions All general gemstone precautions to be taken. Special attention to be given at the time of repair work.
Enhancement Mostly all the gemstones are enhanced to improve the colour.
Source Egypt, Austria, Africa, Pakistan, Ireland, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Colombia, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, Mungo, Baltistan, Pakistan, United States of America, South Africa, United Kingdom.
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