Buyers guide for Emerald engagement ring

Buyers guide for Emerald engagement ring

by Madhubanti Rudra

So what else other than emerald can be the most appropriate choice for an engagement ring stone? For, engagement rings are special, very special. They always chant the silent promises of fidelity. This beautiful gem stone which has always been associated with the rich famous and powerful can be ideal for those young couples for whose life is the celebration of all that is magnificent and elegant.

Three basic points should be noted while buying an engagement ring – the choice of the stone, the choice of the metal of the ring and the design. For buying an engagement ring, which is a very coveted piece of jewellery one is always recommended to get it made to order.

Emerald engagement ring facts

That way one can decide on the design according to individual taste and the size of the pocket. It is also advised that one should purchase the stone separately and then get it pronged into a ring. Before buying an emerald take note of the following points: First of all, Like other gems while buying an emerald, there are 4 c’s to watch.

1. Cut – the precision and delicacy of the cut dictates the price of this stone. Emeralds are however cut in a variety of different shapes, ranging from traditional rectangular step cut, known as “Emerald cut” to rounds, ovals, squares and cabochons. Usually heavily flawed stones are given cabochon cuts.

2. Colour – Emerald, a gem belonging to Beryl family are often found in different shades of green. Depending on the presence of chromium and vanadium, the emerald can be grassy green or yellowish or bluish green. The finest quality of emerald bears a “lime Jell-O” colour. For emeralds colour is the most important price determining factor. Smaller emerald with better colour commands higher prices than the bigger stones which have weakly colored.

3. Clarity – this indicates the clearness of the stone. Clarity and colour together dominates the price of the emerald. Emerald is characterized by the abundance of inclusions which decreases the hardness and give it a soft velvety appearance. They are marked by the large presence inclusions like calcite, yellow-brown needles of the mineral parasites, pyrite, albite and biotype inclusions. However good emerald with both high clarity and good colour are extremely rare. An emerald that has high clarity and higher carat may be cheaper than a smaller emerald with a good colour.

4. Carat – the weight of the emerald is measured in carat. A carat is 0.2 grams and is divided in to 100 cents. Good stones of high clarity and colour are extremely rare in sizes above 2 to 3 carats.

Emerald engagement ring price

Emerald engagement rings are priced on a per carat basis, according to colour, clarity and size of the stone. Good stones in the 1 to 2 carat range are sold for as much as $25,000 per carat. On the other hand “commercial quality stones” (light to dark green, poor clarity) sell for $50 to $800 per carat in the 1 to 2 carat range.

However because of the stone’s high price factors synthetic emerald are also manufactured at a large scale in the USA. They are popularly known as “Chatham” cultured emerald and “Gilson” emerald. In beauty and colour, these cultured emeralds are very close to their natural counter parts. Best graded whole sale price of these cultured emeralds range from $245 per carat for 0.12 to 1.5 carat stones to $450 per carat for 9 to 9.9 carat stones. Such synthetic emeralds are easily distinguished from naturals by having lower R.I and S.Gs and by inclusions.

Lastly at the time of purchase never forget to demand a certificate which is a document issued by a gemological laboratory describing the physical characteristics of a loose gem stone. However these expensive stones have internal fractures and hence demand high maintenance. Emerald should be cleaned always with soft dry cloth avoiding sudden heat as it loses colour when strongly heated. So far as the choice of the metal is concerned always go for the yellow gold as emeralds look most gorgeous when teamed with yellow gold. The ring should be made with 18 K gold as the setting of the stone requires a strong base. Emerald the symbol of youth is perfect for an engagement ring not only because of its beauty, but many virtues ascribed to it. Emerald is believed to bring faith and success in life. So why wait? Adorn your beloved’s finger with a majestic emerald ring on the special day of your life. After all Cleopatra to Liz Taylor emerald has fascinated all the movers and shakers of the history of mankind.