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by Sheweta Dhanuka

Chandelier earrings are the inimitable jewelry piece that adds a dash of classy glamour to the personality of the lady. It makes her so beautiful and gorgeous that she filches the limelight of the party. These earrings are undoubtedly amazing creation. It is a versatile jewelry item as it suits every complexion; every face cut and every outfit. Female wearing these fashionable earrings certainly catch holds the attention of the people.

Chandelier earrings are the inimitable jewelry piece that adds a dash of classy glamour to the personality of the lady. It makes her so beautiful and gorgeous that she filches the limelight of the party. These earrings are undoubtedly amazing creation. It is a versatile jewelry item as it suits every complexion; every face cut and every outfit. Female wearing these fashionable earrings certainly catch holds the attention of the people.

It should be worn on selective occasions that are very special and crucial for one’s life like award ceremony, weddings, ballroom parties and prom nights etc. However, there are numerous variety created by the talented jewelry designers across the globe that is suitable for every event or occasion. This article would acquaint the reader with different patterns of chandelier earrings. Here after in the text earrings would refer to chandelier earrings.

These unique earrings are different from drop earrings. Beads/stones set in a straight-line are known as drop earrings while earrings having big shapes like circular, oval and pear etc and in these shapes with respect to design diverse stones or beads are hanged giving a splendid look are called as chandeliers earrings. Apart from these shapes, earrings could have enormous designs with curved lines, heart shapes and the like that are fabulous. In these designs different colored stones are placed. In simple words, as the name specifies, these earrings are long and heavy like chandeliers. One chandelier in the room gives a magnificent and royal look for the entire house similarly chandelier earrings alone are capable of giving the woman a sensational yet graceful look.

This striking earring pattern is usually long between 1.5 to 4.5 inches and wide between 1/2 to 3 inches. The most preferred length is 2.0 to 3.5 inches. Every female can carry this length but length beyond 3.5 inches requires little fashionable and stylish instinct for the perfect deportment. These earrings are available as real jewelries made up of gold, silver or platinum etc and artificial jewelries made up plain wires. By and large all the earrings would include colorful crystals, pearls, beads or gemstones. These additional pieces in the earring give the exquisite hanging look that enhances the overall glance of the jewelry.

These dazzling earrings could be worn with western as well as traditional outfit. In order to get best promising stylish look for any formal evening party, chandelier earrings must be worn with the dresses having well-defined neckline from front. It is advisable not to wear anything in the neck, neither a delicate chain nor a necklace. The reason being, the shimmering earrings must define the hole and sole look of the lady then only she attains that much loved trendy and attractive gaze. Further, the hairs must be tied up neatly into any type of bun instead of leaving it open because the earrings would be visible only when the hair do is neat else it would be hidden behind the left open hair that comes in front of the ear lobes. In case, the lady wearing earrings desires to leave her hair open then it should be tied on the top from back of both the ears. The hair could be left open from the back so that hair does not cover the ears and thereby the earrings.

Handcrafted Chandelier Earrings

In many parts of the world hand-crafted earrings are manufactured that are adored by females from all age groups. Price of these ear jewelries is determined from the raw material used. For example earrings made up from plain wires, simple pearls, colorful glass stones and beads are the most affordable pieces, which are suitable for the casual wear. The synthetic imitated stone with inexpensive metal are priced little higher but the designs are very creative and the look matches with the gold or platinum pair of earrings.

Sterling Silver handcrafted earrings are the most sought after varieties. These are made up of silver wires along with varied crystals, colorful semi-precious gemstone stones like amethyst, citrine, turquoise, amber etc and beads like onyx, bloodstone and many more. Silver earrings are apposite for eveningwear. Precious gems like diamond, ruby, emerald and costly semi-precious gems like topaz, peridot, sapphire etc in high priced metals like gold and platinum are seldom used in handcrafted jewelry because these require use of specialized tools and equipments that ensure correct setting and holding of these expensive gems. However, Swarovski crystals handsets within the contemporary design along with the dangling crystal teardrops are the most popular handcrafted earrings amongst the young girls.

Sterling Chandelier Silver Earrings

Earrings set in sterling silver are iridescent in looks. It is the most affordable selection amongst all the available earring varieties. Immense novel designs with pearls, Swarovski crystals, semi precious gemstones and beads are quite commonly seen in this variant. Many times, the silver earrings are given the rhodium plate finish that offers the lustrous white gold appearance. The rhodium finish increases the cost and enhances the quality of the ear jewelry. Usually, silver earrings are not studded with diamonds, ruby, sapphires or any other precious gemstones because the silver metal does not match the high cost of these precious gems.

Gold Chandelier Earrings

These fascinating earrings are fashioned both in yellow as well as white gold. Mostly, 14K or 18K gold is used for making the modern-day designs. Gold karat value more than 18K is rarely used as it then becomes difficult to set the precious gems and stones in the earrings. Gold earrings are ideal for wedding purpose; it gives that most wanted opulent and sensuous look.

Yellow gold earrings in self-design without any beads or stones are also far and wide commonly seen in various wedding functions especially in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc. Hanging beads as per the requirements of design are also made up gold. Yellow gold is widely used along with precious stones as well. Semi-precious gems are also used but are preferred only when buyer has fewer budgets. Stones such as emerald, ruby, diamonds, sapphire and pearls mounted in grand chandelier earrings in yellow gold appears too attractive and surely all females would simply be passionate about it. This jewelry piece is idyllic for bridal wears especially the Asian brides. In case of cost constraint, original rubies could be replaced by spinels, original pearls with cultured pearls and so on. Brides in embellish ethnic wear together with classic antique chandelier earrings holding emeralds and rubies along with pearls would look so beautiful that words would be less to describe her beauty.

14K and 18K white gold chandelier earrings are also created in inimitable designs. White gold earrings design is mostly more trendy unlike yellow gold that goes very well with antique creation. White gold is often rhodium finish to pull off the glittering whitish glimpse. True diamonds and pearls in white gold make endearing earrings. These are more favored in western countries like USA, UK and so on. It too is absolute selection for bridal wears especially brides in white gown. Original diamonds mounted in white gold are certainly too expensive but is worth buying as the marriage is a lifetime experience where after wearing these earrings the bride would get that spectacular one time bridal look that she and her bridegroom would cherish for rest of their lives.

Colored stones are also mounted in white gold earrings apart from diamonds and pearls. Few to name are amethyst, pink tourmaline, blue topaz, pink sapphire and so on. These transparent stones are more enhanced when set along with diamonds or colourless stones like cubic zircon. Combination of coloured stones with colourless stones comes out to be excellent. Earrings made using such amalgamation of colours give the delicate look that could be worn with evening gowns. More than two coloured stones could also used making it a multi coloured earrings. The use of coloured stones could be done in numerous arrangements as it all depends on the designs.

Platinum Chandelier Earrings

Platinum earrings are best set in original diamonds and pearls. This white coloured metal is the most expensive metal and is selected mostly by the affluent people of the society. This part of the social order is passionate about diamonds and so mostly chandelier earrings in platinum are created using true diamonds of high carat value. Similar to diamonds, emerald, ruby and pearls are also the sought after gems that are used for making customized earrings.

Chandelier earrings are large dangling earrings studded with affordable plain beads, crystal beads, precious stones and semi precious gemstones. These glittering earrings are available in all price range for all income groups. There is certainly a difference in price and quality of different patterns mentioned above but the alluring and sensational look is added for sure to the personality of each and every female who wears it irrespective of the price of the earrings. It has become a universal fact that Chandelier Earrings makes woman look elegant, classy and modish!!

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