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Citrine a healer gemstone buying guide

Citrine a healer gemstone buying guide

by Ashwani Arora

Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones in category of affordable gems for even poor. It is available in lemon yellow, deep yellow, light yellow, brownish yellow and whisky color.The Priets, therapists say that if we wear appropriate gem at right time and according to right way then gem will definitely help us in daily activities and remove difficulties.

Citrine – a Healer Gemstone

Gems and Gemstones have great value as per Indian Mythology and Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a Therapy book for Life. Most of the communities in Rural India, Urban India go to Ayurveda Doctors for treatment and they use the gemstone powders finely meshed with other natural herbal ingredients for treatment of chronic diseases like Cardiac problems, Breathing troubles, Arthritis etc. They use each gemstone powder for different problems. There is another segment, Gemologists, Therapists those who suggest various gemstones for treatment of disease or for well being of seekers. Even Accu Pressure experts, who practice this technique as a therapy, refer to the utility and benefits of wearing specific color, quality gemstones. Rings used in hands fingers, feet fingers suggest therapeutic acupressure for the nerves, which bring relief and fortify efficiency of certain organs. During a talk at a Radio Station, which was sponsored by a University, One of the speakers from the background of acupressure techniques did highlight importance of jewels, rings, necklaces, and pendants suggesting therapeutic value of acupressure happening by use of these jewels. Another speaker having knowledge of gemstones did explain planetary effect of stones for different birth sign people. The Citrine is said to be ruled by Jupiter, and is yellow color family. Therapists use this for obtaining blessings of Jupiter.

An all purpose and affordable

Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones in category of affordable gems for even poor. It is available in lemon yellow, deep yellow, light yellow, brownish yellow and whisky color.The Priets, therapists say that if we wear appropriate gem at right time and according to right way then gem will definitely help us in daily activities and remove difficulties People use this as an all-purpose gemstone, which helps in healing, heart, kidney, and digestion tracks muscles. It clears the cloud of disturbing aura and its use in all forms is considered auspicious. Somewhere Pundits (called Priests at The Hindu Temples-places of worship) recommend this stone in golden rings .For poor they suggest necklace of beads, when they cannot afford gold for ring. For mental peace or for hot tempered and with high blood pressure-these lemon colored gemstones are considered to be bringing calming effect. Somewhere Priests use the stone for pasting sandal paste on forehead. They even suggest for earrings containing these beads touching skin. Round shaped is the most recommended by these priests, since it denotes shape of Sun and Moon.

Citrine a gemstone of fashion but make a skillful buy

However in fashion world other shapes as per individual’s choice are available and offered. Citrine is available in natural as well as synthetic. Few deal genuine natural and evaluation is difficult by any layman. So the need is to buy from an authentic source. While buying, some vital points need to be kept in view, like the gemstone should be clear, transparent. There should not be any crack, spots or blemishes on the stone. White, black or red spots in the stone, or web kind marks are considered to be defective and should be avoided. Some therapists have ascribed value judgments to such gemstones, saying that, these cause disturbances, create enemies, restlessness etc. Most of the gemologists and therapists say that blemished gemstones are the reason for additional troubles. A stone with cracks is considered simply unauspicious. Lustre and transparency should be kept in view consciously while buying Citrine or for that matter any gemstone. Citrine keeps evil forces, enemies away and maintains harmony in the family. There is a fear that Milky stone invites injuries to the body. Red spots in the gemstone are not considered in harmony with building of wealth. Similarly in villages, priests are very particular about white and black dots, if seen in the gemstone, they fear loss of cattle wealth.

Lucky for all

Citrine is considered to be lucky for all though lucky most for ones who are governed by Jupiter. It is believed that those who are in the field of knowledge sharing, should use light yellow citrine, in employment with governments, defence organisations, armies, soldiers should use lemon yellow, the ones in trading-should use dark yellow citrine. Those in professions of services say hospitality and kinds of services should use dark yellow. When you buy, after deciding the color, you have to decide the weight of Citrine and with which metal you will like to wear the gem. It is the most recommended with gold, although people are also recommending silver, brass, and and even without metallic frame around. The same way, identification of natural and synthesized is possible only where proper equipment for testing is available. And it is rarely, and only confined to urban dealers, that too in Metro cities These beads, variety of sizes and shapes are available from hand made and machine make. The machine made though are fine, are less in variety. The handmade demand is on the increase. The fine cutting maintaining beauty of the stone, angle, edges, lightening efffect, brilliance makes the gemstone valuable. The price varies due to color, artificial color, natural color, natural stone and synthetic stone. The impact remains to be an area of study and research. Some therapists use Citrine for general good health for the wearer, longlife, happy life, wisdom, wealth, name, fame and honors. Citrine is used right from childhood, put in the thread necklace, or armlace, or used in the forehead for the baby girls, protecting children from evil spirits. It is believed that for any obstruction, like lack of concentration in studies, or work, maintaining smooth relationships, finding a suitable match for marriage, wonderful reports by wearing a yellow Citrine are experienced. Naturally Citrine being symbol of light heartedness, feeling of pleasure, cleaning of inner and outer temperament, is in tremendous demand. May it be synthetic or natural, the impact remains. And that is the reason, is suggested by all and everybody.

Respect the Gem as you do to you

Practically all Gemologists advise that Gemstones should be treated respectfully, right from when you buy them and till you possess the ones. Ensure that there are no marks, haze, and bubbles. break or cuts- since these can bring bad effects. So when you buy them, before wearing them a clear water wash or any sacred water is essential, use of water with milk and honey is also suggested. Before wearing they suggest bow your head to the Lord, God and seeking His blessings, you chant a thoughtful, positive wish and see a benevolent God in the gemstone. Seeking full effect of the planets governing the gem and the correspondent planet of the personality Maintain Citrine and the jewel clean as you do to you, and see the magnificent feelings and experience the difference.

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