Coral Jewellery

Coral Jewellery

by Binashaji

If you love bright colors, then Coral is the perfect gem for you. Available in colors from pinkish red to a deep blood red, coral Jewellery is sure to catch your eye. A Bracelet, a ring or even earrings – splurge and pick up an entire ensemble.

Neptune’s Gift. The coral is a mysterious gem with magical powers attributed to it. The Indians believe wearing a Coral will ward off the negative effects from the Mangal Graha. Coral powder and ash is used in making Ayurvedic medicines. The Tibetans also carve Buddha’s, Prayer Beads and charms from this gem – the red firestone will help protect them from evil. Even the Greeks and the Romans have used this stone to adorn rings, caskets, tiaras etc. Since the sixth century, Corals have fascinated mankind with their passionate Red color.

coral beadsIf you love bright colors, then Coral is the perfect gem for you. Available in colors from pinkish red to a deep blood red, coral Jewellery is sure to catch your eye. A Bracelet, a ring or even earrings – splurge and pick up an entire ensemble. The color of coral can add a dash of zest to every outfit for every occasion. Natural red corals, Black Corals, Blue corals and White corals are among the most expensive. Red corals are more easily available than the others.

Corals, in the recent times have become very rare. The authentic pieces command a high price. Natural deep red corals without any flaws like fissures or bands around them are also expensive. If you are being offered corals at an unbelievably low price, they stones are probably manmade or imitation. Good quality Corals have an even coloring and do not have any striations or holes in them. Genuine Coral Jewellery is expensive – if it is cheap, it is probably an imitation. It is always a good idea to buy coral from a reputed store since it is hard to differentiate the genuine pieces from the imitations.

coral necklaceGift someone celebrating their 35th anniversary, a set of coral rings. One for him and one for her. Yes! Men can wear coral rings too – a big stone set in a square design will complement dark suits with aplomb. Before you make a purchase of Coral Jewellery, you must have some knowledge about this gemstone. There are many imitation corals available -dyed glass, plastic, shells and even heat-pressed and resin treated coral powder is passed of as authentic coral. While buying corals rings, let the length of your fingers and hands decide what will suit you the best. Try on different shapes set in various settings before deciding on a ring. The size should be perfect and the stone should be firmly set in the ring. Corals can be combined with other gems also depending on the colors you like – Pearls, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli – the choice is varied. A coral stone set in Gold, Silver or Platinum will be an investment in Jewellery you will never regret.

So, now that you have a beautiful Coral Ring, a Coral Bracelet will be a gorgeous addition. Fiery red, catching the light with a tilt of an elegant wrist, a Coral bracelet can make you the center of attraction. The red of the corals is a perfect foil for both light and dark colors. Bracelets too, should fit the wrist correctly, check the clasp regularly and gently tap the stones to ensure they have not become loose. Small corals can be set all along the band of the bracelet or it could be several medium sized stones set apart or even corals combined with other gems. Whether you want to create an entire ensemble or just a unique piece, Corals are the perfect for every occasion.

Coral necklaces can make you look bright and with the variety of designs available, it is difficult to resist the lure of the Red. Long chains with coral beads, or twisted strands with corals and pearls (both organic, both from the ocean), or even a choker with corals and turquoise set in gold or silver. Several varieties of lightweight corals are also available. These are more porous and do not have the intense red color of the good quality corals. The advantage is that they are cheaper and available in abundance. Jewellery is crafted from these lightweight corals also. A long neck can carry off any design whereas a petite woman should try necklaces that are of collar-length or longer.

Designers have let their imagination run riot and corals have given a dash of color to their designs. Whether the corals are set in plain gold or handcrafted silver, they are impossible to resist. Natural Red corals are collector’s items. Many people will pay a small fortune to own them. Corals are opaque and this is makes it difficult to differentiate the genuine from the false. Sometimes, colored wax is filled into the corals to give them a more dense red color, thus commanding a higher price.

Before being polished, corals are dull and look like marine trees. They are then sorted, cleaned, cut and polished. The widest part of the coral tree is used to cut the stones. The stones are then polished and used for Jewellery. Earrings of Coral are the final purchase to complete your coral ensemble. Hanging or studs, with one stone or several small stones, coral earrings will frame the beauty of your face.

Fiery Red, this mysterious stone from the sea, has powers to heal and ward off negative influences of the planets on your life. Wear corals to protect you and your loved ones, looking attractive is an added benefit of Coral Jewellery.