by Ritika Changrani

Dangle earrings are all the range now and are available in a wide range to suit all budgets. Be it the office or a birthday party, dangle earrings make a great style statement. Choose something that suits your personality and watch heads turn when you walk in.

Dangle earrings

Dangle earrings are very much in vogue now. They are very attractive and add a different touch to a person’s face. They flow from the bottom of the earlobes and are available in a variety of lengths. They can vary from half a centimeter to extremely long right up to the shoulder level. Nowadays, earrings that dangle even below the shoulders are available. Dangle earrings make a great fashion statement.

Dangle earrings are usually attached to the ear by thin wires that go through the piercing and get connected to small hooks at the back. French hook designs are the latest, in which the earring just hangs from the ear without any closures or pins at the back. They are twisted hooks. Sometimes, plastic retainers are also used for keeping the French hook earrings secure. The post attachment design is rarely used in case of dangle earrings.


The earliest known earrings were made in the shape of hoops and later evolved as pendants. Ancient Egyptians wore dangle earrings as a sign of their wealth and status. The Greeks also wore earrings. Romans, especially the women, introduced gemstones in the earrings as early as second century A.D. In the Renaissance period, women fashioned their hair in swept up styles that revealed the ears. They began wearing earrings. Even the noblemen, preferred to wear dangle earrings with embedded pearls and diamonds.

Girandole earrings first appeared in the 17th century. They were very large and very heavy. Years of heavy pulling due to the elaborate dangle earrings resulted in extended earlobes in most women. Queen Victoria, who ruled during the 1800s, was very fond of girandole earrings. Pendeloque earrings, which were larger but much lighter, were later introduced after 1750, and became extremely popular. Pirates wore earrings made out of gold, silver and other precious metals, as they were believed to better eyesight. It is for the same reason that sailors wore earrings made of precious metals.

Around mid 1800s, hairstyles of women changed to those that covered the ears and then tied in a back knot. As a result, earrings were hardly worn. After 1860s, styles changed and dangle earrings made a comeback. In the early 20th century, earrings and specifically the pierced variety went out of fashion. Women of “dubious character” only wore earrings in that era. The screw fitting earrings, when introduced, brought about a wave of acceptability. In the 1930s, clip – ons were introduced and the popularity of the earrings surged. 1960s onwards, pierced earrings became quite popular with men too.

Best of Dangle Earrings

There exists a huge variety when you would like to go for dangle earrings. The first thing to be kept in mind is that they should suit your face. Today, earrings are available in a mind boggling variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Some of the types are :

1. Diamond earrings

These are one of the most expensive variety as diamonds themselves are very expensive. The price depends upon the number of diamonds used and their size, cut and clarity.

2. Amethyst earrings

Dangle earrings set with amethyst stones are very popular because their range of colors extends from a light mauve to a deep purple.

3. Peridot earrings

These earrings have faceted peridots that sparkle when you move your head and hence are extremely attractive. Long strands of peridots are available as dangle earrings or even as tiny gemstone earrings.

4. Garnet earrings

Though garnets are believed to be lucky for those born in January, nevertheless, they make great studded dangle earrings that can be worn by anyone.

5. Citrine earrings

Citrines come in a variety of yellow shades and make excellent dangle earrings that can be worn on any occasion.

6. Chandelier earrings :

Chandelier earrings are probably the most popular of all dangle earrings. They made a huge splash in 1994 when numerous female celebrities wore them to the Academy Awards function. These earrings are a stunning creation that can make any outfit look dressy.

7. Bead earrings

They are all the rage with youngsters because of their affordability. They are quite inexpensive and come in all shapes and hues. One can have a pair of dangle bead earrings to match every outfit.

8. Semi – precious stone studded earrings

Dangle earring studded with semi – precious atones are also popular among those who cannot afford sapphires and rubies.


Dangle earrings are fashioned out of a wide dangle of metals. Depending on your budget, you can choose something to suit your requirements. If budget is not your concern, dangle earrings in gold and platinum are the ideal choice. They have a beauty and class that nothing else can match up to.

14K gold and silver earrings are the next best thing. They are not as expensive as 18k or 22k gold earrings but they do last a lifetime, unlike common metallic ones.

If variety is the name of the game for you and you would like to make a new fashion statement every time, then it is best to opt for what is termed as “Junk jewelry”. They are inexpensive and hence you can buy several pairs. The only drawback is that they are use and throw items and usually last only for a year or two.


Earrings are one of the most important accessories you own. Select earrings that are in tune with your tastes and personality. Don’t just impulse buy a pair because it is in vogue, knowing that it is too long or showy for you. Dangle earrings range from precious gemstones to beads and hence offer you a wide choice. They also make great gifts as one can never own too many pairs of earrings. Make a style statement wherever you go, be it the boardroom or the beach!