by Nasrina Parvin Khan

Drop earrings have a classical appeal in all the ages. From the name we can easily guess that drop earrings are earrings, which drop down from the earlobe. A dangling object hangs from the earlobe with the help of chain, hoop etc.

Earrings are one of the most traditional body-piercing jewelry. Usually earrings worn through holes pierced in two earlobes, sometimes in one earlobe. It is originated in the Middle East and Asia. At the beginning the forms of earrings were as hoops and later as pendants.

With the changing styles, ancient earrings get a modern and stylish look. Nowadays, it is not only a tradition, an integral part of the fashion. We can’t find out a single woman whose dressing can be complete without a pair of earrings. Its give a finishing touches to one’s look and personality. They complete the fashion statement of women of all the ages among nine to ninety.

There are many types of earrings, like- stud earrings, button earrings, and hoop earrings. There are also droplet earrings, dangle earrings and chandelier earrings, – all are the variation of drop earrings.
Drop earrings have a classical appeal in all the ages. From the name we can easily guess that drop earrings are earrings, which drop down from the earlobe. A dangling object hangs from the earlobe with the help of chain, hoop etc. The lengths of the chain can vary as the test of the users. Many times we can see the drop quite away from the ear. Drops of the earrings totter around the face. So, the glittering effects of drops create an enchanting look for the wearer. It’s very elegant and charming.

Drop earrings are timeless and always in style. These can be easily combined with traditional as well as modern outfits. Usually these are reserved for evening out or occasion because of their fancy and gorgeousness. But the modern women have their own fashion statement. They are trying drop earrings with their formal and casual wear also. Drop earring with small chains or hoops are available in the market to catch them.

There are various styles of drop earrings. The components of chain or hoop can be made out of any metal, like silver, gold, platinum, copper, titanium, stainless steel etc. drops come in various styles with these metal and make the earrings unique. The types of fitting also vary.

Glamorous and gorgeous diamond drop earrings are popular in all the ages. Many types diamonds drop earrings are available in the today’s fashion market, like sterling silver obelisk shaped earrings set with brilliant cut diamonds, white ice silver drop earrings with diamonds, yellow gold iolite round shape drop earrings featuring white topaz diamonds, green gold black enamel starburst drop earrings with diamonds, black diamond drop earrings with charming white gold and so on. Colored gemstones like ruby, emerald, garnet, blue topaz, sapphire, amethyst, etc also used in drop earrings. The shapes of the drops can be round, square or other geometrical shapes.

Glitz and glitter of a gemstone lights up the face and enhance the radiance of a woman’s persona. So, gemstones drop earrings are all time favorite for women. Most of our Hollywood actresses try their jeweled drop earrings in annual Oscar party.

Crystal and pearl are popular as drops in drop earrings. Dangling crystal drop earrings are the latest fashion craze. Frosted crystal pendulum silver drops earrings are popular also. Pearl drop earrings with single or multiple pearl are also in craze. Gorgeous black pearl drop earrings, fresh water pearl drop earrings are very trendy now.

Cubic zirconium is also used as drops. White gold drop earrings set with cubic zirconium; white gold earrings long tube drop design set with cubic zirconium are also available in the market.

Drop earrings can look classy with glass, semi-precious stones or beads drop and silver, copper, stainless steel wire also. These are price friendly for young college girls and add a charm in their look.

Variation of these drop earrings come in form of sterling silver fish hook earring with water drop shape, sunstone/Czech glass drops in sterling silver drop earrings, silver beads earrings, a ring with a chandelier drop with silver beads, classic chandelier style earrings as well as the long drop, long threaded earrings, long dangle earrings, round ball drop earrings, braided round earrings, sterling silver rectangle or other graphic and geometric shapes drop earrings and so on.

There are thousand types drop earrings in the fashion scenario to match the woman in round face as well as heart shaped or oval shaped face or square face. Moreover drop earrings help to enhance a hairstyle and easily march with along hair or a short style.

So, the ladies just pick the one, which suits you best and speaks for you to dangle your way of style.

Gems or stones drops of drop earrings allowed the light to pass through the drops enhancing their colour and brightness and create an enchanting look.

So, the ladies! These classical look earrings are perfect for your big day or any special occasion. These can be ideal bridal wear in your wedding day. You will enjoy wearing it after the wedding also. Drop earrings can be ideal gift in one’s birthday or wedding day. Precious drop earrings are asset for one. These can pass through the generation. These stylish earrings never been out of fashion and trend for it look and charm.