Emerald Necklace

Emerald Necklace

by Nalink Naik

Emerald is a gem with many excellent features and has very unique and special characteristics. Knowledge about this very special gemstone will not only make sure you get value for your money but also gives you the conviction required to make the right choice.

A most stunning and versatile range of jewelry made out of both precious, as well as semiprecious stones is available today. Jewelry, both modern and traditional, and sometimes a combination of both, is well within the range of most everyone.

Emerald NecklaceEmerald, the gemstone with the rich green color, has always been much coveted and very popular, in the form of jewelry, from ancient times to today’s modern world. Necklaces, crafted out of emeralds, are no exception to the rule. These not only look stunning but also add class to the wearer. The rare natural beauty of the emerald, lends itself to be crafted into a stunning collection of necklaces. A wide variety of designs, that are not only intricate and tasteful but also appealing to both young and old.

Emerald is a gem with many excellent features and has very unique and special characteristics. Knowledge about this very special gemstone will not only make sure you get value for your money but also gives you the conviction required to make the right choice. Like all other precious gemstones, the color, clarity, cut and carat decide the worth of the emerald. A fair knowledge of each of these characteristics will go a long way in ensuring the authenticity and quality of the jewel.

Color: The most important and a very unique characteristic of this stone is the rich green color it has, because of which, it is popularly known as the gemstone of spring. Emerald belongs to the family of Beryl’s and owes its brilliant green color to the presence of chromium and vanadium. This rich green color is what determines the value of the gem. The more saturated and rich the color, the more value it has. In fact, the emerald with a darker hue and more inclusions is without any doubt more precious than an emerald with less inclusions and a lighter shade of green.

Clarity: Emerald, with a hardness rating of 7.5 to 8, has the most inclusions and fissures as compared to other gems. These inclusions and cracks are clearly visible when the emerald is viewed through a microscope. These fissures in the emerald are known as the gardening effect and another unique feature of this stone. In fact, these inclusions are what help identify a genuine natural emerald from a fake one. The richness of the color in the emerald makes up for these flaws. Even though the emerald has many inclusions, it is a hard and durable gemstone. This gem is treated with oil and resin to minimize the flaws and to strengthen it.

Cut: Due to the many inclusions and the brittle nature of the gem, the process of cutting, polishing and setting is very problematic indeed. In order to overcome this problem, a special cut was developed called the emerald cut. This cut is mostly square and rectangular in nature and the beveled edges in this cut not only enhance the beauty of the emerald but also protect the gem. This does not mean that the emerald is cut only in this shape. Emeralds are cut into many other beautiful and classical shapes. The round diamond cut, oval and trillion cut and the princess and marquise cut are most popular. The rounded pearl cut is also becoming very popular now.

Carat: The carat or the measure of the size of the gem is what adds to the value of any gem. This is so with the emerald too.

With all these very unique characteristics the emerald is much coveted and very, very popular in the form of various jewelry items. Necklaces crafted out of emeralds have been much in demand from times immemorial. Even today emerald necklaces in an array of exquisite styles and settings are available to the consumer. Styles and settings ranging from the classic to the contemporary, crafted most intricately and tastefully, to suit any occasion, any age group, are all available. Designs both ethnic and modern and sometimes a combination of both, the range in emerald necklaces is unlimited. The ethnic designs, influenced by the rich heritage of the bygone eras, are much in demand especially for formal occasions. For those partial to modern and more elegant designs, a truly beautiful and sophisticated array of designs in emerald necklaces are available. From chokers to long necklaces or even simple strands of emerald s cut in pearl shapes, there are designs to suit any age group, any occasion and to compliment any ensemble you may wear.

As far as designs go, they may be floral or pertain to nature or plain geometrical. Weather a choker or a long necklace, the choice is absolutely individualistic. Whatever the pattern, whatever the length, emerald necklaces look most breathtaking when set in a metal that compliments the green color of the gem. White gold or platinum enhances the rich green color of the emerald most. Emeralds look good all on their own, but in combination with diamonds the effect is truly stunning. Emerald necklaces, offset with precious stones like rubies, sapphires and diamonds, are in a class of their own. Traditionally, the whole set, i.e. the necklace with matching earrings, bracelet and ring was usually bought and worn as a whole. Today the modern designs are such, that a single piece of jewelry is stunning enough to make a style statement of your own.

Whatever the style or design, the clasp of the necklace is very important. A clasp with a good design and quality not only adds to the beauty of the necklace, but also ensures the safety of the jewel. Care of emerald necklaces is very important. As emeralds have a lot of inclusions and are treated with oil or resin in order to strengthen the gem, never clean the emerald necklace with ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or with harsh detergents. This may dissolve the resin or oil and weaken the stone. Even though the emerald has many cracks and fissures, it is a hard gem and does not scratch easily.

All in all, emerald necklaces not only look very chic, but also very beautiful to behold, especially when set in the right metal, with the right cut and an appropriate design. Emerald necklaces make wonderful gifts especially for anniversaries, as this gemstone symbolizes enduring and eternal love. Emerald necklaces are beautiful and stunning and this is a piece of jewelry anybody would be proud to own.