by Swati K

This buying guide is intended to help you to do little research as & when it becomes necessary and to evaluate all the options before making the final decision of buying the engagement ring.


THE EMBLEM OF VOW Rings are the token of love, commitment & togetherness between two people whom God has destined to be one. The romantic traditions associated with rings, dates back to the times of caveman. The Pharoahs of Egypt, are credited to use the ring as a symbol of true bond and eternity.The Egyptians regard the ring as a circle that has no beginning and no end, as the love between 2 people is endless. The origin of this ring in metal “iron” was worn by the Roman brides which symbolizes the strength and tenacity of there relationship. But today, engagement ring is not only a proove of marriage contract but a fashion statement, as it is a piece of jewellery worn by the bride and the groom for the rest of there lives. This buying guide is intended to help you to do little research as & when it becomes necessary and to evaluate all the options before making the final decision of buying the engagement ring. The choice of the ring is very much personal and depends on the indivisual likes and dislikes but one must keep certain basic factors in mind as follows:

1. Buying of ring? : This was traditionally done by the groom, but it is suggested that both the would-be couples should shop for it together. As the choices and likes of 2 people are involved.

2. Ring should be functional and fashionable.

3. Buy from right jeweller you trust or a one who is registered.

4. Lifestyle of your spouse: for eg if he is a sportsperson than Gold is not suggestable as it is a soft material and prone to scratches.

5. Establish a budget: The conventional budget i.e. the 2 months salary of the groom work well. But it complete depends on ones choice.

6. The couple should visit several jewelers to compare & select styles, prices and workmanship.

7. Insurance of the ring is very important. You can find out options to add jewellery to your home owner’s or renter’s insurance. You may be allowed by insurance companies to include your jewellery within your policy. You should read the terms of the policy carefully as some policies limit the value of jewellery items.

8. Before making the final purchase of the ring, the ring should be taken to an independent appraiser for examination. The appraiser will prepare in writing the composition of the stone or material used. The main job of the appraiser is to find out whether the quality of the ring is as per the price quoted. Any discrepancy in this regard can be sorted out before the final purchase.

9. Setting of the ring should be right. A good setting is considered when you can clearly see what is inside.

10. The choice of stone should go with the choice of metal. Whats in?





Gemstones for you…

* All you friendly janvary borns – Garnet is the stone for you. This is a dark red gemstone that looks good with both white and yellow gold.

* For all the intelligent Aquarians & pisceans (feburary borns), Aquararine is the stone. This is a blue, greenish blue stone that looks good with white gold or platinum.

* Catstone is for the march people.

* Diamonds for the April borns, to vile away evil spirits.

* Pearl for the June borns symbolizing peace and serenity.

* The symbol of love and fullfillness i.e. Ruby for july borns.

* Onyx for the Augusts.

* Sapphires for good health and fortune for September born people.

* Hope with opal for October borns.

* Topaz for the sharp November born people.

* Turquoise for prosperity for December.

How to know her more ?

How will you know if she will like the ring you pick??? Well here are a few suggestions :

1. Take a good look at the choice of your partner i.e. what kind of jewellery she wears.

2. Is she short or tall or fat or slim, because the kind of jewellery depends on the kind of physical persona of a person.

3. Ask her friends about her likes and dislikes?

4. Is she having tiny fingers? Then she would prefer something delicate.

5. Is she a traditional girl? You can go for something classic. But always remember …. YOU DON’T LOVE A WOMAN BECAUSE SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, BUT SHE IS BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU LOVE HER .