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Exploring the Latest Trends in Body Piercing: The Most Popular Piercing Names

 Body piercing is a popular way to express themselves and enhance their appearance. Nowadays, there are many types of piercings to choose from, so everyone can find something that fits their style. This article explores the world of body piercings, looking at the latest trends and highlighting the most popular styles everyone’s talking about in fashion.

What are the most popular ear-piercing types?

Lots of people like getting their ears pierced because there are so many ways to do it. You can choose different styles and places to get pierced on your ears.

1. Industrial Piercing: This piercing spans the ear with two holes, requiring extra care for maintenance.

2. Rook Piercing: A newer style, these piercings go through the ear’s antihelix and can be shown off with various jewellery.

3. Conch Piercing: Despite a longer healing time, this piercing, decorating the inner or outer part of the ear conch, is becoming more popular.

4. Helix Piercing: This piercing adorns the outer cartilage ridge of the upper ear, with options for studs, hoops, or multiples for a bold look.

5. Tragus Piercing: Placed on the thick cartilage in front of the ear canal, these piercings are trending due to their unique placement.

6. Daith Piercing: Placed on the innermost fold of the ear, these piercings are sought after for their aesthetics and rumoured relief from migraines.

Customers at Pierced frequently inquire about which piercings are the most painful. Generally, piercings that pass-through areas with more muscle and nerves tend to be more uncomfortable during the procedure. Based on feedback from those who have undergone piercings, genital piercings are often reported as the most painful for both men and women.

Following genital piercings, nipple piercings are commonly cited as the second most painful, with septum piercings on the nose ranking third. It’s important to note that the highest level of discomfort is typically experienced in the initial days following the piercing procedure for all types of piercings.

What’s the least painful piercing?

The least painful piercing option is typically earlobe piercing. When performed correctly, it’s known for causing minimal discomfort and has a relatively quick healing time compared to other body piercings.

Due to its comfort level, even young children as young as five can safely undergo earlobe piercings with minimal risk of complications.

What are the different types of nose piercings?

Here are the different types of nose piercings:

  1. Septum Piercing: The jewellery goes in the centre of your nose, between the nostrils.
  2. Nostril Piercing: This piercing is done on either the left or right nostril and is simpler and quicker to heal.
  3. Bridge Piercing: A piercing across the top part of the nose that doesn’t go through bone or cartilage.
  4. High Nostril: A piercing above one of the nostrils, letting you wear more than one piece of jewelry on your nose.
  5. Septril Piercing: A piercing that starts at the top of the nose and goes down to just below it.
  6. Rhino Piercing/Vertical Tip: A vertical piercing from the top to the bottom tip of the nose, typically adorned with a curved barbell.

What are some popular body piercings?

  1.  Lip Piercing: Lip Piercing: You can get a piercing anywhere on your lips or at the corners of your mouth. Common types include labret piercings (below the lower lip), Monroe piercings (on the upper lip, resembling Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark), and snake bites (paired piercings on either side of the lower lip).
  2. Tongue Piercing: This piercing is typically placed on the centre or front part of the tongue. Due to the tongue’s unique healing process and potential for swelling, it’s crucial to choose an experienced piercer and follow aftercare instructions diligently.
  3. Eyebrow Piercing: Eyebrow piercings can be located on the edge or centre of the eyebrow, adding a bold statement to one’s facial features. Curved barbells or captive bead rings are commonly used for eyebrow piercings, offering a range of styles and adornments.
  1. Nipple Piercing: Nipple piercings can be done on one or both nipples, often chosen for aesthetic enhancement or personal expression. These piercings require meticulous aftercare due to the area’s sensitivity and can be adorned with various types of jewellery, such as barbells or captive rings.
  2. Navel Piercing: Also known as belly button piercing, it’s located on or near the belly button area. Jewellery options range from curved barbells to captive bead rings, often chosen for their aesthetic appeal and versatility.
  3. Genital Piercing: Genital piercings encompass a wide range of options for both male and female anatomy, including but not limited to Prince Albert piercings (urethral opening to the underside of the penis), clitoral hood piercings (hood covering the clitoris), and frenum piercings (underneath the shaft of the penis). These piercings can offer aesthetic appeal, enhance sexual pleasure, or serve cultural and spiritual purposes.

Each body piercing carries its unique considerations, including pain level, healing time, and aftercare requirements. It’s essential to research thoroughly, choose a reputable piercer, and prioritize proper care to ensure a successful piercing experience.


Body piercing is an excellent way for people to show off their style. You can get piercings in your ears, face, or other parts of your body to express yourself. In this article, we talked about the most astonishing piercing ideas to give you some inspiration. Stay safe and have fun by talking to experts like Pierced before getting a piercing. So, if you want to express yourself and try something new, give body piercing a shot!

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