Feng shui and Amethyst

Feng shui and Amethyst

by Madhubanti Rudra

A stone with bright purple hues, amethyst has been a part of Royal adornment and feng shui as an old Chinese discipline always revered for its magical power for bringing luck, health and wealth. When feng shui applies the magical power of amethyst to reduce men’s pains and sufferings, the result is nearly miraculous.

Feng shui and Amethyst

Throughout the history, the translucent, purple gemstone called amethyst has been highly praised for its mystical and healing properties. Starting from the ancient Greek to Egyptian mythologies we find the mention of amethyst being hugely used for spiritual and psychic empowerment. In Chinese civilization amethyst remained one of the most used Feng shui tools aimed at clearing negative energy to drive away the hazards from personal or professional life. As such the relation between the knowledge of feng shui and the powers of amethyst is rather close. In order to know the place of amethyst in feng shui, and how this ancient science make use of this well known stone, we have to first learn the basic tenets of feng shui.

The working of feng shui
Feng shui is the gift of the ancient land of China to the rest of the world. This thousands years old Chinese practice is founded on the basic tenet of “art of flow”. The science of feng shui which literally means wind and water in Chinese, revolves around the conception of ‘chi’ which is described in the ancient Chinese literature as the universal life force with a ubiquitous presence throughout the environment. Feng shui also emphasizes that everything in the environment is connected with each other and they as a whole create a significant impact and controls the direction of our lives. The whole discipline of feng shui works on the basis of the hypothesis that as water and air purifies and nourishes our biological system, a measured flow of chi ensures a problem free life by cleansing the environment.

Following are the three main ways of feng shui’s working
For balancing the chi in environment, feng shui offers a vast assortment of tools and guidelines that rectify the flow of energy through the space. Often described as an art of placement it uses the tricks of rearranging of home décor or architectural corrections to facilitate the free flow of energy through the open spaces of house, workplace or any desired location.

Symbolism is another important aspect of feng shui remedies. Many objects and imageries of particular shape, size and color are strategically used to tap the energies of five primary natural elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water that move the chi in desired direction.

The feng shui is based on the idea that every object in this world is made up of energy. Feng shui emphasizes on the importance of placing the objects in special areas demarcated for particular aspects of lives and thereby create a balance of energy in those areas of life. The crystals are regarded as the most effective energy conductors in feng shui and different crystals are used as different feng shui enhancers.

Feng shui and amethyst

The working of feng shui is based on the process of deflecting the negative energy and welcoming the positive energy inside. The crystals’ potential of radiating positive energy is hugely used in the feng shui remedies. Among all crystals, amethyst occupies a special position owing to its versatile healing qualities.

In the feng shui system, any space like a room, a house, or an institution are divided in a particular way in which each division is called a ‘house’ and each house is assigned a special number ranging from 1 to 9. Each number signifies particular natural symbol and they reflect various aspects of life. If you are in trouble over any issue connected to any of these nine ‘houses’, placing a particular object, according to feng shui will clear the blockage of that area. Now the colorful crystals full of positive energy have the power of repealing negative energy. If you place these crystals in different corners of your house they will resolve the problems related to that particular segment of your home. A stone of many qualities, amethyst connects to most of these segments described in feng shui. Here is an overview of how amethyst can be used to enhance the chi with regard to the particular aspect of your life.

As for example, the number 1 house symbolizes water and it is related to the journey of life. At the core level this segment is connected with one’s career. Although water colored crystals are main luck enhancer of this area, amethyst can also improve your luck in these matters as well. By increasing the activities of the right side of the brain, amethyst stimulates the intellectual properties of your personality. It also works remarkably for enhancing the concentration level and meditation power. All these naturally boost up your education and career.

Number 2 symbolizes earth and it is related to relationships. As a traditional sign of self restraint and sobriety placing an amethyst crystal in this corner will inspire the quality of unconditional appreciation of others, thereby improving the relationships in their various aspects.

Segment number 3 is assigned to the ancestors and symbolized by thunder. This area relates to everything past and everything that yields authority. Placing an amethyst in this area will help one to shake off the mellows relating to the past and help to trace back your spiritual lineage.

Wind is represented in the number 4 area of the house and is connected with fortunate blessings. The main focus of this area is on prosperity and health. Providing mental peace and reducing stress, an amethyst sharpens your intuitive abilities. Thus placing a piece of amethyst in this corner of the house you can accumulate on health and wealth.

The centre of your home has been assigned the number 5 and it is the area for reconciliation of all conflicts. Reputed for promoting peace and tranquility, the role of amethyst gets particularly prominent here.

Area number 6 is the symbol of heaven and associated with the helpful friends. This is the area of your home which connects to the gifts in form of assistance and kindness that we receive from the others and offer to others. Keeping amethyst in this region will help to gain in the numbers of your well wishers.

Number 7 is the area of lake that represents creative sides of your life. Children are the most important aspect of this area. An amethyst will clear the negative energies from this region and contribute to your child’s physical and mental flourishing.

The segment 8 symbolizes mountain and it is related to the value of contemplation. This is the area that connects the person to his inner self. This area relates to self understanding and realization of spiritual strength. This area calls for peace and tranquility and the stones capable of bring peace are prescribed for placing in this corner of the house. Amethyst, a traditional stone for spirituality, is advised to be placed here. If someone is suffering from anxieties over self conflicting issues, placing an amethyst in the mountain area of his house will help him to come out of this psychological dilemma. It also helps to gain strength from inside. An amethyst candle holder is a common feng shui accessory that can be used in such situations.

Number 9 segment represents fire and connects to self esteem and confidence. Although the crystals with bright and reddish hues are generally prescribed for this area, an amethyst also comes to help in resolving issues associated with fulfillment of self. Because an amethyst is capable of making you come to terms with your inner self.

Health and amethyst

The above was the description of how you can enhance the various aspects of your life with the strategical placement of amethyst in various corners of your home. There are many more remedies that feng shui has up its sleeve. One among them is battle against many health issues like stress and insomnia.

Fighting insomnia
Sleep is the prerequisite for a healthy life, because it is a good night’s sleep which prepares you for the labors of tomorrow. From the feng shui perspective, a bedroom should be free of yang energy that affects the sleeping pattern. The yin energy on the other hand should be cultivated in the bedroom as it is meant to bring rest and relaxation.
Apart from following the bed room décor in the feng shui way, particular objects are placed in the bedroom to ensure the cultivation of yang energy. Amethyst is one of the most important among them. Amethyst is not only a great tranquilizer, it is an effective absorber of negative energy responsible for a disturbed sleep. These qualities made amethyst the most trusted medium for fighting insomnia. Feng shui prescribes for keeping a piece of amethyst under or beside the pillow to bring back your sleep. It is also believed to induce you into sweet dreams that soothe your nerves.

Fighting stress
Our daily routine is a sum total of confrontations and conflicts that creates tension and anxiety. According to feng shui, the mental balance can be restored with a piece of amethyst. It is believed to contain your anger and disharmony with the outer world. The purple ray that it radiates helps to reach out to the spiritual layers of the universe, and heightens your concentration level and meditation power. All these cool you down internally and calms down the tensed nerves.

Feng shui tools made of amethyst
There are some special amethyst tools or accessories that are used in feng shui for getting the desired result.

Amethyst Tree
Amethyst crystal trees are most widely used feng shui instrument. This beautiful tree is generally set on the base of uncut amethyst. The metal wirings- usually made of gold and sterling silver- are twisted to create the impression of a trunk and branches. The top of the branches are covered with lots of amethyst crystals.

In our day to day confrontation with the negative forces that intend to block our upward movement, either in career, education or spiritually, we loose our calm and on the process pollute our inside unconsciously. On the other hand if we are surrounded by such objects, that remit positive energy, we are able to feel the sweeter aspects of life and this is precisely the philosophy behind an amethyst crystal tree.

Amethyst is a powerful crystal for spiritual uplift ment and psychic empowerment. It enhances your intelligence and creative thinking too. That is why amethyst crystal tree is regarded as a very effective feng shui enhancer. The amethyst tree can be placed in the south east region of your home; it will fill your home with peace, harmony and love, by enhancing the natural chi of that area. It also brings wealth and prosperity to your life.

On the other hand south west corner of your home connects to romance and marital relationship. Placing an amethyst tree in the south west corner of the home will bring love and romance in your marriage.
It can also help in your career or business, where you often develop discords with your superior or colleagues. As amethyst is believed to inspire harmony and promote contentment, keeping an amethyst tree on the south east direction of your work desk, will alleviate the environment of anger and conflict.

Amethyst ornaments
Many people prefer to wear amethyst to get the purple rays of the stone directly. In feng shui treatments, amethyst is often clasped to the body in forms of bracelets and necklaces. By deflecting negativity, the amethyst ornaments protect the wearer from the evil forces and bring emotional balance in a variety of ways. It improves the intellect, memory and thought process. It also enhances the spiritual realization and intuitive abilities. Those suffering under the pressure of stress, constant wearing of amethyst ornaments can calm and sooth them. The body contact with amethyst also improves blood circulation and cures insomniac patients.

You have to observe certain feng shui procedures for programming the amethyst crystals before starting to wear them on your body. First of all, mix four spoons of sea salt in a bowl full of water and then immerse the crystals into it and leave them for one week; this will purify the stone. After one week take them out of the water and placing them on a ceramic saucer, let them soak in the morning sun light for three hours. In the mean time visualize the picture of the intended result, (like a happy family together, or a sweet relation with your spouse etc). When your visualization is complete, remove the stone from sunlight. Place them on your left palm and cover them with your right palm and once again think of your intention for a while. This completes the charging of your crystals with protective feng shui powers.

There is another way of the charging and purification of the crystals by holding the crystals over the smoke of incense, contemplating the intended outcome simultaneously. Do not take the crystals too near to the flame as it may change the color of the crystals.

Amethyst pyramid
In feng shui ornaments, amethysts are generally pyramid shaped. Pyramids are the reflection of immense energy and physical and will powers of the human beings. In other words they are the culmination of men’s super psychic abilities. A science of symbolism, feng shui aspires to draw this energy into the crystals by giving them this particular shape. As for example the pyramid amethyst pendants are worn to improve the psychic abilities.

Amethyst balls
These are also extensively used by those wanting to acquire the secrets of the universe.

In order to get the talismanic protection from amethyst one can carry them in pockets or purse. They can also be kept under your seat in the work place. A favorite of the Tudor kings and queens, amethyst looks unparallel also as jewellery and ornaments. So an amethyst artifact or a piece of amethyst jewellery makes a unique gift for your loved ones.