Finger Jewelry

Finger Jewelry

by Nandita Ray

There are the Gothic finger jewelry, the Rappers, the Bling Bling as they like to call it, the Hip Hop, the Bikers finger jewelry, full finger jewelry, two rings or three rings finger rings and their likes. Each design has its own exclusive name, and is oversize; humongous heavy metal ring or a gigantic ring, studded with diamonds or flashing gemstones and this form, this air of lavishness gives it a matchless almost peerless status of its own.

Fashion is unpredictable, non-conforming and fluctuating. Fashion is charisma. It is an individual style that one flaunts with élan. Fashion or the verve of dressing and accessorizing is a personal choice. From the elite suites of Channel and Dior to the foundry of Bling- Bling and Hip-Hop and spilling to the lesser worn designs of the multitudes, man is trying to make his presence felt. A startling, theatrical and thrilling appearance is the surest way to catch the eye of the world! Jewelry has been used to enhance, draw attention, emphasize or protect the wearer. In a world with escalating competition and tight fisted time and schedule, where neglect and disregard go hand in hand, some have to make an impact in the short time handed to them. Physical appearance is always the easiest way to make a long lasting appearance, outrageous and theatrical fashion leave an impression.

finger jewelry

Finger Jewelry

To be different is cool. The mantra most touted in and around the fashion world. Staying alive in the media, with fans or with the world at large requires a devoted and conscious effort. Fashion gurus and trend setters have grasped this concept. Items of fashion/ jewelry have graduated from the basic structure to complicated and different model styles and names. The finger ring for example. It is really a decorative and fancy name for huge finger ring which is artistically crafted and beautifully designed and modified with code name finger jewelry. Influenced by various strains of thoughts, cultures, leaders, history and spirituality, finger jewelry are simply the expression of individuality, demonstration of views, mindset and the proclamation of general outlook of life.

Types of finger jewelry

There are the Gothic finger jewelry, the Rappers, the Bling Bling as they like to call it, the Hip Hop, the Bikers finger jewelry, full finger jewelry, two rings or three rings finger rings and their likes. Each design has its own exclusive name, and is oversize; humongous heavy metal ring or a gigantic ring, studded with diamonds or flashing gemstones and this form, this air of lavishness gives it a matchless almost peerless status of its own.

Gothic Finger Jewelry

This genre of rings is worn by Goths. People influenced by the morbid and darker side of life. The somber, subdued, the cheerless side of life almost bordering on the bleaker aspect of human feelings and emotions. Their dark clothes, long and heavy, dark eye makeup and full finger Gothic Jewelry; give them a Sui genre status.

The finger jewelry also called full fingered Gothic ring is usually 3 to 4 inches long and have two or sometimes three rings hinged at three places. It stretches over the entire finger, covering the nail. This allows the ring to sit comfortably on the finger and help maintain finger movement.

They are held at two places, a large ring base very much like a normal ring and a smaller ring at the finger tip. They are not sized. One size fits all. It is worn on which ever finger it fits well. It is usually the index finger.

They weigh a lot sometimes over 100 grams. They are usually made out of steel or silver.

Designs Black Eye Skull is thin and long running along the finger, emaciated skull with large, protruding eyeballs and a long beard that tapers off into a claw covering the finger nail. The ring is worn to exemplify the darker side of human nature and life.

There are many such types of rings the ET ring resembling an alien creature like the famous ET, Bulbous head large slanting eyes, with a snarl like smile covering the first two digits of the finger or the Horned vampire with its curved and thin thorny horns and menacing look, a ring with two loops to fit over one finger and can be adjusted to fit over the index finger or the thumb. The other rings are Black eyed alien, Werewolf, Viking, Knight Knuckles all wicked, wild and whacko rings representing the dark humor that lurks in all of us.

There are rings that carry the shapes of animals. These rings are distortion and over emphasizing of the animalistic traits that is part of Nature. The close connection between God and his creation (s) is sometimes happy and sad. This is what many want to express. These finger rings are heavy and at least 4 to 6 inches long. They can be Dolphins, eagles, whales, bats, lizards, snakes, scorpions and similar animals.

The King Cobra ring is a full finger ring, hinged at three places, weighing about 54 grams. It is a contorted snake with a semi raised hood, nicely etched about three inches long and its pointed tail rests on the finger nail like a cover. The Axe man Gothic full finger ring depicts a masked man carrying his axe, raised as if to strike. The long thin axe handle rests on the nail. It is about 56 grams in weight and is 3 inches long covering the full finger. The Alien full fingered ring is 5 inches long and weighs about 120 grams. The mysterious face lifts up at the second hinge and its pointed chin rests on the nail as a cover. The Dragon full finger ring is about 41/2 inches long and weighs 130 grams and is hinged at three places. Many Goths prefer to wear this ring since it is supposed to bring good luck and success. The Dragon, the mystical animal, representing the Chinese good Feng Shui, the harbinger of male fertility, power and the qualities of an Emperor is preferred by many wearers of rings.

There are numerous designs to choose from. The ventilated rings which have vents, the claw ring which looks like an overgrown nail, jeweled Gothic rings, etched (fully) Gothic rings, normal rings which comes up to the first notch of the finger like the one eyed alien spider or the classic Gothic rose. Then there is the Dr. Von Rosenstein’s Induction Ring also called Induction ring or the Deus Et Natura symbolizing the harmony between nature and the Creator or the Agla Ring, Hebrew word symbolizing the close understanding between God and man. There are Cloister rings, based on medieval England motifs or the Trefoil Sangurus rings, Gothic trefoils and the Chanting rings based on monks meditating.

Slave Rings

These are also quite popular. They are rings with a master ring with curb chains attached to the slave ring. They are adjustable with the smaller ring that can be worn on the smaller joint of the same finger or a different finger. Like the Black bat slave ring which is a bat with outstretched wings with chains hanging from its body. The chains from the wings are 13/4″ long while the curb chains (from the body) are 1″ long. Also in vogue is the Pewter Skull Slave Armor ring which sports an open skull jaw with a chain. Or the dragon slave ring with a coiled dragon and a 3″ tail like chain attached to the smaller slave ring. Or the master bracelet with chains attached to four rings sitting on four fingers or one chain and one ring. If the chains are broad and heavy they are meant for men and are called Master slave ring and if the chains are slim and delicate then they are called mistress slave rings and are worn by women.

Poison Rings

Poison rings are rings which are usually single. But they are huge and broad and have a cup like holder with a lid. The lid which forms the face of the ring is either studded with a single stone, small stones, carved or finely etched to resemble a symbol or a Gothic character. The Hemlock poison ring is a massive men’s ring. The crystal is set on top of the lid in order to camouflage the hidden chamber. The adder Bite is a colossal coiled snake which can snap open to reveal a gap. Made of pewter it is 11/2” long and 3” tall. The carved skull poison ring has the secret chamber beneath the skull while the simple dome shaped Onyx studded poison ring snaps open to disclose the cavity.

Armor Rings

Armour Rings are disguised weapons. Like the claw armor ring, which is a 5″ overgrown looking nail. This ring bends in 3 places and acts like armor. The one eyed alien with a strange long, sharp and pointed horn or the dragon head with stag like horns or the vented finger armor or the warrior finger armor ring which exhibits a huge battle axe with the helmet sporting a pointed tip or rings with pointed teeth under a moveable jaw. The adjustable armor blade ring has a retractable blade slides out and locks into position. Another ring looks like a razor blade but is not sharp. These armor rings are used mostly as deterrents. Armor rings can be full finger rings or smaller versions. They are very popular with rock stars and members of associations.

Hip Hop Finger Jewelry

is usually worn and designed by rock stars. They are also called the Bling Bling jewelry or the Iced Look. That is because most of these rings dazzle the eyes with the gems that are studded on the huge rings. Sometimes the entire ring is studded with diamonds or simply is a huge precious stone is the centre piece and often called a ‘Rock’. These rings are huge and cover half the finger. Sometimes two hoops are placed side by side to fit two fingers and this makes just one ring. The Singer Eminem has a line of finger jewelry (rings) that are gaudy and garish in appearance. Rapper Nelly has a two finger ring with his name spelt out in bright diamonds. P. Diddy the famous rapper turned fashion ‘guru’ has a line of rings all styled to represent the “Bling – Bling” trait. Also available is the Canary CZ Iced out men’s power ring in various shapes. The color of the stone can be blue or pink. These stones are about 3/4th inches high and weigh about 11.0 grams. Huge Swarovski crystal set with the finest cubic zircon on silver and platinum finish adorns many celebrities.

Hip Hop finger jewelry is always huge and full of glitter. It symbolizes the lavish life style of these super celebrities.

Unique Characteristics of Finger Jewelry

All finger jewelry is large. It is supposed to stand out and draw attention.

They are heavy and are supposed to cover an entire finger.

They can be worn on any finger.

Sometimes two fingers are used to wear the jewelry.

There are mainly two kinds of finger jewelry, Gothic and Hip hop or Bling Bling finger jewelry.

Gothic ones are dark and somber in appearance with a lot of black or antique look.

Hip Hop fashion demands lot glitter and color.

Rappers and quirky music icons started this trend.

These are supposed to reflect their lavish life style and power and position regarding their newly acquired wealth.