Garnet earrings

Garnet earrings

by Ashutosh Roy

Generally earrings come up in two basic styles – clip-on and pierced. The technology marvels and the intelligence of human brain have tried to keep pace with the go of the age and a wide variety has come out gradually, like j-hoop, half-hoop etc.

Garnet Earrings

Garnet is much more than a January birthstone; Garnet for years has been treated as a gemstone in successful business. Even the gemstone specialists demand that if you keep 4/ 5 garnets on your operating desk, it is bound to show some radical changes in your business scenario. The ancient people used to treat Garnet as a sacred stone to fight against the evil powers. The red colored Garnet had been used as bullets at times. The name was brought from the Latin word granatus, which means sees, resembles the purity and the starting point of improvement.

On the other hand Garnet earrings have found its place in ear lobes of all types of people irrespective of sex, all around. Starting from the Pharaoh kings and ending up with a newly born kid, earring represents flair, style and status. Even the Bible quotes have shown its divine by “And I put a jewel on thy forehead, and earrings in thine ears, and a beautiful crown upon thine head”.

The enough hardness of Garnet (7.0 to 7.5 in moh scale) has exposed the gemstone to a wide variety of settings like Claw settings, Bezel settings. The wide availability of garnet has been able to keep the price factor reasonable to cater to its spread to almost all categories of people. Even today, a Garnet is available at a price of $5 or even less. Again the earring due to its wide options in size and shape gives you enough flexibility in your budget. You can get Cool Garnet Crystal earrings at eBay at a very moderate rate. But take it without a pinch of salt that Demantoid Garnet is rare and costs very high due to its bright grass green look.

Generally earrings come up in two basic styles – clip-on and pierced. The technology marvels and the intelligence of human brain have tried to keep pace with the go of the age and a wide variety have come out gradually, like j-hoop, half-hoop etc. The primitive Vedic ages have witnessed the Brahmin to pierce their earlobe at a very early age. The women of the older cultures used to pierce their earlobes in their childhood days to accommodate fascinating earrings through out their lifetime. Certain primitive civilizations and cultures made piercing the earlobe compulsory for the newly born babies due to their belief in God and Sun. However it is believed that the earring had come out first in Asian countries way back at 2000 BC and slowly spread out to all corners of the world. Michale Jackson also wears earring.

As Garnet has been treated as one of the most purification jewelries, you will find a very common picture of the old monks wearing garnet earrings in their earlobes. They used to place the garnet on the top of their heads at the time of meditation because Garnet had been believed to reveal only the selected information about the earlier births as per their exact requirement. Earrings have also been treated as a symbol of elegance and highly beloved ornaments over the years. This has been nicely echoed by Anthea Burton, when he thrusts, “I said my earrings are American”

Sometimes earrings are made up of glittering gemstone hanging in the ears, where gemstones are fitted in the dangling part. Even simple stud earrings are also at the height of its fashion. People also use a thin wire made up of Gold or silver to get the hanging earrings fitted in the earlobes. There are various permutations and combinations of garnet gemstone with others for a different look and feel. Sometimes even diamond is added to Garnet to amplify the glittering effect of your favorite earrings. has got collections of Garnet and Diamond combined earrings in 14k gold to present you a much more dazzling effect. Remember that the brilliance of the diamond in combination with the glittering red colour of Garnet embedded in a yellow gold or even white gold can really become spectacular. The Red colour of the Garnet in combination with a green Agate gives you altogether a different look. The combination of Garnet with Pearl in earring resembles the glorious Cherry Blossom. So, all options are open to you, it all depends upon your choice and budget.

Garnet earrings are all time fashions mainly for the female, when they fall in love. The myth is, the Garnet, as a symbol of truth and purity, will secure their love lines forever and will not distract their fiancé to any other earthly attractions.

Various Shepherds hook fittings garnet earrings are available at Walsh Brothers where the starting price range is around $50. You may get options for the settings as per your likings. You can even choose irrespective of your earlobe condition, ie, whether it is pierced or you prefer the earring to be fitted around the earlobe by virtue of a chain. You can also visit for pure 14k yellow gold garnet earrings with two genuine Mozambique garnet stones and an additional wire backing security at a cost of $95. Some shopping houses like House of Gems will even give you a clear direction, how to use the earring for fittings your earlobes perfectly. You will find a 14 WG 3-stone Garnet Earrings at MSN shopping at a price of $69.99. You may also try out from “A fantastically fashionable collection of dangle and drop earrings” from Jewels for Me.

Now while buying a garnet earring, you need to be a bit careful. Ensure that pairs are absolutely equal in colour, shape and size. If it’s to be posted on your earlobe, then find out whether it is fitting properly in the pierce. Ensure that the pin and push should not wobble. If you take the option of the wire, ensure it should be fitted properly in your earlobes.

If you are fatigued of the abuse of being self-centered, why don’t you look for a garnet earring which not only helps you to become popular, but also your changed extrovert nature adds on some new names in your list of friends. At the least the garnet can cleanse your spleen or the thyroid areas!