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Garnet Rings

Garnet Rings

by Madhubanti Rudra

The finger ring which is basically a metallic circle, sometimes adorned with bright stones, is probably the most expressive form of ornaments. Because the very circular shape of ring denotes bondage.

Gems and jewelleries have always been regarded the most powerful expression of human might and vanity. There are many instances in the history of mankind, when, rank and position in the social hierarchy has been stipulated by the possession of these glittering pieces of metal and crystals. Human history is full of examples where desire for gems and jewels sparked the flame of war, changed the destiny of nations, forced the re-write of the history. This great journey of jewels as a decisive actor in the stage of world -politics, was initiated at the dawn of civilization with the innovation of an object as small as a finger ring. Over the ages, the significance of this tiny ornament transformed and gradually it came to acquire immense symbolic value.

The reason for having a garnet ring

The finger ring which is basically a metallic circle, sometimes adorned with bright stones, is probably the most expressive form of ornaments. Because the very circular shape of ring denotes bondage. Depending on the purpose, Rings are described by many different names; engagement ring, promise ring, friendship ring and many more. Whatever may be the occasional background, the rings on your fingers are supposed to complement the shape and beauty of your hands. But irrespective of any category, rings universally symbolize the culmination of trust and commitment. That is why every ring in your possession is special and it does not matter how many rings you are the proud owner of. Usually, the ring is such an accessory that can be worn with any attire. However, from time to time you may need a real show stopper to complement a special outfit or to make an individualistic fashion statement on a very special occasion. Sometimes, you may need to think of a special gift to make an impression on the mind of someone you really care for. A garnet ring is something that is sure to make all these special moments of your life really unforgettable, and that is without spending a princely sum from your pocket. This highly luminous stone called garnet was hugely admired even by the snob European aristocracy of 19th century. It has something royal in its appearance that all the garnet jewelleries both in traditional or contemporary designs look sophisticated, at the same time, gorgeous.

Basic information about Garnet

In early European literature, they were described by the Latin word, granum which means grains. This name refers to the unique round-edged shape of garnet that looks like pomegranate seeds and other food grains in the form of rough crystals. The Germans fondly called them, karfunkel because of their glowing red color. In modern gem trade circle they have acquired several pet names like Arizona ruby, Montana ruby, Arizona Spinel and a few more. The phenomenal glow that gave birth to the belief that Noah had used a piece of garnet in his lantern to illuminate the way for his Ark continues to enthrall the gem lovers across the globe. Science attributes this breath taking brilliance to a high degree of refraction index. Thus clarity is the most important price determining factor so far as garnet is concerned. Another characteristic feature that makes for the value of this stone is its considerably good hardness that amounts to 7 to 7.5 in Mohs scale. Because of this hardness, garnet remained a favorite choice of the jewellery designers at all ages.

Whenever we think of a garnet stone, the image of the red flames automatically passes through our mind. But a thorough enquiry about the stone informs us about the many varieties of garnet that are equally brilliant in their luster but different in color. All the variety belong to the same Carbuncle family and all of them display the same chemical structure. In addition to deep red, garnets occur in pink, orange, light brown, pale yellow and vibrant green. The Rhodolite garnets that are available in a range of pink to purplish red and hugely mined in many places of India, srilanka and Africa are most popular and most commonly used on jewelleries. The Pyrope variety of garnet in which the saturation of red color is maximum is most sought after variety of this stone.

Among its green variety, Tsavorith earned the maximum fame. But the Demantoid variety has a class in itself because of its high brilliance and extreme rarity. This green beauty which even obtained praise from the mighty tsars of Russia has always remained a collector’s delight. Then the discovery of huge reserve of fine orange garnets on the valley of Namibia and Angola sparked a dramatic increase in the international garnet trade activities. These high quality garnets were conferred the name, spessertine following their original place of occurrence in German Spessart mountains.

The last few words

Garnet being very sturdy is a good choice for making rings. Because, rings are those parts of your jewellery that get the maximum exposure to abrasion, the stones for your ring should be selected cautiously. The ring stone should be hardy enough to immune itself from scratches and chipping. This very factor makes garnets an ideal option for making engagement rings which are worn constantly all through the daily cores of life. Then, the garnets which used to adorn the Royals and the aristocrats of Victorian Europe carry such an intrinsic sophistication that is sure to give your personality a different height. Although the antique looks are something that is very closely associated with garnet jewelleries, the innovative cuts in the hands of modern artists can give your garnet ring a contemporary touch. It is always prudent to choose gold and that is a yellow one to create your garnet ring because the amazing brilliance of the stone can be properly illustrated only when it is accompanied by an equally bright and high polished metal. And finally a reminder about the protection of the garnet ring. It ranks high on Moths scale does not mean that it is immune to unlimited pressure and always keep in mind that these beautiful red stones that remind of the spark of fire, themselves respond adversely when exposed to uncontrolled temperature.

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