by Nandita Ray

Young IT professionals need to be absolutely in top shape. Armed with a prestigious degree is no guarantee to success. You need lady luck with you! You need determination, grit and perseverance in order to remain on top of your career because hurdles such as low energy, stress, unhealthy work environment, eye strain and the monotonous work ethics can be a big factor in poor review. Sometimes help is needed to keep the energy flowing and the power intact. This is where gemstones play their part. It is believed that certain gemstones carry the gift of influencing the wearer, in various ways.

The world is competitive, aggressive and tough especially for professionals who are battling it out in a world where success comes to those who are well equipped to deal with all the difficult times that is sure to befall them. Ambition and the burning desire to improve one’s status is not an easy ideal to uphold. Computer technology is the fastest growing career for eager ambitious young people. Increasing use of computers by professionals and youths alike has led to a changed lifestyle. Spending most of their time in front of the computer working, gaming, blogging, virtual networking (in sites like Second life,, has led to health problems.

IT professionals need to be absolutely in top shape. Armed with a prestigious degree is no guarantee to success. You need lady luck with you! You need determination, grit and perseverance in order to remain on top of your career because hurdles such as low energy, stress, unhealthy work environment, eye strain and the monotonous work ethics can be a big factor in poor review. Sometimes help is needed to keep the energy flowing and the power intact. This is where gemstones play their part. It is believed that certain gemstones carry the gift of influencing the wearer, in various ways.


Gems for gamersHistory records the use of precious and semi precious stones by mankind for spiritual growth, protection of physical self and for luck and prosperity. Egyptians favored Turquoise so did the Navajo Indians. Chinese believed in super naturals powers of jade while theNavaratna, the nine precious gemstones, held sway over the Indians from the Asian Sub continent. Many believe that the sun rays passing through the stones filter into the body, healing it. This is the reason why in ancient civilization people took to wearing precious stones with curative powers in rings, amulets and necklaces. Medicine men have used gemstone powders for medicines as well as rituals and religious ceremonies from times immemorial.

Holistic health

In the twenty first century more and more people are turning to nature for health, wealth and peace. People not only have stared believing in the power of the crystals and gemstones but have started keeping a crystal in their own private space so that the negative energy surrounding them is banished and positive energy replaced. Stones have not lost their curative powers and many people have felt better after wearing a particular stone meant for a specific problem. Each stone has its own powers since each stone is related to a particular planet.The color and the weight of a stone are also important. The color red is influenced by the Sun and heals poor circulation, hypertension and impatience while the color white connected with the Moon soothes and calms the mind, bringing in peace and tranquility. The color green influenced by Mercury helps in banishing lethargy, anxiety while Jupiter holds sway over the color yellow and is supposed to help strengthen a weak immune system. Each color and its corresponding planet have a definite power. Mental stress, weak eyesight, nerves, concentration, self confidence are some of the common problems that a young hard working individual often suffers from. The Sun, the gemstones and the human mind have an uncanny relationship. The splendor and brilliance of the stone has held man spell bound for years and the possessor, it is believed, is energized by the vibrations, as the stone weaves its magical and supernatural powers, healing him emotionally and physically.

Gemstones for IT professionals

Physical tiredness, stress, lack of concentration, vision problems and general health issues connected with office and office space can be resolved and corrected with the assistance of the right gemstone. Computer technologists are bearing the brunt of over use of their energies and are slowly being burned out. Constant work with the computer results in eye problems especially red and tired eyes. Apart from taking constant breaks from staring at the computer, restore the power of the eyes by wearing a ruby or similar red colored stone like garnet. Moonstone and pearl are known to soothe and calm troubled minds and many professionals have revived their sagging spirits and eased tension. While Jupiter and its yellow colored stone, yellow Topaz has helped in assisting a weak immune system and arterial circulation. Mercury and its green colored stone, the emerald promotes vigor and removes general lethargy.

Ruby for increasing physical energy

Ruby is ruled by the Sun, the most vigorous life energy provider, without it there would be no life on earth. Solar energy is required by plants for producing food, fossil fuels, falling rain and for life in general. Sunrays contain antiseptic properties and produce vitamin D. However too much of sunlight can lead to sun burn and skin cancer. Confined to a room with no proper ventilation and lack of fresh air often tells on the health of the professional. To welcome the power of the sun, wearing a Ruby is beneficial. It attracts the red cosmic rays which symbolizes positive life force. Vibrations emitted by the stone rejuvenate the mind and the body. Low energy, lack of will power, poor concentration, sagging enthusiasm are activated by the deep red colored stone like ruby or its substitutes like star ruby, red garnet, red agate or red zircon. Red color is supposed to perk up circulatory system, detoxifying the blood stream of negative ions by infusing positive ions. Professionals become realistic about their goals and ambitions. Concentration increases, vision clears up, eyes pep up and this is the result of the vibration that passes through the circulatory system of the person wearing it. It is called the stone of life.Wear the most perfect ruby that can be got. Defective ruby or any of its substitutes should not be dull, smoky, cracked, chipped stained or have any defects.
Substitutes for Ruby are red Garnet; Carnelian star Ruby, Agate and red Zircon.

Pearl to ease work pressure

Gems for stressed outPearl is favored by the moon. It is a cold gem. The white color of these gemstones effectively soothes tired minds. Professionals who are getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the projects in hand, nervous about the outcome and emotionally overwrought will find peace and tranquility once more. This will help them in their performance since the mind will be at ease. Stress, tension whatever name you give to” “anxiety”, clouds the mind and prevents clear thinking. This condition often weakens the strongest and needs to be curbed. Pearl, it is believed has the ability to deflect negative thoughts and usher in calmness. In the 14th and 15th centuries a mixture of pearl powder and distilled water was used for curing “insanity’ i.e. depression and acute anxiety or nervousness. It has been mentioned in Birhat Samhita that pearl can “dispel gloom of even the darkest night on earth”.Physicians of yesteryears have believed in that the pearl has the ability to cure eight different types of ailments. This also includes eye problems. Staring at the computer for long periods of time can lead to dryness, itchiness and redness of the eye. Applying pearl to the eyes “cleans and strengthens the nerves (of the eyes)”. Today in Bahrain, where only natural pearls are allowed to be imported, a special concession has been given to the import of cultured pearls. This is only for medicinal purposes like treating eye problems, cystitis and impotency. Pearls are being used for medicinal purposes in China also.

While buying a pearl make sure it is not defective, has depression or is chipped or cracked. The luster should be bright and shiny. Buy the best pearl you can and wear it as a ring or a pendant, keeping it close to your skin.

Substitute for Pearl is Moonstone, which is favored by Moon also. It calms the mind, curbs impetuous actions and tranquilizes overtly emotional outburst. Hypertension is checked and balances the negative and positive emotions. Adularia, the most famous variety of Moonstone is expensive and is a good replacement for pearl. Its luminous radiation is the mirror image of the moon and its bluish white sheen sedates the mind. A moonstone has a liquid quality about it and as you twist and turn the stone a white ray which is the result of fibrous particles shifts and changes position. This is the hallmark of a genuine moonstone. White quartz, Snow quartz are average substitutes

Emerald for tired eyes

Emerald with its deep green color is ruled by the planet Mercury and has been effectively used in ancient time to soothe strained and tired eyes. It reflects the green cosmic rays of the planet. The color green is supposed to have a relaxing effect on eyes and many homeopath doctors still recommend walking on grass for weak eyes. Emerald and its deep green color reflect the green of the grass and leave and relieve diseases of the eye. The Greek philosopher Theophrastus in 273 BC wrote about the curative power of emerald and its effect on the diseases of the eyes. It’s a good talisman for the eyes. An emerald of the finest quality, color, and clarity is more valuable than a diamond. It is held in high esteem and this respect has come down the ages. It is believed, “He who possesses this chain shall enjoy the special protection of God”, as mentioned about the Mughal Emeralds in the annals of history.Emerald regulates blood pressure and related problems. It also helps overcome forgetfulness and keeps the mind alert. It also brings stability and harmony in life and treats emotional state such as anger or jealousy which is detrimental. It raises the spirits as the anger is controlled and it ushers in friendly energy. The green color is life giving and constantly works on improving emotional condition of the wearer. It is called a “deep healing color” and removes mental blockages from deep within. It works on migraines which might be result of work related. Keeping the stone in water under sunlight not only revives its energy but also using this water to bathe the eyes removes the headache. It is beneficial for any sort of eye related problems like watery eyes, poor eyesight, tired eyes, itchy eyes and burning eyes. When plagued with tired and red eyes, looking into the green color of the emerald comforts the eyes.

Remember to check the stone before buying. Should be clear, though emerald has natural lesions and this is the difference between a natural emerald and a synthetic one. There should be no scratches or depressions. Wear it as a ring or pendant, a place where it can be looked at easily.
Substitutes for Emerald are green Tourmaline, Malachite and green Aventurine, Jade and Blood stone with it dark green color and red flecks. It was widely used in Egypt for calming and grounding the mind and as a blood purifier. Jade is considered a very lucky stone by the Chinese. In China it is still worn by people who want to be physically fit and keep diseases at bay. It leads to emotional balance, improves vision and eye health and is considered to be the carrier of “wisdom of ages”. Dark green Aventurine works slower than the other stones but has the same powers. It keeps the vision fit, balances emotional negativity and detoxifies the blood. Green Tourmaline another good substitute enhances physical vitality infuses vigor and courage, balances the feminine and masculine aspects in a person and keeps the eyes healthy.

Blue Sapphire for creativity

Blue sapphire is ruled by the planet Saturn. It reflects the violet cosmic rays, is a cold gem and works on the mind. It also cleanses the mind and stimulates mental strength and intellectual precision. It increases determination and helps the wearer culminate the task in hand with grit and courage. Sometimes when one is over worked and each project/job seems impossible to complete this is the best time to take help of the strong blue color which is the most powerful color amongst all colors in the cosmic world. But a word of caution, being very powerful not everyone can wear a blue sapphire. It should be worn under strict supervision of an astrologer. As often mentioned it can either make you a king or a pauper. So wear it with caution.Blue sapphire works on the eyes as well. The powerful blue rays and its energy field nourish the mind and the eyes. It brings discipline to erratic mind and promotes positive thinking and helps you chose the rights thoughts to dwell there. It increases mental flexibility and changes incorrect attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. It works slowly on the mind and the eyes. The blue rays from this stone are soft but determined. It brings a balance between the negative and positive thoughts running rampant. It builds a bridge between communication and understanding. For IT professionals this balance is of the essence, especially those who are designing and conceiving new ideas and thoughts into something tangible. Creativity increases and new ideas can find successful implementation, problems tackled, solutions found and completed with ease. Substitute for Blue topaz are Lapis Lazuli, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Topaz and Aquamarine.

Aquamarine for sound sleep

Working under tight schedules and long hours often leaves the body sluggish. The mind gets tired and the body and mind cannot recoup after tedious and difficult day. At night sleep does not come easy as the mind is burdened with work left incomplete and one tosses and turns in bed all night waiting for the morning so that he may resume work. Such a situation is not beneficial for the body. The body and mind needs to relax and a good night’s sleep is very important. The blue color reflects the soft water of the sea waves has a calming effect on the mind. The soft blue color of the Aquamarine is the perfect example of the sea water. This stone helps the mind to unwind and relax. Tension melts away and the body eases off into the sleep mode. As a result the mind is refreshed and revitalized, helping in completing the tasks easily and with energy. Intellect is sharpened, clarity and precision is heightened and creativity flows easily. The powerful blue color is considered a “mental cleanser” since it carries a high electrical charge. It balances the negative and positive thoughts and brings in harmony between opposite thoughts. It helps in clarity and concentration and promotes clear and logical thinking. It is considered a good luck color for those taking and examination that is trying to over come some mental obstacle.

Topaz for better emoluments?

Topaz carries the powers of the planet Jupiter. It brings prosperity and fortune to the wearer. The yellow color, the color of gold/wealth is suitable for people who want to establish themselves and become financially secure and successful. It promotes health and wealth. It has the power to protect the wearer and heal problems associated with wealth and love. It is known as the ‘stone of true love and success in all endeavors’. The power of Golden Topaz also called Imperial Topaz is undisputed. Greeks and Romans had full faith in the stone protective powers as they believed it carried the light of the Sun. They believed that it would change color in the presence of poison, commonly used during those times against enemies and that it could offer protection against physical injury and accidents. It was worn as amulets to ward of evil. This stone carries energy of the Sun and can store energy for a long period. It is called ‘topas’ in Sanskrit meaning fire.
Professionals wanting to improve the quality of their lives and become financially secure will find this stone aiding in their pursuit. It enhances honor and prestige in literary, political spheres. It promotes a balance and a sense of well being. It is supposed to bring to the wearer happiness and cheer and prosperity. It is also thought to work on the mind and clearing negative thoughts that lead to depression. It is supposed to work on the eyes too.The perfect substitute for Golden topaz is the Yellow sapphire. The blue cosmic rays that are reflected from this stone herald’s success in life and lead to sound health. It represents the largest planet of the solar system. It signifies knowledge, wisdom and education. It guides the wearer to prosperity. It activates brain cell activity and leads to highest order of thinking and creativity. Citrine, Yellow Tourmaline and Yellow Beryl are good substitutes.

Coral for Physical fitness

This gem is considered as powerful or beneficial for any health related problems as Jade. It is a powerful stone ruled by the planet Mars. It emits yellow cosmic rays and helps to remove negativity from the body and mind thus leading to rejuvenation of the entire system. It works on the digestive system and this leads to better and fit health. It helps to restore balance in nutritional deficiencies. It works on the excretory system and wearing it assures proper elimination of waste products and toxins from the body. This leads to toxic free body, full of energy and fit to take on the challenges of the day and the office. The blood is fresh and circulation is effective as it is free of impurities. Coral is a stone for physical fitness.
White coral is used as a substitute.

Diamond for quality of life

Diamond works under the influence of Venus and the Sun. It is a hard stone and its element is the fire. Its energies work towards protection and power to the wearer. It also increases the power of other gemstones when worn along with it. It increases the power of the Emerald and the Amethyst in particular. It is supposed to infuse intellectual power, luck and success to the wearer. It is supposed to enhance the quality of life. Diamond is an ‘enhancer’ and deepens the good qualities of the wearer. The power of the diamond is directly proportional to its weight. The diamond to be worn should be absolutely clear of any spots and haziness.
A good substitute for the diamond is the white sapphire and white Zircon.


These are some of the important gemstones which carry all the seven colors of the sun which have been in use for their effective healing. There are many other gemstones which have healing powers too!.

Gemstones should be worn with faith and kept clean and energized. It is required to energize the gem oft and on. This is done by washing the stone, pendant or necklace with clean water and then keeping it in water under sunlight for a day. This will re energize the gem once more. It is also suggested that the gem be placed near the roots of a potted plant for a day for cleansing. Wear it carefully and keep it free from scratches or chipping.
While buying a gemstone make sure it is perfect. It should be smooth, flawless as far as possible and without any dent or disfigurement. It should not be chipped nor should it be scratched or chipped. It should be clear and smooth. It is better to buy a good stone if you want it to work well. The stone should generally touch your body as you wear it so that the sunrays passing through the stone can touch your body. This is when the energy will effectively work on you!