Imitation Jewelry

Imitation Jewelry

by Madubanti Rudra

Want to look stunningly stylish, but on a tight budget? Never mind, you can also give the Hollywood starts a run for their money with your sense of dressing! No, for that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket; it is possible to create magic with inexpensive imitation jewelries! Only you have to learn how to use them to their best effects. The guide below reveals the tricks.

A Brief Guide to Imitation Jewelry

Roam around in the streets of Milan or have a stroll on the beautiful Paris promenades, or walk around in the corners of New York— no matter which part of the world you are in, you will come to notice an unmistakable fetish for jewelries among the womenfolk all over the world. But these fashion conscious twenty first century women like to interpret the concept of jewelry from a stand point much different from their previous generations. For today’s women, jewelries are no longer synonymous with the assets that can be bought once in a five or six years only to be kept at the bank vaults in anticipation for a big occasion.

imitation jewelryFor today’s generation of independent women, jewelries are one of the major day to day accessories that complete your looks and perfectly reflect your personality. Then from the perspective of style, the perfect coordination—between different accessories and between accessories and apparels—- has become utmost important. And this is where the relevance of imitation jewelries lies. Everyday in all walks of your lives—starting from the corporate battle ground to the disco at the end of the day—you run the pressure of appearing just perfect and only one or two classic pieces of jewelries can not render that perfection. You have to mix and match continuously to get into different get ups suitable for the particular occasions. And the imitation jewelries come to your great help in your endeavor of constant experimentation with your look and field. So it is only natural that the craving for imitation jewelries has spread like wildfire among the women all over the world transcending the barriers of age or nationalities.

What is Imitation Jewelry

Before analyzing the reasons behind this rage, let’s first try to explain what is actually meant by the term, imitation jewelry. In any discussion about the imitation jewelries we often unconsciously use the word ‘fake jewelries’ But this is somewhat an over simplified account; a wrong expression. It will be just to define imitation jewelries as the inexpensive versions of the real pieces that use valuable metals and gemstones.The imitation jewelries retain the appeal of real jewelries sans its exuberant price tag. For example in place of platinum, it may use some other inexpensive white metal, or can use laboratory produced gemstones in place of the natural ones. Another case in the point is the immense popularity of the American diamonds that are actually glass, but cut and polished in a way to give you the illusion of real diamond, and you get this sheen and shine in half the price of the real diamond.

Thus the imitation jewelries become the flawless replicas of those exquisite pieces of Tiffany or Cartier that give a definitive lift to your all round persona, but you don’t have to break the bank to get that killer look.

Well, it is a well accepted fact, that imitation jewelry can not become your best friend in the sense, the traditional high value jewelries can. Yet millions of women all over the world are embracing imitation jewelries as their first choice. Why? There are myriad reasons behind this phenomenon.

Imitation Jewelries: Cost Effective!

For the twenty first century fashionistas, imitation Jewelries are the most cost efficient solution to keep pace with the latest fashion trends. Who does not know that fashion is created just to be replaced by some other trend in the next season! If you are not a Julia Roberts or Catherine Zeta Zones, it will be perhaps difficult for you to keep your jewelry wardrobe continuously updated with very expensive real jewelries from the big fashion Houses. But the imitation jewelries add variety and volume to your collection without requiring you to break your bank. These replicated jewelries fulfill your dream of adorning your neckline with an exquisite Louis Vuitton necklace or help you set the party on fire with a very feminine Chanel piece.

The real jewelries have somewhat limited usage in a world, where women have to spend most of their time in the professional circuit. Because of the exorbitant price, you can not buy a lot of them to match your every apparel. On the other hand the range of color and design of imitation jewelry is limited only by your own imagination; a littler bit of colored strings, a few beads, some pieces of glass and bric bacs like these can open up a vista of beautiful trinkets to enhance your feminine charm as well as to help you look trendy.

What is hot designs / brands?

A glamorous Paris Hilton style or a simple but nice look of Jenifer Aniston or is it the sophistication- coated nice looks that is the signature style of Angelina Jolie that swipe you off your feet? Well, if you thought you have that spark to appear even more gorgeous than these glam divas….well you are absolutely right! Only you have to be a bit of strategist to mix and match your imitation jewelries. After all, a piece of jewelry makes the final statement that can actually make or break your looks. So you have to be careful about what you are picking up.


All of us secretly envy the Hollywood glam dolls when they walk on to the stage flaunting their nice neckline adorned with exquisite lariats. Its value lies in its versatility: let them dangle down or tie them round twice or thrice to turn into a choker…lariats offer you the most elegant accessory to complement sophisticated daytime apparel or a chic evening wear.

Drop Earrings

While shopping for your imitation jewelries, keep in mind chandelier earrings are passé; the long drop earrings or stiletto earrings are the in things. Be it your skirt suits or be it casual jeans…these simple ear accessories add a new dimension to your sense of dressing.


Keep it simple through sleek wrist chains. For more fun, flaunt charm bracelets with colorful charms. You can even layer your charm or link bracelets with other bangles for a bolder effect.

Buying tips for imitation jewelry

No matter whether you want to go traditional way or want to opt for online shopping, you have to keep in mind certain point before buying your imitation jewelries.* Always compare the price before making any sort of commitments. If you want to buy your trinkets from your local market, do some window shopping to learn about the current jewelry trends.
* It is even better if you decide to make your purchase online; in addition to Amazon or e-bay, you can find plenty of other websites selling fashion jewelries. Go to your favorite search engine, type the keyword, ‘imitation jewelry manufacturers’ and you will get to find directories listing thousands of imitation jewelry manufacturers all round the globe.
* However, while shopping online make sure of the reliability of the seller. Never make any deal with such sellers who do not provide you with contact information. Also check with the refund or return policies and shipment policy.
* Do not compromise on quality for price; make sure of the type of the metal used in it so that it does not cause allergy or irritation.

So achieve the red carpet style of the glamorous celebrities this coming spring by building up your enormous collection of imitation jewelries. Nothing can offer you this fabulous combination of style, wear ability and durability for such an affordable price.