International Colored Gemstone Association – ICA

International Colored Gemstone Association – ICA

by Ashish Dimri

International colored Gemstone Association has its headquarters in Newyork city; U.S.A. It also has additional bureaus in Idar- Oberstein and Israel. It has over 400 members in 41 countries worldwide.

International colored Gemstone association (I.C.A.) and its role in gemstone industry

International Colored Gemstone Association is a non-profit association of international gem traders, gemmologists and people associated in various capacities with this trade. International Colored Gemstone Association has its headquarters in New York City; U.S.A. It also has additional bureaus in Idar- Oberstein and Israel. It has nearly 500 members in 42 countries worldwide. International Colored Gemstones Association (I.C.A.) has members belonging to different fields for example miners, gemstone cutters, jewellery manufacturers, and service providers. It was formed in 1984 when it was felt that there was no association to look after interests of gem trade.

Its association’s membership represents seventy-five percent of the purchasing power of the international market for colored stones. The main objective of I.C.A. is to unite various segments of colored gem trade. Previously, gem trade had no association to work united. This association made a way for all who work in this lucrative trade. This excellent association stands for excellence and knowledge. Any person who is associated with gemstone industry enjoys patronage and ample guidance from it. In other words, I.C.A. is living ocean of wisdom for the gem trade industry. International Colored Gemstone Association conducts so many functions from conducting tours, congresses and seminars to publishing newsletter to educate its members about latest happenings in the colored gem trade. For example from time to time, it organizes special tours to prominent gem producing countries like Belgium, Colombia, and Brazil for its members. The main purpose of these tours is to inform the various facets of this trade to new and veteran members.

Some of the prominent activities performed by International Colored Gemstone Industry are


International Colored Gemstone Association often organizes congresses on different issues like promotion and production of gemstones. The main purpose of these congresses is to play link between various segments of gem industry. Here everybody gets an opportunity to discuss various problems and all get a chance to foster business. Mentoring Tours- I.C.A. In addition, plays role of a mentor by organizing tours to various gem producing countries where participants get a rare opportunity to visit places such as advanced laboratories where they are familiarized with modern scientific methods used in trade. They also attend meetings with veteran members of colored gem trade who share business secrets with them. They also visit mining areas to get a first hand knowledge of raw gems.

Marketing Program

ICA has recently launched a marketing program through which gemstone and jewellery manufacturers and retailers try to steer and increase demand for colored gemstones in the consumer market. It hopes to gain a lot of experience and profit through this magnificent program.


It also organizes exhibitions of exotic gems and jewellery in international museums. These exhibitions provide ample chance to the visitors to learn about rare gemstones and jewellery. These exhibitions help to develop interest in history of gem trade. From exhibits belonging to past like mogul jewellery to modern age rare collection, one can get to watch these things at these exhibitions.

Formal Meetings

It regularly organizes meetings between its representatives and prominent jewelers and gem manufacturers. This is a better way to evolve new and better marketing and publicity strategies for gem trade.

Educational Seminars

It regularly organizes a series of educational and discussion seminars that intend to increase colored gemstone perception amongst the local trade. These seminars range from gem export, gem enhancement methods, and new technology. These seminars are helpful as they point out numerous problems and provide their solutions. These educational seminars provide a right platform to share one’s experiences with others.

Information provider

Being a collective body of gemmologists, gem cutters, jewelers, and gem enthusiasts; I.C.A. is coffer of valuable information. It informs on supply, demand, innovation and challenges in the colored gemstones business of the 21st century through its publications, forums and tours for all those interested in gem trade.


I.C.A. has set-up many committees to look after various aspects of gem trade. Its various committees oversees many activities associated with trade for example, it gathers data on various issues and provide certification to put in place protocols and standards to be used by the mine operators. There are committees which look after trade policies and technical matters.


In past, I.C.A. used to publish a two-decade-old IC.A. Gazette providing information about various happenings of the gemstones industry. Now it has revamped it and introduced a new colored magazine, InColor. This magazine contains a cover story, a news section, and two regular feature articles. This new magazine is a mine of information for those associated with the trade. InColor, regularly informs new happenings and future programmes in it.

International Watchdog

International Colored Gemstone Association acts as an international watchdog to protect rights of its members. It understands international gem market is evolving day by day and as a result, spurious elements are bringing disrepute to this excellent industry. It informs the prospective buyers and sellers to conform to the standards set by it while doing transaction. As it is an international association therefore its influence is wide spread. Those who need help can contact I.C.A. regarding any complaint.

Promoter of interests

I.C.A tries hard to promote business interests of its members. It acts as a facilitator of their business interests. It actively promotes cooperation between various segments of gem trade. In other words it is a dynamic promoter of cooperation on trade and technical matters.

Advisory role

From time to time, it advises its members on various trade policies, planning and related programs. Gemmologists and others associated with gem trade can benefit vast amount of knowledge through valuable advices given by I.C.A.

Friend, Philosopher, and Guide

It acts as a true friend, philosopher, and guide to its members. It always tries to foster solidarity among various segments of colored stone trade. One could be a gem cutter or jeweler but they feel sense of oneness because of this international association. Being a non-profit association, International Colored Gemstone Association wants prosperity and constant benefits for this lucrative trade and people associated in it. Apart from its commercial activities, it also organizes recreational programmes for its members.