Is Amethyst a Spiritual gemstone

Is Amethyst a Spiritual gemstone

by Ashutosh Roy

If you ever want to increase your awareness regarding your inner aspects for the spurt of your spiritual growth, you must sharpen your third eye and try to look into the world by your third eye. Amethyst plays the most significant role in opening your third eye and reenergizes the same for heightening awareness.

Amethyst – Opener of the third eye

Amethyst got eminence in the world of astrology for its power of self-awakening and wisdom, the ultimate goal of life. But how many of us know about its marvelous power of opening the invisible third eye as a reality to look into the core of everything around which is still en enigma to most of us.

Amethyst is one of the historic stones, regarded as “nature’s tranquilizer” starting from the Greek civilization. The ball started rolling and rolling as Amethyst even today is believed to be a stone for awakening wisdom.

The name Amethyst has been derived from the Greek word amethystus. The meaning is “Not drunken” or “not intoxicated”. For a Chemistry student, the word Methylene resembles intoxication. So, Amethyst, which stands for anti-intoxication, symbolizes purification, pacification of the human being.

The main recognition of Amethyst is in its colour and lack of cleavage. The purple colour, radiates by Amethyst symbolizes spirituality, though the purple colour is a result of some impurities of Iron (Fe4+) deposited in the crystal structure of quartz. Remember the purple colour has always been associated with royalty also.

Astrologically the Amethyst is the birthstone of February and the stone for 17th Anniversary. The astrological signs of this pacifying crystalline quartz gemstone are Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn

The anti-alcoholic nature of Amethyst is supported by the fact of life that even if plain water is poured into a glass made of amethyst; it will reflect the colour of wine. The colour of water in disguise of alcohol will deceive the drunker at time of excess consumption and the normal inebriate effect will be nullified. So, people started believing that Amethyst can protect one from drunkenness when consuming alcohol. This had become a firm conviction of the Greeks and even in medieval times. The myth is that Amethyst helps even removing toxins from the body and highly useful for stopping psychic attack. Its said to be an excellent healer for vital body parts like hurt and lung. Its utility in treatment for arthritis and insomnia has been widely accepted. Ancient Egyptians had been using it as a protection against evil powers like witchcraft.

The deceiving feature of Amethyst has been appraised highly to stop the drainage of energy level through intoxication, which paves the way of ‘channelizing’ the energy level towards strength, stability, wisdom, vigor and spirituality. In fact the enormous contribution of Amethyst for stopping misuse of energy and bad habits have placed the gemstone in the realm of purification and pacification. Amethyst has been found to be keeping at home to captivate the positive energies by removing the negatives or impurities. Amethyst is said to guard against self-deception and negative feelings like guilty or fear. It had become the Bishop’s stone in the Christ age and even today most of the catholic Bishops prefer to wear Amethyst as a symbol of prayer and faith to the Almighty.

As Amethyst becomes instrumental in reducing extra alcoholism, it has been started to be recognized as a teacher of all spiritual and psychic attitudes of human beings. Amethyst cleanses body, mind and soul, essential for awakening of inner self. Not only, the physical parts, Amethyst clears blockage from the Chakras also. The purification power helps in removing the past “sins”, the gateway to the God. The awakening of wisdom helps restructuring your body parts for spiritual development. This holistic gemstone has got the capacity of realigning the charkas also. Amethyst is even said to renew your energy level and create a balance the chakras by transforming energies at all levels, whenever required. The spiritual growth enables you to appreciate the concept of rebirth and the truth of death, which means only the death of the physical organs carrying one’s karma for the next birth.

Amethyst and wisdom have become synonymous as it is said to be the most effective stone for the sixth chakra, the brow and the seventh chakra, the crown. How does it help you? If you ever think of exploring your spiritual power then you need to essentially concentrate and focus in Self-assurance, meditation, spiritual gateways and finally a total surrender.

First of all let us talk about the inner awareness. If you ever want to increase your awareness regarding your inner aspects for the spurt of your spiritual growth, you must sharpen your third eye and try to look into the world by your third eye. Amethyst plays the most significant role in opening your third eye and reenergizes the same for heightening awareness. Saints believe that there is a continuous flow of energy through the cycle of throat to forehead. Its generally subdued and gets activated either by meditation or by invoking an extra spiritual nudge by Guru or saints. Amethyst is believed to play this key role. If you have any Amethyst jewelry, just hold it on the top of your head for 30 to 60 seconds and then bring it back to its normal position. This technique will open your third eye and make the energy flow steady. Even gem therapy advises to keep an amethyst below the pillow for a sound sleep and rub it in the forehead for immediate relief from headache. So the technique of using Amethyst may reveal your inner-self exposing you to the spiritual world. The astrologers believe that the 7th Chakra, the Crown stands for controlling mental activity by restructuring and harmonizing the energy level.

Amethyst aids both Brow and Crown chakra. The combination of power of these two chakras helps in meditation and allows you to recall your older births and lifestyles, slowly opening your door to the spiritual realm. The power of introspection, self-analysis, realization, consciousness are the key benefits of utilizing the 6th and 7th chakras properly. The soothing colour of the Amethyst helps you in relieving stress and unwanted blockade of your mind set to give you a fresh energy level for your psychic development and increase your intuition power to explore your hidden knowledge.

And gradually you will step into the world, which is obviously beyond the scientific reasoning, where even Einstein had to say, “God… yet to be discovered”.