Journey of an emerald from mines to jewelry

Journey of an emerald from mines to jewelry

by Ashutosh Roy

The gemologists add an importance to polishing the stone, as the selection of abrasives is very crucial in polishing emerald because the abrasive may penetrate the inclusions to creep inside it.

The name of Cleopatra is very closely associated with an Emerald, as Cleopatra not only had her own emerald mines but prized emerald more than the any other gemstone. The fact of life is that it is not only Cleopatra, gemologists believe that the popularity of the Emerald will be at its zenith as long as the universe exists, because of its eye catching Green colour of Emerald is synonymous to life. At times the colour of Emerald is compared with fertility or ‘being evergreen’ also.



Emerald is the birthstone for people born in May and is also an anniversary gem for the 20th and 35th years of marriage. The green colour of Emerald is supposed to bring vitality to the wearer’s health and mind. Archaeologists have discovered the traces of Emerald in Egypt dating back to 3000 B.C. Emerald also finds its place amongst the most ancient cultures in India. The ancient kings and queens of India used to preserve emerald as a treasure, because Emerald not only neutralizes the evil effect of Mercury but also its cost was too high.

There was a time, when people used to compare every green colored gemstone to Emerald but gradually science has been able to identify and segregate Emerald from the rest of the crowd. The presence of chromium and traces of iron generates the elegant green colour of emerald.

Emerald in originality is from the mineral beryl, the brilliant crystals. The green variety is called the Emerald. A pure clean Emerald is highly expensive. An inclusion free Emerald of one carat costs $600. It varies significantly with the variation of colour and clarity. The hardness measures7.5 to 8 on the mohs scale..

If your head aches continuously why don’t you try out an Emerald?. Remember emerald has been used as a healing agent against bladder and kidney functions due to its cold green colour. The green colour is even said to fight your eye-problems and the digestive system also.

The best quality Emerald comes from Muzo, Coscuez, Chivor of Columbia. The Emerald Hollow Mine near Brushy Mountains, California, is open for public. In the recent past the significant portions have been extracted from the Maripi town deposits also. Emerald deposits have been found in various parts of the world, which includes Brazil and Africa. The Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been also had its own supply of emerald. Russia and Egypt had been the key sources of Emerald over a period of time. Emeralds are cut from Matrix and the colour variation of emerald is due to the variation of its Chromium component but partially depends upon the extracting methodology also. Emerald is extracted by two very common methods namely the tunnel and the open pit methods. Cutting the crystal proves to be a very difficult process as a hard rough stone inherits many inclusions.

Skilled craftsman often reveal the optimum brilliance and vibrancy by immaculately cutting the precious gemstone. Remember a small diversion in orientation while cutting can affect the value of the gemstone in its final stages. All emeralds are placed in oil immediately after the extraction phase to get rid of the inclusions. Its shape can be octagonal, round, oval or any other imagined by the designer. The colour can vary depending upon the cut and the facets of the stone, while shaping. The only point is that it requires the cutter’s rapt attention to yield the best results. The nitty-gritty of step-cut of emerald is so cryptic that has been labeled as the Emerald Cut. Sometimes Emeralds are processed further to elude the cracks and dyes are applied to enhance its effects. Indians may feel pride of the fact that the pink city of India is the key place for emerald processing. Most of the countries send their emeralds to Jaipur for processing.

The gemologists add an equal importance to polishing the stone, as the selection of abrasives is very crucial in polishing emerald because the abrasive may penetrate the inclusions to creep inside it. The price largely varies on the brilliance of its green crystal. When the rays parse through the hexagonal structure an emerald transmits bright spraying rays. But caution! A light green emerald is cheaper.

Sometimes epoxy resins are used for treating of emeralds. To test its authenticity, you may place the emerald under running tap water. At this stage a mirror image will give you the authenticity of the gemstone. Now, if you want to prolong its lifespan as a stunning sparkling crystal then clean it with a little warm water. Don’t allow other rough gemstones to affect its sheen by coming in close contact to its surface. Use light soap to rinse it while taking care not to stain the gemstone. Try to prevent it from the onslaught of direct heat or strong light or radiation and beware of unwanted scratches to your precious ornament. Use velvet or a soft fabric lined jewelry box to keep it safe.

Astrologists suggest wearing emerald in Gold on the little finger to protect you from mental distress or frequent injuries, loss of wealth or property and to induce positive vibes. Astrology does not restrain you from wearing a dazzling Emerald or Diamond bezel-set necklace. An oval shaped emerald earring is still at the height of its fashion. An oval shaped emerald or diamond flower pendant can draw attention at any social gathering. A ring consisting of a genuinely oval shaped emerald with brilliantly cut diamonds can add be the ideal for your engagement. An emerald earring in 14k yellow gold with posts and push back not only makes it safe but also dazzles to become the draw for any evening out. A nicely hand carved emerald beads necklace by Chinese craftsmen always adds the human touch in your jewelry collection.

So, why don’t you try out an Emerald to increase your level of intelligence or to own a fine physique combined with powerful memory? If the stone even cannot bring wealth for you, it will generate a good investment return at least.