Except having a cultural significant and a traditional values in many countries, body piercing jewelry is a fashion statement nowadays. Various kinds of body piercing jewelry are very popular among American teens.

It is difficult to find out a person in this World, who is not fascinated with jewelry. Sometimes people are ready to ignore their pain for the fascination of body piercing jewelry. Body piercing jewelry comes in various forms and it is becoming a sensation among the young generation all over the World.

Actually the style of body piercing comes from the tribal society at the beginning. We can find various kinds of body piercing in the tribes all over the world. Tribes of many small islands in the Pacific have many facials piercing, like ears, nose, cheeks and even throat piercing. In India, ear and nose piercing is a year old tradition. It is also a tradition in Middle East also.

In some communities people get pierced when they leave home and get married. Nose studs are signs of marriage for women in Muslim community. Piercing signify a near and dear person’s death in many communities.
Except having a cultural significant and a traditional values in many countries, body piercing jewelry is a fashion statement nowadays. Various kinds of body piercing jewelry are very popular among American teens. Not only America, whole World are getting fascinated with body piercing jewelry. Usually people punch a hole in their body, skin or cartilage to wear body-piercing jewelry. These jewelries give shape and enhance the beauty of nose, ears and other parts of body.

navel jewelryMost common pierced body parts are ear lobes. Nose piercing is also common in many countries. But today’s teens are getting more adventurous. They loved to do experiment. Eyebrow piercing, tongue piercing, navel piercing, lip piercing etc are very popular among “generation-y”.

Hi girls, now forget the style of use only an earring in the earlobe. Using of many earrings is latest trend among the women, even in men. Film actresses to tennis player, all are the followers of this trend. The number of earrings can vary from two to ten. Use of earrings in one earlobe is a popular style among the boys.

Year old nose studs and nose rings are coming back with a new look and style. Hollywood actresses are also getting weak with diamond sparkling nose studs. Because of this, it finds a place in the western World with Eastern World. On the other hand, nose rings are very popular among teens. Diamond nose ring of Sania Mirza, a tennis player became the talk of the tinsel town in India. Now her style becomes the trend of Indian youth. There are various types of nose studs and nose rings in the Market.
One of the latest entries in body piercing jewelry is navel ornaments. There are many kinds of navel ornaments, like-belly rings, belly buttons, bent barbells, dangling navel rings etc. All these can be finding with colored beads, which is very popular among the women youth. Navel ornaments with bare mid drifts and crop tops create a stunning, nice looks, which has an erotic effect also. This style is a craze from film stars to common people in new age. Navel ornaments with blinking, color-changing flashers are hot favorite now.

Tongue rings and lip rings are becoming trendy among other body piercing jewelry. A tongue ring is visible when a person talks to other. It can make exotic, adorable impression with your words. Person with a lip ring can easily indicate the person’s adventurous nature. Today’s generation is ready to accept all the challenge to be adventurous about any fashion trend.

Belly PiercingBut the most popular facial piercing is eyebrow piercing, especially among the men. Eyebrow ring and eyebrow studs are eyebrow-piercing jewelry. These are very popular and setting a trend in young male. We can find eyebrow piercing among films and TV characters, even in real characters. Not only the boys, are girls also getting weak with this trendy jewelry.
Latest addition in body piercing jewelry, which also a surprising item is eyeball jewelry. Yes, it is true! The Dutch eye surgeons of an ophthalmic surgery research and development institute in Rotterdam, invented a cosmetic surgical process to implant minute pieces of jewelry made with special material called “jewel eye” in the mucous membrane of the eyes. The wide of the jewelry piece is 0.13 inch and the shape includes a half moon or a heart. The process patented by the institute. Though the process is little expensive, but it creates a new fashion trend among Dutch youth.

Usual body piercing jewelry can be made with any material. It may be silver, gold, platinum or any cheap metal. The ornaments are set with color beads, diamonds, colored gemstones or semi-precious stones. But it is advised that all the material should be sterilized because it is worn through the skin.