by Ritika Changrani

Men realize that wearing a bracelet is to make people aware of their fashion quotient and of how cool they look, so they have started wearing bracelets as part of their daily attire. Be it a meeting, party or any casual outing, men can be seen sporting fashionable bracelets in different designs and materials.

Bracelets are worn on the wrist. For centuries, men and women have worn bracelets made of different metals. Delicate bracelets are a symbol of femininity while thick and wide bracelets denote strength and masculine character of men. Bracelets are slowly emerging as a fashion accessory for men.

mens braceletWell, have you always been feeling that bracelets are meant just for women? You are definitely wrong. In fact bracelets were actually meant for men in the olden days. Bracelets were in vogue in the Grecian times when men and soldiers wore bands for protection and also as a symbol of status and prosperity. They were made of leather to which gemstones or gold were added to make them attractive. Later women started wearing delicate bands and found that they suited them well. It was then that bracelets became common among women too.

The increase in demand for bracelets for men has been realized by the retailers and designers who are now bringing out more and more designs into the market. What’s also adding to the demand of bracelets are the cinema stars sporting cool items like silicone, leather, and silver bracelets.


Like any other jewelry, bracelets for men are made of various materials like leather, iron, copper, beads, gold, silver, titanium, silver, platinum etc. Gold bracelets in the form of chains or braids are very popular among men. They are heavier and appear more masculine and denote strength. Bracelets are made of white gold as well as yellow gold. Sometimes a combination of both is also used. For men who prefer the steel look, platinum bracelets are an interesting option.

Don’t want to go for traditional gold or platinum? Consider the modern looking titanium bracelets. Titanium bracelets are very popular and trendy. Men now seem to have developed a fascination for titanium bracelets. The durability and versatility are the special features of titanium, which make titanium bracelets a must have for men. Crafted with beautiful designs, titanium bracelets have now replaced bracelets made of gold and platinum.

Tungsten carbide bracelets are very much in vogue now. Tungsten carbide is harder than any other metal. Tungsten bracelets have nickel binders for binding. While selecting a tungsten bracelet, take care that not to buy tungsten bracelets that use cobalt binders especially if you are allergic to it. Being more affordable, bracelets made of tungsten and titanium are very popular among men.

Men’s bracelets can be made of any material like gold, silver, copper, sterling silver, or even leather. There are even bracelets made of pearls. Diamond bracelets have now become common among men. Whatever be the material, men today love wearing bracelets, provided they do not look feminine.


There are different styles of bracelets available for men. Some love wearing bracelets for style while for some it’s a symbol of some relation or even a humanitarian cause. There are bracelets that are worn for health reasons too. Here are a few types of bracelets:

Italian charm bracelets

A bracelet consisting of various charms, this is a popular one among men. It is made of gold with a stainless steel base. The numbers of charms that the bracelets have depend on the size of the wrist. These bracelets depict various themes like flowers, animals, zodiac signs, birthstones etc. They are usually worn with traditional outfits.

ID bracelets

Want to have your name or initials on your bracelet? Then look for ID bracelets. These are bracelets made of gold, silver, platinum, titanium, copper or even leather. They have some space for engraving the initials. Most of them have their own names or initials engraved while others prefer to engrave the names of their beloved.

Cuff bracelets

Made of various materials, these bracelets are in great demand now. These appear like half cut bangles. For men, these are wider and thicker to give a masculine look. You can get cuff bracelets in various materials. Leather cuffs are in. A cuff bracelet with engraved initials is a great gift idea. These bracelets look stunning when studded with gemstones or pearls.

Magnetic bracelets

As the name suggests, magnetic bracelets are the bracelets with magnetic properties. If you suffer from joint pains, arthritis or injuries, this would be ideal for you. Surprised? Yes, there’s a popular belief that magnetic bracelets help cure pain. So with magnetic bracelets you get double benefits – style as well as magnetic therapy!

Friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets are given to special friends as a symbol of their friendship and to show how much their friendship really means. These are usually exchanged between friends on special days like Friendship day. Made of yarn and some simple knots, these bracelets have a unique look. Some beads may also be added to friendship bracelets to make them look more special.

Photo bracelet

Photo bracelets are beautifully crafted with photos or pictures in an attached charm or embedded in the small frames of bracelets. This is a great way ok keeping your loved ones close to you.

Glow Bracelets

Glow bracelets, when worn, give out a bright glow. These bracelets are made of glow sticks. They usually retain their glowing capacity for four to six hours. Glow bracelets are available in single colors as well as a combination of two colors. Some of the colors available are yellow, red, green, blue, white, orange, pink, green-blue, green-yellow and blue yellow.

Balance bracelets

Balance bracelets are alternatives to magnetic bracelets. These bracelets use ionic technology to restore the balance of the body. Such bracelets provide great comfort and balance when worn one, especially on the right hand.

Silicone bracelets

Silicone bracelets are purely intended for some charitable cause. Available in numerous designs, these bracelets have quotes embossed in favor of charity. Such bracelets can be used for various causes like promoting some organization, fundraising etc. Also called awareness bracelets, these bracelets are usually made from hypoallergenic rubber and can be stretched to suit various sizes.

Live strong bracelets

Live strong bracelets are usually stretchable yellow wrist bands which are a symbol of support for cancer patients. These bracelets are sold to raise funds for patients suffering from cancer and their families and also to spread awareness of the disease among people.

While selecting a bracelet, the comfort factor should be taken into account. Since it’s worn around the wrist, it should not interfere while working, writing etc, because then it will be a hindrance to our lifestyle rather than being exemplary in its fashion accessory role. Since a bracelet will add to the “cool” and fashion quotient of the wearer, men can have the bracelet customized to match their style preferences.