Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing

by Sheweta Dhanuka

Nose piercing is derived from Hebrew word ‘Shanf’. Initially it was documented approximately 4000 years ago during Middle East where King Abraham gave gold nose ring to his second wife at the time of their marriage. It became her security for the rest of her life.

The ravishing and global sensational celebrities like tennis star Sania Mirza, pop star Madonna, Sinead O’Connor and the like all have a common feature. They all have their nose pierced. Nose piercing is the latest fashion amongst the stylish yet classy females. In earlier days, wearing the nose pins or nose rings was only limited to the females from wealthy families. Providentially as now things have become more universal, nose piercing is within society acceptable norms for each and everyone who is willing to go for it irrespective of the status.

The legend Leonardo Da Vinci described nose as the main organ of the body that lays down the persona of the face. Today, the fashion icons by means of the same belief had made nose express the personality of an individual brilliantly through nose pins and rings. Nose piercing is the most modern trend. Therefore, the below article is penned down with the aim to provide all the necessary information about this attractive trait that draws attention towards the female with the pierced nose in the mass.

Nose Piercing Origin

Nose PiercingNose piercing is derived from Hebrew word ‘Shanf’. Initially it was documented approximately 4000 years ago during Middle East where King Abraham gave gold nose ring to his second wife at the time of their marriage. It became her security for the rest of her life. African and Middle East tribes still follow this custom; the bridegroom gives the nose ring to the bride and the female retains it in case she is divorced.

Mogul emperors brought the tradition of nose piercing in India in the 16th century. Since then many Indian females are seen with their nose pierced. Traditionally in some states, the size of the nose ring in the nose of lady of the house connotes the financial power and status of her family in the society. As the financial strength increases the size of the nose ring also increases. The nose ring is called as nath that has religious significance too. With time the strict conventional rules have been waved off but the religious practices continues like wearing the nath at the festive occasions while performing the puja. The nath is attached with the long chain that joins the hair. It looks very beautiful in the traditional attire.

Nose Piercing Beliefs

This contemporary chic is associated with an Ayurveda belief. According to the Indian medicine, the female who get her nose pierced is assumed to experience less pains while delivering the child. The reason behind this belief is, through the piercing some vein is pressed that makes the childbirth easier. Apart from the Ayurveda, few astrologers even suggests spinster to pierce their nose in order to find the right match for them. These are just the beliefs that does not match the modern thinking but are accepted by few cluster of people.

Nose Piercing Jewelries

Nose PiercingThe metal used for making nose jewelry should be non-allergic. Nose is a very sensitive organ therefore the metal should be 18K or more white gold or yellow gold, titanium or niobium. Platinum could also be used if cost is not a problem but silver must not be the choice of selection while piercing the nose. Silver tends to oxidize very fast when comes in contact with air and water. When it is used for piercing, it oxidize with puss secreted from the wound and lead to allergic reaction. Consequently, a lump might be formed or permanent black spot could be left on the nose. Silver must not be used while piercing although could be used once the wound is healed but if possible it should be avoided.

The jewelries to be worn in nose have two basic types viz. stud or ring. These two are having diverse designs that are created by the gold smiths and jewelry designers. A lady could select any type of nose jewelry with respect to her face cut and likings.

Nose Ring

Rings are more suitable for the traditional purpose. The ring could be of any size and any metal. Mostly, the rings are made up of sleek wires. To make it more attractive, additional colored beads, gungrus, small colored stones and pearls etc are attached. Few rings are simple plain rings while some are attached with the chains that have a clasp in the end used for tucking in hair. The chain is made up of similar metal as used for making the ring. The chains are crafted in striking designs. When the size of the ring is too big then one should go in for the attached chain as it gives support to the nose by dividing the weight of heavy ring between nose and hair.

Nose Stud

Nose PiercingStuds gives more informal and trendy look. The studs could be made using any colored gemstone. The size of the stud increases with the increase in the size of the stone. Single stone or multiple stones are used for creating different designs. Ideally, single stone stud is more commonly used for formal wear.


Nose could be pierced either through the needle, gold wire or gun shot. The three methods are quite different from one another.

Gold Wire

The gold wire of 18K to 22K is inserted inside the nose. It is given the shape of the circle and after piercing the nose both ends of the wire are twisted together. Small colored beads could be inserted in the wire before piercing. There is as such no fixed spot for the hole; slight difference in the position is fine. The ring need to be cut when change is desired and once ring is cut it cannot be re-used again. This is the ideal way of piercing as wound gets healed very fast. After complete healing of the wound the ring is cut and pierced hole is just perfect then to wear all other fashionable and designer nose jewelries. In India, gold smiths are trained to do gold wire piercing in just few seconds.


It is quite similar to piercing through gold wire. The sharp needle in pricked in the nose in one shot. After the needle is removed, immediately small lightweight stud is placed in the hole and it is locked inside the nostril. Stud with wire is used for this purpose, which is twisted circularly so that it gets fixed. This method is simple as gold wire. It takes few seconds and causes less pain.


As the name specifies, for nose piercing plastic gun is used. It is same as ear piercing gun. In this method the nose stud is used that is set at the tip of Gun’s barrel. The nose piercing point is placed at the fixed position and trigger is pressed with a force. Then the stud gets fixed at the pierced hole. Gunshot piercing requires deep concentration as it has one exact spot on the nose that needs to be holed with the stud.

Gold wire or needle piercing are better methods than gunshot. The later is safe for ear piercing not for nose. Gun comes in contact with nostril for nose piercing. Each individual’s nostril carries some lethal microorganisms that can be transmitted from one to another if the gun is not sterilized. As the gun is made of plastic it cannot be autoclaved that sterilization is not possible. Thus, this method is more prone towards the serious infection. Secondly, gun is designed to pierce the soft ear flesh not relatively thick nose cartilage. Sometimes, gun fails to pierce at the first attempt. Then with force the blunt studs are pushed inside which is very painful. It takes longer time for healing too. This method is troublesome and painful thus should be dodged.

Nose Piercing Healing

Nose is thick cartilage so it takes longer time for the complete healing. Initial 2-3 weeks are very crucial. In this time period if the stud falls out then the pierced hole is likely to get closed in just couple of hours ( less than a day ). Therefore, one is ought to be very cautious during the critical weeks.

The most common problem with nose piercing is the formation of granulomas, the small lumps around the pierced hole. To heal the same hot fermentation should be done. Under this process steam iron the clean napkin and place it at the nose. It should be done 3-4 times and the entire process must be done thrice a day for two weeks. The napkin should not be very hot that it causes burning sensation, it should be only mild hot to dissolve the liquid in the granulomas. There is one more method to heal the wound quickly. Take 1/2 spoon of clean turmeric powder and mix it up with 1 spoon coconut oil to make a paste. Apply it 3-4 four times a day for two weeks. It would surely dry up the wound. Even after these processes the problem persists then one should go back to the person who did the piercing.

The healing usually takes approximately 45 – 60 days. There are few precautions that one must take care for this time length. These are minute things one needs to be vigilant about to have the safe and sound healing. The care results in the lifetime trouble free nose.

1. Never touch the piercing area with the naked hand again and again. It should be seldom touched, only when washing it or practicing the healing process. Always ensure to wash the hands with soap before and after touching.

2. Clean the piercing daily while bathing with a wet cotton ball dipped in saline solution for few minutes. In case saline solution is not available then 1/2 spoon salt mixed in luke warm water could also be used. Do not press the stud while touching with the cotton ball.

3. While drying, do not rub the face too hard with the towel else the stud might fall out. After wiping the face, dry the piercing with a new tissue or paper towel gently.

4. To lubricate the wound use lavender or coconut oil. If the skin is too sensitive then some antiseptic cream should be used instead of oil as prescribed.

5. The nose stud or ring should not be removed unless healing is fully done else it might result in some infection.

6. Cosmetics like sunscreen lotion, hair sprays and all make up items must be kept away from the piercing before it is fully healed up.

7. After first three weeks, the nose ring should be slightly rotated with the soft hand so that there is no blockage. Similarly the suds should be moved front and back very gently. The dried up puss on the ring could be removed very gently with the tissue if and only if it comes out, need not force upon it.

8. Silver jewelry must be avoided.

These are few safety measures that protect one from unwanted tribulations. A little effort leads to happiness and problem free life forever. Nose piercing defines the most prominent and sensitive part of the face splendidly. It puts forward the unique feminine look of the wearer. The pain that comes with the piercing is very petite price one pays for the style for rest of the life. Try it !!