7 Spectacular Touch to Your Facial Charm with Nose Piercing Jewelry

Nose piercings are notably the most popular and have the widest array of jewelry potential. Because of the easily accessible location, nose piercing jewelry facilitates the insertion of studs, L-shaped pins, nostril screws, circular barbells, nose rings and captive ball rings. The gauge of nose piercing jewelry will differ based on your end goal.


Choosing the best nose piercing jewelry

When you start searching for the nose piercing jewelry, you should first take into account your material option. For those having sensitive skin, they may stick to surgical stainless, titanium or bioflex jewelry. If the piercing spot is completely healed and not having sensitive skin, you would also consider going for gold or silver nose jewelry or piercing jewelry with some other material option. Once you get an idea about the type of material you need, check the jewelry size you prefer. If you are not aware of the size of the jewelry, you may discuss with the piercer to figure out what gauge and length are ideal for your nose piercing.

nose piercing jewelry

Different style options for nose piercing jewelry

Once you find out the ideal size and material combination for you, you should really check out the many style options available. From the collections of best styles of nose piercing jewelry, it is easy to pick the one you love.

Bridge piercing jewelry

Micro bent barbells are considered as ideal bridge piercing jewelry due to the way they fit the curve of nasal bridge. In order to make the curve of the jewelry properly hug the bridge of the nose, this nose piercing jewelry has a style that puts less pressure over the healing fistula than that of straight barbell, which makes it an ideal jewelry style for most of the bridge piercings.

Straight barbells

Short and straight barbells are normally the standard for bridge piercing jewelry. Once the piercing spot is completely cured, you can toggle between bent barbells and straight barbells as you wish. You may buy a new straight barbell for your nose piercing easily. The key is buying the right length barbell such that it does not affect the field of eye sight negatively.

Nostril screws

Nose screws are regarded as an ideal type of nose piercing jewelry. You can consider buying right-bend or left-bend screws to fit your left or right nose piercing perfectly.

Nose bones

Nose bones are the most comfortable and simple style of nose piercing jewelry. They are available in varying styles including labret studs. The bottom part of the nose bone is rounded to make it remain in position after insertion.

Labret studs

Labret studs are unique style of nose piercing jewelry since they remain in place perfectly. You can avail the look of nostril screw or nose bone; however the backing within the nostril embraces a labret stud more securely than other styles of nose piercing jewelry.

 Popular options of nose piercing jewelry

  • Sterling silver nose ring screw

This nose piercing jewelry is a must-have for anyone prefers having a nose piercing. Looking so pretty and perfect, this nose ring is crafted out of sterling silver that is prong-set with an ideal piece of cubic zirconia gemstone.

  • Cubic zirconia bezel square silver nose ring twist

This nose piercing jewelry is sure to remain as a great change from the normal round nose ring charms with square cut that makes an excellent style statement. The perfect CZ gem featured in this piece of jewelry offer this nose ring an awesome touch of glitz. If you are looking to buy a unique piece of nose ring to adorn your facial beauty, then this is a unique piece of jewelry you should never ignore buying.

nose piercing jewelry

  • 14k gold nose hoop ring

Become known as a walking stunner as you adorn on this exquisite 14k rose gold hoop ring. Made of 14k rose gold, this hoop ring for nose piercing is produced in a standard thickness of about 20G. It is a suitable pick for anyone who is willing to purchase a nose piercing jewelry that is simple yet attractive enough to enhance the charm of the wearer.

nose piercing jewelry

  • 9k gold ball end infinity nose stud

Adorn your facial contours by wearing this 9k gold ball end infinity nose stud that looks elegant and stylish. It is a perfect accessory for regular wear. You can really boost your facial look by featuring in this alluring piece of nose piercing jewelry.

nose piercing jewelry

  • 925 sterling silver round black CZ l-shape nose ring

This amazing nose piercing jewelry with dark surgical grade stainless steel nose rise is adorned with a prong set black colored cubic zirconia that brings out an enough sparkle to your appeal that never quits.  You can instantly capture the attention of the people by sporting this L-shape nose ring with round black cubic zirconia gemstone.

nose piercing jewelry

  • 14 gauge seven clear cubic zirconia septum clicker

Modify your look with this splendid septum clicker as well as its row of alternating small and large cubic zirconia. This stainless steel septum clicker measuring 14 gauge has a hinge that opens easily and clicks closed. It is a perfect option of nose piercing jewelry for anyone who wants to display a classic look with the jewelry they wear.

nose piercing jewelry

  • Capri blue nose bone with Swarovski crystals

This is a 20 gauge crystal fit gem nose piercing jewelry. Surprise your admirers with this alluring piece of nose ring featured with Swarovski crystals. This sparkling nose jewelry is made of 316L stainless steel that causes no allergic reaction to the wearer.

nose piercing jewelry

  • 18 gauge solid yellow gold nose hoop

This 18 gauge solid gold nose hoop is made out of solid 14k gold. You just need to insert the opening of hoop via the nostril. To wear it, you need to twist and turn through the piercing till the ball at the end is placed against the inner part of nose.

 nose piercing jewelry