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Opal Gallery

Opal Gallery

by Mark

Opal Gallery

Opal, its name is derived from ancient Sanskrit word ‘upala’ that means valuable stone and from the Greek term ‘opallios’ that means colour change. Both these derivations are ideal for this amazing gemstone.

Black Opal, It is most-sought-after variety of opal. It is treasure all over the world because in this particular colour, the colour play is displayed at its best. It comes in all deep and dark colour variations.

Play of colors in Opal.

Black Opal

Boulder Opal: It possess natural brown body colour or the back that appears black from the front. It is too available in all colour variations. Often it possesses rolling surface and ironstone inclusions. It can be given any innovative cut.

Australian opal

Australian Opal

Rough black matrix opals

Black Australian opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia

Opal from a mine in the state of Utah. These are in the rough, unprocessed form.

Green Opal
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