by Seema Susheel

Cultured pearls are natural the only difference is that they are injected manually with the irritant to start the process of pearl creation. They can be grown in rivers and lakes and hence are also known as fresh water pearls.

Pearl BraceletPearls are exquisite natural jewels that you would love to wear. You want to gift pearls bracelet for your loved one then there are varied options available. Pearls are forever appreciated and adored and they are a perfect gift for any occasion. It could be your fiancé first day at office, or your wedding gift to a friend to go with her wedding gown. It could be your warm way to say you are so special to your mom or a precious gift to make your wife think of you whenever the bracelet plays up and down her hand. A mother’s gift to her daughter for her first cocktail party. The pearl bracelet suits every simple or extravagant occasion. The pearl bracelet can be bought to complete or create a set of matching ear rings and necklace. It could even be carried as a single piece of jewelry with a beautiful party outfit or a cozy sweater; it matches every attire and mood.

Different styles of pearl bracelets
Once you have made up your mind to buy a pearl bracelet you have to make the rather not so easy decision to choose. Choose from the numerous styles and designs available. There is the simple yet elegant single strand bracelet. You could even go for weave design in a three strand bracelet. A two strands bracelet also is one of the styles. The pearls in the bracelet also come in combination with either diamonds or amethyst stones. There is a useful stretchable variety which can fit any wrist size. Size of the wrist is a concern if your gift is a surprise. You could get the size by taking one of her old bracelet without her knowledge and keep the surprise element or you could buy a stretchable bracelet. You can even take a guess and buy the bracelet you like if the size is not fitting this can be altered in the jewelry shop later.

Choosing the setting
The setting is the precious metal used to string the pearls together making the beautiful pearl bracelet. As the pearl is exquisite even the precious metal used should be of high quality and together the pearl and the setting enhance the entire look and make an outstanding piece of jewelry. The precious metal used could be gold, white gold, platinum or silver. There could be much more design in the hook which is used to lock or unlock the bracelet. Today the fashion trends have styles which are retro, classy, contemporary, futuristic and many more. The design of the bracelet could be inspired by any of these fashion trends and also could have a concept say for example; a heart shaped engraving on the white gold in the end of the bracelet, is a perfect valentine gift. The color white that is white gold, platinum or silver would suite the pearl bracelet the most and it is the latest fashion trend. The choice of the setting generally depends on the designs available and the cost.

Choosing the pearl
There is huge pearl market and many different kinds of pearls are available at affordable prices. There is something for everybody to match their choice and budget. The pearls are generally divided in to two categories natural and cultured freshwater pearls. The natural pearls are pearls which are formed naturally with an invasion of an irritant inside an oyster or mollusk. The oyster secretes a substance called nacre to protect its insides. The nacre sits around the irritant layer by layer and forms the natural exotic pearl. Hence this whole process is time consuming there were very few natural pearls and they were expensive and rare. Thanks to science an artificial way of growing or culturing pearls was invented and from then onwards there is a huge amount of cultured pearls grown in Japan, China etc. Cultured pearls are natural the only difference is that they are injected manually with the irritant to start the process of pearl creation. They can be grown in rivers and lakes and hence are also known as fresh water pearls. The Japanese variety is known as Akoya pearls and is very popular. The bigger the pearl the costlier it is. Usually pearl is a sphere and cream or white in color, but now its also available in grey, black, pink, and lavender. You could go for mixing of these different colors in the bracelet and choose from some stunning combinations.

Where to buy!!
To buy the pearl bracelet fortunately there are lots of options available. The internet is one option if you can spend some considerable time in surfing the net and choosing the right website that is reputed, gives you many design styles and answers all your queries and has an excellent customer support system. The site should give you the right information and guarantee on the different varieties of pearls available and most importantly a wide range. You have found a site you are comfortable with then its just takes you to select a bracelet piece and place an order. The jewelry piece will reach you in a day or two with an interesting gift box. The advantage of buying online is that it saves time, the only disadvantage is that you get to see what you are buying but you can’t touch and feel the jewel.

Touch and feel the pearls you are buying
It isn’t everyday you are buying pearl bracelet hence when you are buying a valuable and a special gift you could even go shop personally. You can shop at a jewelry shop which sells authentic pearls and gives guarantee and wide range of different designs. If the designs don’t please you can place an order to make the pearl bracelet choosing the pearls, setting and the design style according to your taste. While buying the pearls you should take care of size, color and surface fineness. When touched the pearls should be smooth like silk. The better the quality the higher is the luster and the total impact.