by Seema Susheel

An elegant pearl necklace is a great gift idea for special days like marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, valentines, mother’s day etc. You are buying a pearl necklace for your loved one then you need to gear yourself with some valuable information so as to make a comfortable buy.

A pearl necklace will make you look like a princess.
Pearl NecklaceTo own a pearl necklace is every woman’s desire. There’s always romance, beauty and passion associated with pearls. A young woman wears a pearl necklace it leaves an impression of style, beauty and innocence. An elderly woman wears a pearl necklace it gives an impression of poise, dignity and sophistication. Pearl on one hand can add to the beauty of a young woman matching to the smoothness of her skin and also compliment the dignity of an elderly woman matching the white in her hair. Pearl necklace is an age old favorite jewelry world over making every wearer look like a princess and it’s the pearls gleam that ignites every woman’s desire, to make the pearl their own.You are gifting a pearl necklace!!
An elegant pearl necklace is a great gift idea for special days like marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, valentines, mother’s day etc. You are buying a pearl necklace for your loved one then you need to gear yourself with some valuable information so as to make a comfortable buy. A purchase that will move hearts, making the day you gift, special and remembered for eternity.

Choosing the design style of the pearl necklace
pearl necklaceTo make a purchase your first step is to choose a design that will suite the lady the best. A pearl necklace, which will match her lifestyle and personality. A pearl necklace is usually pearls strung together to form very pretty ensembles. These pearls are usually strung in 18K white gold or yellow gold. There are many styles available to choose from. For example there is the choker- A style where in the pearl necklace; usually a group of 3 to 4 strands are worn close to the neck. The other styles are basically the difference in the length of the pearl strand. There are many lengths of necklace in fashion, and you could choose a length which would suite your lady’s liking and dressing sense. The pearl necklace is strung in many fashions. The center pearl being bigger and the remaining tapering down the size, is a style in fashion too. The pearl could be bigger or smaller depending on the design, if you prefer big sized pearls then one strand pearl necklace would look beautiful. You are going for a medium sized pearl then a 3 strand necklace would be noticeable and grand. You can even match an interesting pendant to go with the pearl necklace. A long single strand of pearl necklace also makes a bold fashion statement, this also can be shortened in three lengths and worn to suite every different occasion and every different outfit.

Choosing the pearl
There are many kinds of pearls to choose from, there’s the natural saltwater variety, fresh water, cultured Japanese pearls, black Tahitian pearls and many more. Due to the popularity of the pearl jewelry, the pearls are cultured and produced in many countries and are available in many price ranges suiting to every individual. The usual color of a pearl is white or cream but is also available in pink, grey, lavender and black. The shape of a pearl is a perfect sphere but its also available in certain irregular shapes, like the shape of a rice grain, is a well used variety. When buying a pearl you should always look for shape, size, color and surface quality. The fineness of the texture should be soft and silky to touch, and then the pearl is of a high quality. You should also take care that the pearl you buy is authentic and not a fake.

Where to make your valuable buy
There are many options catering today’s buyer. You can shop online with many websites entirely dedicated to pearl jewelry. You can choose from the wide range of designs, get information and support for all your queries and order your purchase online. You have to just sit back and relax while the pearl necklace is delivered home. The jewelry piece comes with a guarantee and you could also find a good price. You can also shop at many superstores, malls and jewelry stores exclusively selling pearl jewelry. If you can’t find a piece which you want to buy then you can always choose just the pearl, and order to make the necklace to the length you want. Here you should take care that all the pearls are of the same size. You could know the price you will be paying for each pearl and make a purchase that gives you peace of mind that you bought a beautiful piece for a reasonable amount. Take care that the jewelry shop deals with genuine pearls. There are gemstones rating authorities that certify the genuineness of the gem in this case pearl, here you can check on the authenticity of the pearls you are buying and be sure that you get value for your money. As there could be rotten apples in a basket of fresh good looking apples similarly there are lot of fakes running in the market, plastic beads painted to perfection can fool a layman that it’s the natural pearl. To get your purchase checked for genuineness will give you peace of mind for lifetime.

To own a pearl necklace is a proud moment!!!
Pearl has been long associated with romance and feminity. Pearl is considered to be associated with passion, youth, fashion and style. The demand for pearls is never ending, hence to own a pearl necklace is an achievement and an heirloom for generations. Pearl is pure and is formed inside an oyster. The mystery of its formation makes it unique and sought after. The pearl is used in its natural form it doesn’t need any enhancements like cutting and polishing. Thanks to the research and development, pearls are cultivated artificially and now are available in abundance; hence every person can afford pearls. The more a pearl is rare like the natural saltwater pearl or an oval shaped pearl the more is the price. For example a natural Tahitian black pearl necklace would be much more costly then a real diamond necklace. The more it’s rare the costlier it is.