Pearl Rings

Pearl Rings

by Seema susheel

There are many options available but the most popular is a single large pearl embedded on a yellow gold or platinum setting. Like a solitaire diamond the single pearl ring looks grand and outstanding if you choose the right pearl quality and color.

Pearl RingsThe beauty and elegance of a pearl has mesmerized you and you want to buy a pearl ring for your lady love. Pearls beauty is eternal and by buying a pearl ring you are going for a great gift idea. A pearl is gift that can be given on any occasion and so prestigious that any ordinary day you gift will become
special and remembered for a long time. Pearl is a gemstone that suites woman of all ages; from 18 to 60years of age you could gift a pearl to your fiancé, daughter or mother. For important events like anniversary, graduation day, mothers day, birthdays, Christmas etc, or just to say ‘you are so special’.

Choosing the ring style

There are many options available but the most popular is a single large pearl embedded on a yellow gold or platinum setting. Like a solitaire diamond the single pearl ring looks grand and outstanding if you choose the right pearl quality and color. The ring base can be a simple holder or can also be much more ornate by having a little more design to it. The design style of the gold setting should be such that it compliments the beauty and luster of the pearl and together the setting and the pearl enhance the beauty of the wearer. You also can have other gemstones like rubies, amethyst or diamonds surrounding the pearl. This kind of combination jewelry is in fashion and a large number of designs are available in the market. You want to have an exclusive pearl ring then just pearl mixed with no other gemstones will be perfect. Simple yet stylish, pretty and powerful.

Choosing the ring setting.

While choosing the setting you have to keep in mind the complexion of the person you are buying the gift for, for a fair skinned woman yellow gold setting will suite the best. The lady is towards a darker skin color then a platinum or silver setting will compliment her beauty. Finally the choice of setting depends on personal taste and budget available.

Choosing the pearl for the ring.

Pearls come in many varieties and colors. There is the natural saltwater variety that’s the costliest. There are many others like fresh water pearls, Akoya pearls from Japan, Tahitian pearls, these are the cultured varieties. Basically pearls are naturally formed inside an oyster, when an irritant from the outside environment enters the insides of an oyster, to protect itself from the intruder the oyster starts secreting a substance called nacre which then settles layer by layer on the irritant object. In the course of time this settlement of nacre forms a sphere shaped gem called the pearl. The whole process is time taking and hence if left on the nature an ordinary man wouldn’t have been able to afford a pearl as it would be the costliest for its rarity. The beauty and popularity of the pearl led to, cultivating pearls artificially in lakes and rivers and now the same natural pearl luster is available in an affordable range. The natural and cultured pearls are real pearls rest are just imitations. You can choose from the wide variety available the right size that will promptly look pretty on the delicate fingers of the lady. The bigger the pearl the costlier it is. The pearl has to be big to suite the finger and it can’t get bigger then a medium size as physically for a finger ring it’s not possible. You could opt for a pearl which is the right size and the highest quality as for a finger ring you will want only one single pearl and just to save on some cash don’t compromise on the quality of the pearl. The jewelry piece should be exotic and make a bold style statement, something your woman would love to flaunt and collect compliments for. While choosing the pearl always look for size, color, luster and surface fineness. Avoid pearls with less luster, dents and abbreviations on its surface.

Choosing the pearl color

As per norm pearl is white or cream but even black, grey, pink and lavender colored pearls are available. They are natural high quality pearls only that now there is much more color choice. For a finger ring a black Tahitian pearl on a white gold setting surrounded with diamonds would be a striking piece of jewelry.

Where to buy?

Finally the step where you will actually take the plunge to make the pearl ring your own, decide and buy the pearl ring. To make your buying process easy and tension free there are many pearl jewelry buying websites available on the net. You have to surf and find the one which offers wide design range, varied pearls, guarantee of authenticity and the best price and customer support. Studying the information on the website on can choose and also make a purchase online. Within no time your pearl ring will be with you and you would be relieved that you got a good jewelry item for less the time spent and half the headache.

Go to a jeweler!

As there are many pearl jewelry selling sites there are that many jewelers selling in their shop. For an exciting experience you can also buy at a jewelry shop. Apart from this experience being a feast to the eyes you can make your selection with the jeweler’s guidance and make a decision to buy only ones you are completely satisfied that its high quality pearl and you have got the right price. You could come back to the same jeweler if there is any repair, it will be promptly put back in to place. If there is a problem with the ring size you can give it back to change it. These are certain advantages in shopping personally. At times the ring that you have in mind is not available then you can give a order to make the pearl ring according to your specification. In a weeks time your customized pearl ring would have been created and will be ready for you.