Peridot Jewelry some tips

Peridot Jewelry some tips

by Preeti Sharma

Peridot is actually a transparent stone that is available at large with good amount of clarity. It is interesting that the name topaz may have been applied to Peridot initially because it is found on the Topazos Island in the Red Sea.

Peridot Jewelry Buying Guide

The jewelry made of Peridot gemstone with lustrous green color can lure any jewelry lover. But before you adorn your fingers with that shining green ring or lace your neck with a Peridot necklace, it is important for you to know which Peridot stone has the best quality and features to be a proud part of your beauty. Here is our Peridot Jewelry Buying Guide to tell you all that you should know or want to know about Peridot jewelry.

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What is Peridot?

Peridot is one of the most beautiful green gemstones. It has a color that is more or less the epitome of immaculate green grass. The gem variety of the Peridot stone is Forsterite to Fayalite Olivine series. It is formed at the time of volcanic eruptions. Peridot is the August birthstone. But its sparkling color makes it well popular with people born in any month of the year.

Peridot is actually a transparent stone that is available at large with good amount of clarity. It is interesting that the name topaz may have been applied to Peridot initially because it is found on the Topazos Island in the Red Sea.

Colors of Peridot

Peridot is ideochromatic stone colored by the ferrous iron. It is a basic fact to the composition of the stone. The best colors of Peridot stone generally have about 10 to 15 % of iron in them. The ideal color that is selected quite often for jewelry is rich grass green. It is the lime green color that is associated with youth, spring, and eternity as per ancient wisdom. But there are some Peridot stones that have yellowish green or greenish yellow or brown color. The color of the Peridot stone can range from yellowish green to dark lime green.

The brown color versions are also found, but are not desirable generally by the jewelry makers to make jewelry. Usually the dark green color of the stone labels the gem a Peridot. If the color goes more on the yellow side, it turns into a Chrysolite.

Lighting of Peridot

Peridot is not dependent on light as the red and blue gems. It is likely to shine and look good under all lights. Even after the sundown, the color of the stone does not get darken.

Clarity of Peridot

Peridot has the best quality that it is available with eye clean clarity. This is the standard form of the stone. The strong 0.036 double refraction of Peridot can also give stones a little sleepy look. This is most marked out in 10 carats plus large stones.

Cuts in Peridot

There is no limit to the cuts and shapes applied to Peridot. Even if there is any limit, it is the imagination of the jewelry designing. As Peridot is not terribly expensive, the gem cutters can focus on its beauty than its weight retention. You can better expect good cutting techniques, symmetry and proportions. Note here that it is important to stay away from the badly shaped native cut gems. They can be cheap enough to cut with good proportions.

Sizes of Peridot

Peridot is regular in sizes ranging from melee to faceted stones of 10 carats and more. There are more than 300 carats fine faceted stones known, but they are quite rare.

Prices of Peridot

For well-cut gems, Peridot ranges in price from about $50-80 ct. In the 1-2 carat size, it amounts up to as much as $400 – 450 carat for top color of large and fine gems.

Peridot Buying Tips

The most popular type of Peridot is vivid lime green with no olive tones. It is better to select Peridot with equally distributed color. It should not have overtones. The price of the gems increases with the weight of carat. The same rule follows with Peridot too. The small sizes of well cut Peridot and beads of Peridot are available in affordable price range. The larger Peridot stones come from Pakistan and China. The Pakistani Peridot is comparatively high in demand. The American Peridot is mostly three carats or less than that.

The Styles of Peridot Jewelry

The styles of Peridot jewelry depend on nothing but imagination. The creativity and beauty sense of the jewelry makes decides for the styles of Peridot jewelry. You can have just everything in the range of Peridot jewelry-from stunning cuts to whirled beads and dangling necklaces.

Peridot jewelry is quite fashionable these days, owing to its attractive color and mind-blowing styles. You can get the Peridot jewelry in many pretty shades of the gemstone-ranging from clear and kiwi green to yellowish green. The dark shades of the Peridot gemstone jewelry can be blended with many metals and other stones to make a stunning collection.

The jewelry lovers who want bright colors and flexibility wear Peridot jewelry. The green gemstones break away the conventions in jewelry styling. As you team them up with white gold settings or even with yellow gold, it looks spectacular.

Peridot can be fashioned to make earrings, bracelets, chains, pendants, cuff links and rings. It is even sold as it is in different shapes and various shades of green. Its best part is for ladies as Peridot is believed to slow down the aging process and to bring healing and vitality to the body.

Beware of Peridot Imitations

Though Peridot is reportedly never synthesized, but you should beware of its imitations. There can be a number of imitations of the gemstone. This includes the natural stones such as tourmaline and other imitations such as glass. Use of green glass is the most common imitation of Peridot. You can make out the imitation with giving a close look its single refraction.

Peridot Jewelry Care

Measuring on the Mohs measurement, Peridot is between 6.5 and 7. it is certainly not a weak gem. This is way Peridot doesn’t need much protection and can be used easily in daily wear.

The best way with which you can care for Peridot stone is to clean it with warm and soapy water. Not here, to avoid the exposure of Peridot from heat, acid and quick temperature changes. Peridot can have scratches easily.

To preserve Peridot, you must keep it away from the salty water and all other harsh detergents or chemicals. Keep Peridot away from the spray of perfume or hair spray. Avoid using any such chemical while you are wearing Peridot or handling it.

If you follow the tips from our Peridot Jewelry buying guide and use it when you go off to buy an attractive Peridot jewelry style, you will not face any problem and will surely end up with a best deal.