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Piercings Named after People: Exploring The Stories Behind Piercing Names

Piercings Named after People: Exploring The Stories Behind Piercing Names

Since the origin of piercings, they have become iconic because there are people who popularized them. Even some piercings are named after people that leave a mark on the world of body piercing and carry the legacies of those who connect with them. You will be surprised to know how those piercing’s names originated. Below are some of the popular piercings that are named after people.

  1.  Bridge Piercing /Earl Piercing

The bridge piercing gained popularity in the late 20th century when people wanted a piercing to another level. This piercing is done on the bridge of the nose between your eyebrows horizontally. The unique positioning of this piercing makes it different from other facial piercings. Dan Kopka did the very first bridge piercing, and he named it Earl Piercing. The first person who got this piercing was Erl Van Ekan. Thus bridge piercing was named after him.

  1.  Upper Lip Piercings /MONROE/MADONNA

This is one of the prevalent types of upper lip piercing. This piercing provides a bold accent to the upper lip when adorned with beautiful jewellery. The name Monroe/ Madonna was given to upper lip piercings after Marilyn Monroe’s iconic mole that was present on the left side of her lips. However, it is called Madonna (infamous popstar) if it’s on the right side because her mole was on the right side. These prominent ladies were popular because of the placement of their moles and  became beauty icons that inspired people a lot that they named the piercing after them.

  1. Inverted Vertical Labret Piercing/ ASHLEY

 This piercing has recently emerged and is also termed “Ashley” Although there is less evidence as to how it got the name, people assume that it might be the first woman Ashley who got this piercing, or it may have come from the piercer who developed it. It looks like a vertical labret or jestrum, but unlike other traditional labret piercing that carries entry and exit points on the outside of the lip, Ashley piercing has an exit point on the inner side of the mouth, thus creating a charismatic look. As time passed, this piercing gained popularity and started known as Ashley Piercing.

  1.  Philtrum Piercing /MEDUSA ‘

A facial piercing is an ideal way to be unique, and Medusa can’t be missed on anyone’s face. You might have heard the name Medusa in Greek mythology. Whoever turns around to see her becomes a stone. The name Medusa is given to the Philtrum piercing because the central position is so prominent on her face, and this piercing resembles it. This piercing enhances facial features and gives you a bold and unique look that grabs everyone’s attention.

  1. Tongue Frenulum Piercing/MARLEY

This unique oral piercing gained popularity in recent years and was given the name “Marley” to acknowledge the legendary Jamaican musician Bob Marley. He was recognized for his distinctive image and reggae music. Moreover, he was a musician who often used to show off his frenulum by extending his tongue. This inspired people to get their frenulum pierced to make a statement. This piercing is usually done on the frenulum that is present near the tongue and is adorned with jewellery that will create a visually appealing and captivating look.

  1. Vertical Philtrum Piercing /JESTRUM

Vertical Philtrum Piercing is done in the middle of the upper lip. This piercing is similar to vertical labret, but the only difference is it is done vertically on the upper lip and then the bottom lip. This piercing is also known as Jestrum piercing. The name was given to it by Derek Lowe of Saint Sabrina, who first did this piercing on a woman named Jesika Bornsen so he combined the first initial with the word “philtrum”. In the early 21st century, this piercing gained distinction in piercing communities and body modification.

  1.  Anti-Eyebrow Piercing /CLEOPATRA

Anti-eyebrow piercing has gained popularity in recent years due to its visually striking characteristics. It is a surface piercing that is done below the eyebrow and can be adorned with a small dermal anchor or surface barbell to create a delicate and eye-catching effect. Cleopatra was the Egyptian pharaoh queen known for her alluring presence and beauty. She uses fashion and ornamentations to express her power and allure; thus, the name Cleopatra was given for anti-eyebrow piercing not because she has the piercing but because of her distinctive facial adornments this name is given to pay homage to her fashion sense and iconic beauty.

  1. Deep Snug Piercing/ RAGNAR

Deep snug piercing is one of the rare piercings done through the inner cartilage fold of the ear, also called an antihelix. Due to its versatility, it gained popularity. There Ragnar Stedt. She was the first person who got this piercing; thus, it was named Ragnar Piercing; surprisingly, around 2002, the first formal photograph of this piercing was done under the label Ragnar. Although Ragnar does not have a generally recognized historical background due to its aesthetic appeal and captivating look, it inspires people to get it done.

Concluding to this, there is always a story behind any piercing. The piercings, as mentioned above, are a few of them. Every piercing has a historical background and cultural significance. People feel connected with the piercing spiritually and ritually. The piercings named after people hold a special place in the world of body piercing. There is always someone who popularized the particular type of piercing that now becomes a trend. Thus, naming the piercing after people pay tribute to those influential figures and encapsulates their influence on piercing culture.

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